December 31, 2023

The Affiliate Guide to Forex Promotion

The Affiliate Guide to Forex Promotion

Forex promotion through affiliate sites and other affiliate marketing methods is a great way to earn a high income and achieve financial independence. You don’t need any special skills or financial knowledge to succeed. All you really need to make money is a willingness to learn and some basic starting points!

This blog post will give you a basic overview of the global forex markets, the world of online forex trading and how to promote a major online broker like AvaTrade. We’ll also explain the motivations of people who want to trade forex and how you can connect with them as a forex affiliate. Read on for a complete affiliate guide to Forex promotion.

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What is Online Forex Trading?

Forex is an abbreviation of foreign exchange. It refers to the international currency markets where national currencies like the US dollar, British pound, Japanese yen and euro are bought and sold around the clock. The biggest traders on the forex markets are governments and national banks who trade huge volumes of foreign currency as part of their economic policies.

Below the national institutions are the major hedge funds and other businesses that employ expert fund managers to buy and sell currencies in search of high profits. The forex markets have a reputation for volatility and sudden changes in the relative values of currencies can generate enormous profits in a short time.

Since the invention of the internet, almost everybody has the opportunity to make money with forex trading. Online brokers like AvaTrade provide sophisticated trading platforms (either for download or in a web browser) that allow users to independently trade forex and other assets in real time. These are the traders who you’ll target with your affiliate campaigns.

Forex Promotion and Online Brokers

When you promote leading online forex brokers like AvaTrade, there are several key advantages that you can use to your advantage.

  • AvaTrade is regulated around the world and traders have essential protection with secured deposits and full statutory rights.
  • There is a wide range of assets and financial instruments with real time pricing and competitive trading terms.
  • The brokerage is well-established and it has high liquidity and a strong reputation.
  • AvaTrade has some outstanding proprietary trading platforms, as well as MT4 and MT5.

It’s obviously important to build trust with potential traders and to explain that the brokerage is fully regulated in their jurisdiction, and that it’s a well respected financial services provider with plenty of money behind it. Once you’ve done that, some of the best tools for Forex promotion are the broker’s own trading platforms.


Voted the No 1 Best Forex Trading App

One of the trader expectations that you’ll need to address in your affiliate marketing campaigns is mobile trading. Forex traders tend to be interested in financial technology and well designed apps and love to trade with their smartphones. AvaTradeGo is a superb mobile trading app that was recently voted the best forex trading app by the Global Forex Awards.

How to Promote AvaTradeGo

AvaTradeGO is ideal for social media campaigns, partly because it’s easy to build quality posts around the excellent visual images of the app in action on smartphones. You can target anybody who is interested in smartphone technologies as well as trading. There are also a few key points that are easy to convey with short social media posts.

  • Ease of trading
  • Over 1,000 instruments
  • Live feed, social trends and charting
  • Increased hedging with AvaProtect™
  • Available on Google Play and App Store

When you promote AvaTradeGo it’s important to emphasize that the app incorporates the very latest trading technologies and is completely secure. Another important point – one that is relevant to all Forex promotion – is that the app gives traders instant access to over 1,000 assets. These include top stocks, commodities, cryptos and other asset classes.

AvaTradeGo’s other great feature is AvaProtect™. This is a proprietary hedging tool that lets traders protect their open positions against potential loss. AvaProtect™ is a unique selling point for the app and you can’t promote it too energetically. The feature is ideal for building trust and attracting new traders who are hesitant, or concerned about losing their money.


Social trading is a really powerful conversion tool, especially for younger and inexperienced traders. AvaSocial is AvaTrade’s own purpose-built social trading app that connects traders around the world, and lets them copy, collaborate and communicate. When you promote AvaSocial in your forex affiliate campaigns, there are key points to focus on.

  • Talk to expert traders and learn from them
  • Copy other traders with automated trading
  • Get a market overview without time consuming research
  • Mentor others and build a following
  • Gain exposure to new assets and trading strategies

As with other trading platforms, you need to emphasize that AvaSocial is completely secure and that it protects users’ privacy and financial details. It also allows users to control their own level of engagement. AvaSocial is a great way to interest newcomers to online forex trading, but it is also relevant for experienced traders and can be the first step towards a career as a money manager.

When you promote AvaSocial, explain to traders that the platform is custom designed by AvaTrade and delivers a unique trading experience. Traders who use the platform can enjoy a real sense of community and can build all kinds of mutually beneficial relationships and networks. They will also be free to trade individually on other AvaTrade platforms without any sharing.


Options trading is an increasingly popular form of online trading and many dedicated forex traders like to trade options as a hedge or just as an interesting sideline. AvaOptions is a top quality options platform that gives traders the technology to buy and sell options under real market conditions. When you’re promoting online trading, options based articles and creatives will widen your exposure as an affiliate.

  • AvaOptions comes with a free demo account
  • Options traders can implement 13 top strategies
  • The platform has 40 plus forex pairs plus gold
  • AvaOptions comes with some outstanding charting
  • Users can buy and sell options.

AvaTrade was one of the first major brokers to offer online options trading and their decision to create their own specialist options trading platform was an inspired one. The quality of the trading technologies and the intuitive design is a unique selling point when you promote AvaOptions. If you’re an online affiliate with your own websites, you can create a page for options trading as well as SEO rich blog posts and guest posts.

When you promote options trading it’s important to make it clear to traders that options and AvaOptions have no connection to fraudulent binary options. Options trading is a mainstream financial activity that attracts skilled professional traders. Emphasize that options are a legitimate investment and that AvaTrade is a regulated financial services provider. Take every opportunity to build trust with your target traffic.

Taking the Next Step in Forex Promotion

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve covered the basics, you’ll be ready to start earning your first commissions as a broker affiliate partner. You don’t need much to get started, and if you have your own website, you’re already halfway there. The most important financial decision you will make is your choice of affiliate partner program. AvaPartner is one of the most experienced and professional partner programs in the forex industry.

AvaPartner welcomes first time affiliates because it knows that most of them have the potential to grow their businesses and bring high quality traffic within a short time. When you sign up with AvaPartner, you’ll have an affiliate manager who will connect you to a personal affiliate dashboard and provide you with (unique) free marketing materials for your affiliate campaigns.

When you join AvaPartner, you can negotiate a tailor made commission plan, based on your financial goals and current affiliate marketing resources. As your business grows, you can renegotiate your plan and acquire additional income streams. If you’re ambitious and keen to learn, it’s realistic to aim for a six figure income. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s worth remembering that AvaPartner has already paid out more than $400,000,000 in commissions to its partners!

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