September 20, 2023

Win a Special VIP Grand Prize!

AvaPartner affiliates can win all-inclusive VIP tickets to the exclusive Paddock Club for the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race!


Win VIP Tickets to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


The climax of the 2023 Formula One Grand Prix is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Drivers will meet on Yas Island and battle it over a gruelling 58 laps of the 5.281-kilometre Yas Marina Circuit. The final race will take place on Sunday, November 26, and AvaTrade will be there, too. We’ll be celebrating the final race of the contest in the Paddock with a selection of VIP guests drawn from AvaPartner’s top-performing affiliates.


The Grand Prize winners of the September and October Performance Contest will join us in the Paddock. In addition to two VIP Paddock tickets, AvaTrade will arrange free flights and hotels for the lucky winners. A free weekend break in Abu Dhabi is a fantastic prize, but a grandstand view of the Formula One finale will make it the trip of a lifetime.



Earn an Extra $10K On Top of Your Commission!


The September and October Performance Contest isn’t just about the top prize of a VIP Formula One experience in Abu Dhabi. Every single affiliate partner who outperforms during the contest will receive a cash bonus worth up to $10K on top of their commission. This is a great chance to change gears and boost your average affiliate earnings. It will definitely pay to promote AvaTrade over the next couple of months!


Experience the Luxury of the Paddock Club


Tickets to the Paddock typically start at over $15,000 and sell out fast. VIP guests enjoy a premium open bar and all-day gourmet dining prepared by Michelin-starred chefs. The race seating is directly above the team garages, giving guests a breathtaking view of the intense action at the heart of Formula One.


Paddock VIPs can also join a guided pit lane walk and garage tour and meet drivers and their teams. Once the race is over, Paddock guests get priority podium access and a close-up view of the winning drivers receiving prizes.


Even if you’re not a big fan of motor racing, a VIP Paddock ticket is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shouldn’t be missed. The atmosphere above the team garages on race day is electric, and the legendary hospitality of the Paddock is among the finest in the world.


You’ll also have the adventure of a free trip to the United Arab Emirates and the chance to explore its second city, Abu Dhabi. The daily mean temperature for November is a sunny 24.5℃ or 76.1℉, making a very welcome break from Northern Europe or other colder climes.


Exciting AvaPartner News from the Monza Grand Prix


Top affiliates at AvaPartner are continuing to enjoy life in the fast lane! AvaPartner is reaping the benefits of its partnership with the Aston Martin Formula One Team and continues hosting VIP affiliate partners at Grand Prix race weekends.


The latest big event on the motor racing calendar was the 2023 Italian Grand Prix on Sunday, September 3rd, at the Autodromo Nazionale at Monza in Northern Italy. AvaTrade Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Ori Matarasso hosted top affiliate partners in the Paddock (the exclusive Formula One VIP area) and treated them to an exciting weekend of racing and some memorable AvaTrade hospitality.


Chatting with AvaTrade’s CMO was also an excellent opportunity for high-powered affiliate partners to keep their finger on the pulse and build an even closer relationship with one of the world’s most popular financial service providers.



The AvaTrade – Aston Martin Team Partnership


The unique partnership between AvaTrade and the Aston Martin Formula One Team represents a collaboration between two high value brands that use cutting-edge technology to excel in their fields. The Silverstone-based Aston Martin Team drives the ultra-high-performance Aston Martin AMR23, powered by a Mercedes AMG engine and fitted with Pirelli tyres.


AvaTrade is one of the world’s leading online brokers with a reputation for providing traders with an array of advanced trading platforms and other fintech tools. These include the renowned MT4 and MT5 platforms and award-winning proprietary software like AvaTradeGO WebTrader and AvaSocial. AvaTrade invests heavily in the latest fintech and prides itself on keeping one step ahead of its competitors.


Technology aside, the Aston Martin Formula One Team shares AvaTrade’s commitment to excellence in a highly competitive field. The Formula One Grand Prix is among the world’s most challenging and high-pressure sporting events. It demands absolute skill, precision, and commitment from its paid drivers and pit crews. These are values that online traders can readily relate to and aspire to, making the partnership a highly marketable one for Forex affiliates.


How to Promote the AvaTrade – Aston Martin Team Partnership


The 2023 Formula One World Championship is still running, but the 2021 contest generated a worldwide TV audience of 1,55 billion. The final race in Abu Dhabi attracted 108.7 million viewers. Formula One is hugely popular worldwide and attracts prime-time TV coverage and a massive volume of live streaming. It’s impossible to guess how many social media pages and posts are inspired by Formula One or how many online news reports, but the numbers are nearly astronomical.


We can refer directly to Formula One’s own figures for social media. These give affiliate marketers valuable insight into the sheer scale of the marketing opportunity.


  • Formula One claims a total of 49.1 million followers on social media.
  • Video views amounted to an astonishing 7 billion.
  • Unique page views rose 23% to 1.6 billion.


Another possible advantage for Forex affiliates who want to promote Formula One is that Netflix released Season 4 of Formula 1: Drive To Survive.  The popular series gives the tournament further exposure and will generate its own social media following and chatter.


Social media is arguably the best way to promote a partnership like the AvaTrade- Aston Martin Formula One Team collaboration. With its high-tech racing cars and images of winning drivers spraying champagne in all directions, Formula One generates some powerful images and video clips for social media posts. It’s precisely the kind of high-converting content that appeals directly to the Forex and crypto trading demographics.


Know Your Forex Affiliate Traffic


If you’re going to promote Formula One as a tool to drive online trading traffic, start a systematic search of social media to identify F1-related pages and groups. Learn the jargon, understand the underlying vibe and plan your marketing campaigns. Don’t confine yourself rigidly to motor racing; there may be a valuable crossover with motorbike enthusiasts, even speedboat and jet ski fans, etc.


It would be worth investing in top-quality landing pages and running A/B testing. You’ll also need some well-written site content with eye-catching imagery. A good tactic is to focus on AvaTrade technology as part of your conversion funnel. Try to get your traffic interested in the top-end fintech and charting. Well-designed trading platforms like AvaTradeGo that have a suite of analytical and risk management tools can have a powerful allure to anybody who loves high-performance technology.


Concepts like leverage and assets like Forex, cryptos, and volatile stocks will usually interest your new trading demographic, as will oil and gold. When you promote stocks, check out car manufacturers. Creatives, comparisons, or feature articles focusing on the big car producer stocks can be a great way to capture the interest of Formula One devotees.


Be a September and October Performance Contest Winner!


Promoting the AvaTrade – Aston Martin Formula One Team partnership could give your affiliate campaigns a valuable competitive edge during the September and October Performance Contest. If you can beat your own previous numbers, you’ll find that it pays to be a winner. You could add up to $10K to your commissions as a cash bonus – just in time for Christmas and the New Year!


If you do take part in the competition, you could also be in with a chance of winning the 2 VIP Paddock tickets, with flights to The UAE and a hotel. Our Paddock guests will enjoy some serious luxury and a special behind-the-scenes look at how a world-class Formula One team runs its pit lane and garage.


Contact your affiliate manager now to find out more about how to become a Formula One winner. Suppose you’re not an AvaPartner affiliate yet. In that case, this is the perfect time to sign up and start earning high commissions with one of the financial services industry’s most respected – and profitable – partner programs.


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