January 31, 2022

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs in 2024

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs

The global cryptocurrency market took a hard knock this year. The May 2022 crash bankrupted several investors and wiped a massive $2 trillion off the value of the crypto markets. It’s fair to say that there was investor panic in the week after May 10th, and plenty of financial commentators questioned whether unregulated digital currencies can offer high ROIs.

Top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) may be in a bear market, but they are a long way from being a dying asset. The crypto market is incredibly young – compare it to the stock market that traces its origins to the early 1600s. Cryptocurrencies are evolving fast and are here to stay. The simple reality is public demand for anonymous digital currencies and payment systems.

The top crypto affiliate programs are still keen to pay high commissions for crypto traffic. Crypto affiliates have great opportunities to earn high profits in Q3 and Q4 of 2022 and beyond. AvaTrade offers over a dozen popular cryptos – and the Crypto10 Index – with a range of volatility and risk levels. When you promote cryptocurrencies, you’re not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

The market upheavals of May 2022 don’t seem to be making it any harder to promote cryptos. Any market downturn attracts shrewd traders who seek to buy up bearish assets at depressed prices. A quick look at the past performance of BTC shows a history of roller coaster plunges and gains. Bitcoin weathered the May storm at the $29,000 level. The last time it traded in that range, it went on to more than double in value.

If you want to make money with a top crypto affiliate program in 2022, read on for a more detailed explanation of this exciting and volatile market.

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming part of mainstream finance. They also generate high profits for investors who understand how digital currencies perform. As online brokers compete for traders, opportunities are growing for affiliate partners who can deliver high-quality traffic. The real challenge for affiliates is to find a top crypto affiliate program that gives you the resources you need to drive traffic – and rewards your results!

Brokers were quick to understand the potential of cryptos. They are high volatility assets that attract aggressive traders who hope to make quick profits. This trader demographic is highly focused and will usually visit affiliate sites with the direct intention of finding a broker. These are usually people with a sense of urgency, and if you have suitable marketing materials in place, there is a good chance of converting them.

There are hundreds of online brokers offering leveraged CFDs (contracts for difference) on a range of cryptocurrencies. These brokerages range from regulated financial service providers that are themselves traded on major stock exchanges to fly by night scams operated by crooks. The majority of CFD brokers lie somewhere between these two opposites. It’s vital to sign up with an established and regulated broker that employs a professional affiliate program. 

That said, the biggest and best brokers don’t always operate the best trading affiliate programs. When you’re looking for a top crypto affiliate program, you need to begin by defining your own goals, requirements and traffic potential. Once you understand your niche in the market, you can look for a program that delivers the right balance of profitability, reliability and support. You are running a business, and you need to work with professionals!

How to promote crypto offers?

If there’s a single key to promoting crypto offers, it may be the knowledge that cryptos are constantly evolving. They may perform on markets in a similar way to forex, but they are not national currencies regulated by central banks. Global forex markets reach daily trading volumes that run into trillions of dollars. Most of that volume is accounted for by institutional investors, governments, national banks, major hedge funds, and so forth. Cryptos began as an outsider’s asset.

Financial establishments tend to be conservative and skeptical of innovations. Like governments, they are instinctively hostile to any phenomena that they can’t control. Cryptos were initially viewed as an interesting technical oddity and a fad. Then they were viewed with suspicion and condemned as a dangerous bubble that would cause huge losses to investors. Now they’re here to stay and may soon be powerful enough to reshape the financial landscape.

As a broker affiliate partner who wants to promote crypto offers, you need to keep up to date with the latest crypto developments. You need to push your site in search engine rankings and convert site traffic with targeted and relevant crypto content. Generic materials that aren’t regularly updated won’t create results. But unless you’re really interested in cryptos, you probably won’t have the time or energy to become an expert.

A top crypto affiliate program will work closely with the broker’s marketing team and (ideally) their dealing room. Your account manager should be able to update you with market news and events. There should also be a regular stream of free creatives for your site. Good broker affiliate programs understand the importance of good crypto creatives.

