AvaPartner Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions
What s Forex?

The foreign exchange market or currency market also known as Forex is the market where one currency is traded for another. It is one of the largest markets in the world and growing rapidly every year. The global Forex market has a daily turnover of almost $4 trillion – 40 times larger than the NASDAQ’s.

What is CFD?

CFD, or Contracts for Difference, is a financial instrument similar to an index or share which allows you to trade an underlying index, share or commodity contract without having to own the underlying asset itself.

What is AvaPartner?

AvaPartner is the world’s leading Affiliate Program in the Forex and CFD markets. We cater to Offline and Online Affiliates paying top commissions for referred clients to the AvaTrade trading platform. We have various commission structures to help you meet your revenue goals. For more information please email [email protected]

Do you offer White Label?

AvaTrade offers an excellent white label program that can range from something as simple as a logo on the trading platform to a full-fledged white label that would include a white labeled website, customer service, platform, etc. Please note that the white label program requires a fee depending on the extent of your desired white label.

Do you offer 2nd tier (sub commission)?

Yes, by signing up others to AvaPartner you will receive a 10% sub commission. When referring sub affiliates please use the Sub Affiliate Link found on your home page.

Affiliates Commissions & Payments
Why didn’t I get paid?

This does not happen often, although if this does occur then please contact your Affiliate Manager. In most cases it’s because payment details weren’t filled out properly and payment was rejected. Please double check your payment details carefully. Once your payment details are corrected, the missing payment will be added to the following month’s payment period.

Why can’t I see recent activity in my report?

lease note that the Ava Partner website is updated only once every 24 hours. Should you be unable to see recent customers or trading activity on Ava Partner, please be patient, it will be updated.

When are affiliate commissions paid?

Affiliate commissions are paid by the 15th of the month.

What is the minimum payout amount for commission?

There is no minimum payout, except for wire transfers which is $400.

What is Revenue Share?

Revenue Share means earning a percentage (e.g. 25%) or fraction (e.g. 1 pip) of the spread based on the customer’s trading volume. Please note that in Revenue Share deals in which you receive a certain percentage of the spread, we will deduct a percentage of any bonus the customer receives (e.g. if you receive 25% of the spread we will deduct 25% of the Welcome Bonus and any Retention Bonus that the customer receives from your commission) and the eventual CHARGEBACKS attributed to the customers referred.

What is CPA?

Active customers are referred traders who deposit and open trades where the spread accumulates to at least $50. Once this is reached, the CPA commission will be triggered.

How does the commission structure work?

AvaPartner offers the most competitive commission structures in the industry. The commission you receive depends on the deal agreement between you and AvaPartner. You can log in to AvaPartner to view your commissions at your convenience.

How are affiliate commissions paid?

Affiliates can be paid via wire transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney, Neteller, Ava Debit Card or directly into your trading account.

Does AvaPartner offer reporting?

Yes. You can view your statistics at any time by logging onto the website and going to the Reports menu. According to the commission deal you chose, you’ll be able to see the relevant reports.

Can my commissions be negative?

Although commissions are almost always positive, there might be cases where commissions can be negative on a specific day. There are 2 possible scenarios:

1.If your commissions structure is CPA, and a customer your brought committed chargeback or fraud, then you would incur a negative commissions which equals the amount of commission you previously received for bringing the customer.

2.If your commission structure is Revenue Share, and the sum of bonuses and chargebacks attributed to your customers on a specific day is greater than the spreads traded by them, then you would incur negative commissions on that specific day.

For any question relating to calculation of partner’s commissions – please contact your Affiliate Manager or email [email protected].

Once You’ve Signed Up
What marketing tools do you provide?

The creative team at AvaPartner has created the highest converting banners, flash banners, emails, rich text, text, destination links, mailers, and landing pages to ensure your marketing campaign is optimized for highest conversions. AvaPartner also has interactive custom designed widgets and JavaScript tools that allow you to implement live streaming rates, live charts, and more into your website.

To view our various marketing tools log in and go to the Marketing Tools menu.

What if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password please email [email protected].

How may I contact AvaPartner for further information?

Simply go to the Contact Us page or email us at [email protected] for any questions that you did not find in our FAQ. If you already have an account with Ava Partner, please contact your Affiliate Manager directly.

Do I have access to your support services?

Absolutely. AvaPartner prides itself for its multi-lingual support services. We provide all of our affiliates and customers with personal support for both our affiliate network and trading platform. The AvaPartner team is available to answer any questions you may have in regards to your set up, account details, payments, marketing support or any other questions regarding working with AvaPartner. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Affiliates Reports
In which report can I see the volume that my customers traded?

See the Activity Report – by Date for this information.

In which report can I see the quality of the leads I bring?

See the Accounts Quality Report for this information.

In which report can I see the overall results of my customers? (Rev Share only)

See the Customers Lifetime Report for this information. Please note that the time frame you choose indicates the date the customer registered. If you want to see the results of all your customers you’ll need to choose the time frame “since ever”.

In which report can I see my commission?

See the Activity Report – by Date for this information.

In which report can I see how much my Sub Affiliates have earned me?

See the Sub Affiliate Report for this information.

In which report can I see how much each of my profiles (tags) has earned me?

See the Activity Report – by Profile for this information.

In which report can I see how many customers I brought?

See the Activity Report – by Date for this information.

In which report can I see a report on the trades my customer made in the past? (Rev Share only)

See the Closed Trades Report for this information. Please note that this report shows only trades that have already been closed, and not trades that are currently open.

Signing Up To AvaPartner
Will there be anyone to provide assistance once I sign up?

Yes, you will be assigned an Affiliate Manager that will be your personal contact once you sign up your account.

Where and How Do I sign Up?

Simply Click Here and start earning unlimited commission potential. Fill in your personal details. You can already choose if you want to register with a CPA or REVENUE SHARE deal. You will later be able to decide upon the details with your Affiliate Manager. Please note that the more information you provide us with, the easier it will be later to agree on a deal that will be best suited for both you and AvaTrade. After you filled out the registration form, an Activation Code will be emailed to you. Please activate your account by copying the Activation Code from your email into the activation field. Should you have any problem with your account activation, please email [email protected]. Once your account is activated, you can log in to the AvaPartner website with your email address and password.

What if I do not have my payment information at the moment?

Payment information can always be filled out at a later date but if you have earned commissions please be aware that missing payment details during a monthly payment period can lead to waiting for the next monthly payout.

What if I do not feel comfortable giving payment information?

Unfortunately the only way for you to receive commission is by filling out this information. We provide numerous methods of payment; you can choose the method that you find most comfortable.

Are there any fees to join A

There are no set up fees to join the AvaPartner affiliate program.

Technical questions
What is the duration of the cookie?

AvaPartner uses Lifetime Tracking cookies. The cookies remain on the internet surfer’s computer unless specifically requested by the user to be erased from their browser.

How is my traffic tracked to my account?

Your unique affiliate id is being tracked using both session and cookie tracking. After the sign up form has been opened any further activities will be tracked to you. Be sure to send traffic to: https://www.AvaTrade.com/?tag=YOUR-UNIQUE-AFFILIATE-ID (log in to the AvaPartner website with your details to see your link).