June 19, 2022

The Best Financial Affiliate Programs For Money Managers

If you’re a money manager, you’re already focused on managing your clients’ portfolios and closely following and researching the financial markets. If you have any spare time, you’re probably busy trying to attract new, high-value clients.

The average money manager doesn’t understand the benefits of working with financial affiliate programs. This is a pity because there is serious money to be made as a broker affiliate partner!

The best financial affiliate programs can provide a highly lucrative additional income stream for money managers.

When you sign up with a partner program like AvaPartner and work with a regulated broker like AvaTrade, you can add profitable RevShare commissions to the fees and commissions you already make as a money manager. We’ll give a complete overview of how to find the best financial affiliate program and develop long-term passive income streams.

The Top 5 Types of Financial Affiliate Programs

There are currently five main categories of financial affiliate programs. They offer a variety of payment and commission plans for leads and sign-ups. Most major affiliate partner programs in the financial services sectors offer ostensibly lucrative payments, but there are some catches.

Top 5 types of financial affiliate program

  1. Bank and credit card affiliate programs
  2. Credit report affiliate programs
  3. Budget/net worth tracking affiliate programs
  4. Loan and mortgage providers’ affiliate programs
  5. Online trading and broker affiliate programs

It would help if you were clear about the proportion of leads that become active clients of each financial institution. Check how long the conversion process takes and the loss rate during the conversion funnel. Be cautious about energetically promoting a financial service provider that either rejects or loses a high proportion of traffic.

The other factor you need to consider is that many of the more prominent affiliate programs set a high bar when recruiting prospective affiliate partners.

If you’re starting out as an affiliate, you may find that many financial affiliate programs will reject you out of hand. They are protective of their brands, scrupulous about meeting regulatory requirements, and unwilling to invest time and effort in affiliate partners who don’t have the Google rankings or reach to drive high-quality traffic.

Broker Affiliate Programs

Almost all major financial service providers maintain affiliate programs. They are keen to connect to high-profile influencers who can promote their businesses and bring them new clients. Banks, mortgage companies, stockbrokers, crypto brokerages and other financial institutions compete fiercely for new clients and investments. The most welcoming – and potentially lucrative – partner programs for money managers are online broker affiliate programs like AvaPartner.

  • Work within your professional financial niche
  • Promote a fully regulated online broker
  • Negotiate a flexible, tailored commission plan
  • Enjoy close cooperation with an experienced partner program

Earn Affiliate Commissions as a Money Manager

It’s a misconception that you must be a major influencer to make money with financial affiliate programs. If you are a successful money manager, you may have a website with a blog, a presence on social media, or even a YouTube or TikTok channel. You can use these online resources to drive traffic and earn high commissions from financial service providers. High-quality content, seeded with well-placed individual affiliate links, can quickly earn you a high income as an online affiliate.

If you’re focused entirely on working as a money manager and don’t bother much with online marketing, you can still earn high commissions by bringing your clients to an online broker like AvaTrade. The advanced MT4 MAM (multiple account manager) trading platform allows you to manage your client accounts via a single interface.

When you’re a Money Manager affiliate partner at AvaPartner, you will earn an extremely profitable second income from all your trading activity on behalf of your clients. If you refer more people – traders, brokers or affiliates – to the partner program, you can potentially earn even more affiliate commissions as an Introducing Broker or as a Master Affiliate. Your network of professional contacts can easily be converted into additional passive income streams. 

Financial Affiliate Programs and Money Managers

The financial services field is intensely competitive. Successful influencers who earn high commissions from financial affiliate programs invested considerable time and effort – and frequently money – to achieve their high Google rankings. The same applies to influencers and affiliates with top YouTube channels and TikTok channels. It takes a lot of resources, time and focused effort to get the top rankings and keep them.

You need to find a profitable niche if you’re a money manager who wants to cash in on the financial affiliate market. Rather than compete with established influencers who offer general financial advice and promote a range of service providers and institutions, use your existing expert knowledge to target specific traffic that you are already familiar with. Focus on online traders and people who want money managers to trade for them.

Choose the Right Financial Affiliate Program

AvaTrade is a regulated online broker that is ideal for many money managers. The brokerage is regulated across most of the world’s major financial jurisdictions and has over 15 years of trading experience. The brokerage has high liquidity, a major asset index that reflects the preferences of traders and private investors in 2022, and some of the best trading technology in the fintech industry.

When you use AvaTrade as a money manager (and sign up with AvaPartner), you’re consolidating your efforts and making your daily trading activity, client list, and professional contacts work for you on multiple levels. This is a convenient way to earn extra money with minimal investment of time and money. You can also aim to use your affiliate partnership to grow your client base and build your reputation as a money manager.

Can Affiliates Become Money Managers?

If you’re already making money with financial affiliate programs (e.g. as an online affiliate or an introducing broker), you may be interested in becoming a money manager. Financial bloggers and podcasters are often well placed to become successful traders. They are already fascinated by the financial markets and may have some specialist or niche knowledge. If you’re serious about becoming a money manager, you first need to become an expert trader in your own right.

Most money managers start as junior employees in major financial institutions. They put the hours in and gradually gain the trading skills and experience to manage client portfolios. Some continue within the corporate structure and eventually become fund managers. Others branch out and go freelance or open their own companies.

The rise of online trading over the last few decades has made it easier for outsiders to build careers as independent money managers. You will need a lot of energy, personal organization and self-discipline, the ability to make logical decisions under pressure, and good people skills.

The best money managers are people who love online trading, can read the markets, and have the ambition to earn a high income.

If you’re already working with a financial affiliate program and want to transition to becoming a money manager, start trading! This can be as simple as using a free demo account or opening a live account and exploring the markets. Social trading is an excellent learning tool. You can copy other traders and also make your first professional connections. If you plan to be a money manager, you need to understand people who want to invest and know how to talk to them.

MT4 Multiple Account Manager

The best financial affiliate programs for money managers understand the challenges and opportunities that come with the role of money manager. As well as a wide range of financial instruments drawn from various markets and competitive trading terms, you need the best trading technology to manage multiple client accounts simultaneously. MT4 MAM is one of the world’s most popular trading platforms for money managers.

The multiple account manager software transforms the respected MT4 platform into an intuitive tool for money managers. It allows you to manage thousands of accounts and execute various bloc orders with varying degrees of risk level and exposure. Skilled money managers can shift instantly between multiple trades and have one-click access to individual client accounts. The MAM software makes analysis and reporting easy. Expert advisors or EAs give you a massive range of trading strategies.

Become a Financial Affiliate Program Partner

If you’re a money manager, 2022 is a great time to up your game and tap into additional income streams as a financial affiliate program partner. If you have existing online resources like a website, blog, or social media accounts, AvaPartner will provide individual affiliate links for you to add to your content.

You can earn high commissions from your regular trading activity if you’re mainly focused on trading and managing client accounts. Switching your trading to MT4 MAM at AvaTrade can create additional income streams.

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