Crypto Currency Affiliate Checklist

If you want to promote crypto offers, your site should always mention the latest developments in the crypto world: 

  • New coin offerings
    New cryptocurrencies are launched by offering coins to the public – similar to share offerings when a company goes public. If the new crypto has potential, your broker may include it on their platform – possibly with a promotional offer. It would help if you promoted the new asset aggressively.
  • Broader integration of cryptos as payment methods
    Well-known businesses and brands are adding cryptos to their wallets and payment systems. This breaking news can quickly raise the price of a crypto and create interest in potential traders. This is excellent ‘free’ content with good SEO potential.
  •  New regulation by banks and governments
    Central banks and national governments are adjusting to the fact that cryptos are here to stay. It seems likely that they will move to regulate them and impose controls, perhaps even adopting them on some level. These kinds of ‘validating’ headlines can create new traders.
  • Commentary by famous people
    Any commentary by celebrities or famous people keeps cryptos in the public eye and gets potential traders onto Google. Even negative comments can be spun into an endorsement.
  • Any relevant news stories
    Setting up a newsfeed on your site or rewriting the morning financial news keeps you updated and relevant. You need a dynamic site with an authoritative voice.

AvaTrade Cryptocurrencies

AvaTrade is a well established online CFD broker that ticks all the boxes for anybody serious about trading cryptocurrencies. The brokerage is well established, respected and fully regulated in the UK and across six continents. As such, it meets some of the highest consumer protection standards in the world. The AvaTrade brand also has a high level of liquidity and some unique technology behind it.

AvaTrade’s affiliate program AvaPartner, is held in equally high regard. It offers six different partnerships, the most popular of which are Introducing Brokers and Online Affiliates. There are several advantages to becoming an AvaPartner affiliate:

  • You are promoting an established, regulated brand with an impressive site and a strong reputation. Potential traders respond positively to the AvaTrade brand.
  • The AvaPartner program is one of the most professional in the industry. Affiliate managers have a proven track record and are selected for their high energy, motivation and expertise.
  • Flexibility: AvaPartner has been in the business a long time and knows that every affiliate partner is an individual. They don’t waste time with ‘one size fits all’ commission structures. You can negotiate a personal hybrid commission plan that suits your current goals and traffic. Options include CPA, Dynamic CPA, Rev Share, and Master Affiliate.
  • AvaPartner managers understand precisely how vital fresh and persuasive marketing materials are. They’ll work with you to supply the latest creatives and give your site a competitive edge.
  • Transparent tracking system: With AvaPartner’s state of the art tracking dashboard, you’ll be able to get all data in real-time and be on top of your affiliate business 24/7. Your dashboard will allow you to have complete control and see where you should be investing your efforts and where you shouldn’t. With AvaPartner, you’ll get your payments on time. It pays to work with pros, and it pays to promote AvaTrade!

Cryptocurrencies are arguably the world’s most exciting, dynamic and profitable asset. They came out of nowhere, and nobody is entirely sure where they are going. They drive enormous profits and have already made many people very rich. Blockchains may be the future of money.

A long-term partnership with AvaPartner puts you at the heart of the global cryptocurrency market. AvaTrade attracts high-quality traders and succeeds in retaining clients for an above-average lifecycle. This high performance can significantly increase your income, particularly with Dynamic CPA and RevShare commission plans. 

Find out more about how to promote Avapartner’s top crypto affiliate program and cash in on the future of online trading.


Should I become a crypto broker affiliate partner?

If you’re willing to invest some time and effort (and possibly some money) now is an excellent time to become a crypto broker affiliate partner. Crypto traders tend to be ambitious and aggressive and are willing to take risks in the hope of earning high profits. If you can generate good leads, you can potentially earn high, long term commissions. Crypto broker partner programs are keen to sign up affiliates who demonstrate potential and it’s definitely worth signing up with a good program.

Do crypto affiliate programs offer flexible commissions?

Any good affiliate program will always offer a flexible commission plan. The best partner programs will work with affiliates to devise a personal commission plan that is suited to the partner’s current business. You should always have the option of CPA, RevShare, Dynamic CPA or Hybrid and Master Affiliate plans. Crypto affiliate programs that are operated by regulated brokers usually like to think long term. They will try and offer you enough financial incentives to build your business and bring them more traders.

Are crypto currencies legal and regulated?

Cryptocurrencies are completely legal in most jurisdictions around the world. There is some concern about them being used for black market transactions and we’re likely to see more government control over them in the future. The issue of regulation is more complex. For crypto affiliate partners, the issue is not whether the cryptos are regulated, but whether the individual broker is regulated. When you look for a partner program, it’s vital that you sign up with a program that promotes a regulated broker.

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