July 5, 2023

The Aston Martin Experience For Affiliate Partners

AvaPartner spring competition winners and top affiliate partners are welcomed as VIP guests to watch the elite Aston Martin Formula One racing team.

AvaPartner Hosts VIP Affiliates at the Paddock

AvaTrade’s exclusive partnership with the UK’s Aston Martin Formula One (AMF1) racing team accelerated into top gear during the spring season. AvaPartner recently sent a group of our top-performing VIP affiliate partners on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

Our VIP affiliates were guests of the Paddock Club, Formula One’s own hospitality service. The affiliates were hosted on the Paddock Club yacht and enjoyed the beautiful Mediterranean sunshine, as well as the high-speed thrills of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. The trip was a well-earned reward – and a special thank you- for some of AvaPartner’s most successful affiliate partners.

AvaPartner Spring Competition Winners Celebrate in Barcelona

There was more Mediterranean sun and Formula One thrills for our Spring Competition winners. AvaPartner sent the first and second-prize winners on an all-expenses paid trip to Barcelona. Each prize included flights, hotels, and tickets to the Barcelona Grand Prix.

The first prize winner was a guest of the F1 Paddocks Club (an experience that usually starts at a minimum of £5,000 for paying customers). The second prize winner had the unforgettable experience of watching the expert high-speed driving from the luxury of the Grand Stand.

What is the AvaTrade – Aston Martin Partnership?

Aston Martin – Automotive Excellence

Aston Martin is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest and most prestigious car manufacturers. James Bond drove an Aston Martin DB5 in the classic film Goldfinger, and Aston Martin is an iconic British brand. The Aston Martin team is also a major contender in the ultra-competitive world of motor racing.

Aston Martin is competing in the 2023 Formula One World Championship with its precision-engineered AMR23 racing car. The team drivers are Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso. This year’s competition has been dominated by the Red Bull Racing- Honda RBPT team, with Aston Martin maintaining a very respectable third place.

AvaTrade – Pioneering Online Broker

AvaTrade is one of the world’s best-known and most respected online brokerages. They are committed to the pursuit of excellence through their proprietary trading platforms and the use of next-generation fintech trading tools. AvaTrade is continuing to make online trading available to ordinary people, offering CFDs and other assets to traders around the world.

AvaTrade’s partner program is AvaPartner. The program has paid out an astonishing $300 million in commissions since its inception and continues to attract ambitious and high-powered affiliate partners who want to make money promoting one of the financial service industry’s leading brands.

The partnership between Aston Martin and AvaTrade represents a ‘meeting of minds’ between two great brands. Both are pushing the boundaries of existing technologies in their respective fields. Aston Martin depends on its design team’s ability to integrate the latest advances in automotive engineering. AvaTrade is equally focused on adapting new fintech innovations.

Both partners pride themselves on being leaders and operating with precision and flair in highly competitive niches. Another advantage is that although Formula One motor racing and online trading might seem to be two completely unrelated fields, traders and investors are often attracted to Formula One – and vice versa. Traders and motorsports enthusiasts often have the same passion for advanced technology, managed risk-taking, and focus on achieving goals.

The Benefits for Broker and Forex Affiliate Partners

When your goal is to make money as an affiliate partner, you need marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Affiliate marketing can be a competitive business, and any edge or advantage is welcome when you want to create compelling social media posts or striking banners and creatives.

Brand association (a connection to a powerful or trusted brand) is a powerful marketing tool. The AvaTrade partnership with the Aston Martin Formula One team is a superb example of positive brand association. Partners don’t come much better than a leading Formula One racing team that is owned by an iconic British car manufacturer!

The team’s AMR23 racing car will display AvaTrade branding, raising AvaTrade’s profile and reaching millions of potential traders. If you want to attract people’s attention online, an image of one of 2023’s top FI racing cars is a great way to do it. The AvaTrade partnership with Aston Martin gives affiliates a way to reach out and connect with potential traffic who might simply never encounter their usual marketing campaigns.

Affiliates Guide to the 2023 Formula One World Championship

Most Forex and CFD affiliates tend to be focused on financial issues like interest rates, inflation, and the performance of gold or the USD when they plan their marketing campaigns and site content. If you’re not already a motor racing fan, you might not know much about the annual Formula One World Championships. Read on for a quick affiliate guide to Formula One.

Formula One is a series of Grand Prix race events that take place in a variety of locations around the world. The 2023 Formula One World Championship includes races in 22 different countries and is the 74th F1 competition since the tournaments first began. The competition will end with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November.

If you’re wondering why it’s such a big deal and what real relevance the Formula One World Championships have to your affiliate business, the viewing figures will explain everything. In 2021, an estimated 445 million people tuned in to watch the races – that’s almost half a billion people worldwide. Very, very few events ever attract so much interest and attention.

The partnership between AvaTrade and Aston Martin, whose team is currently ranked third and remains a strong contender, is a gift to any forward-thinking affiliate. Anybody who understands even the basics of online marketing will immediately see the potential for driving high-value traffic. The F1 competitions – particularly big events like the British Grand Prix – attract massive media coverage.

Upcoming Grand Prix Races


9 Austrian Grand Prix 2 July
10 British Grand Prix 9 July
11 Hungarian Grand Prix 23 July
12 Belgian Grand Prix 30 July
13 Dutch Grand Prix 27 August
14 Italian Grand Prix 3 September
15 Singapore Grand Prix 17 September
16 Japanese Grand Prix 24 September
17 Qatar Grand Prix 8 October
18 United States Grand Prix 22 October
19 Mexico City Grand Prix 29 October


20 São Paulo Grand Prix 5 November
21 Las Vegas Grand Prix 18 November
22 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 26 November


Many of the upcoming races are taking place in markets where AvaTrade is regulated. Even Grand Prix events in locations like the US (where AvaTrade doesn’t currently accept traders) will still attract viewers from dozens of other countries. Every FI Grand Prix is a potential affiliate marketing bonanza, and AvaPartner will be happy to help you with unique marketing materials.

Create Affiliate Marketing Campaigns for Diverse Traffic

Aston Martin is a great British brand with global appeal. Formula One is one of the world’s most famous and popular sporting events. When you promote the unique AvaTrade Aston Martin partnership, you can easily break out of your normal marketing landscape. Look for social media pages and groups that are dedicated to Aston Martin cars or FI. You can also connect to any online following for the team drivers Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso.

Many motorsport websites and blogs will accept guest posts about the Aston Martin team (although you may have to be subtle about how you present your unique affiliate links). Some sites won’t accept a direct sales pitch or any overt focus on online trading, so you’ll need to use your creativity to get the message across.

FI often attracts people who fit into the wider Forex trading demographic, even if they haven’t previously considered making money through online trading. Motor racing enthusiasts generally tend to be male, are naturally attracted (or at least receptive) to risk, and are interested in technology. Many also have enough disposable income to count as high-value traffic.

It’s important to learn from your attempts to engage with FI and classic car fans. The lessons and principles can be applied to other non-trading demographics. The experience will help you to think out of the box and look for other online communities and interest groups in the future that may contain potential traders.

Make Money as an Affiliate Partner Today!

We’re only just starting the summer, and 2023 is already a great year. The AvaTrade partnership with Aston Martin is a big success, especially for our VIP affiliates and lucky competition winners who enjoyed Paddock hospitality and attended the Grand Prix events as special guests.

This is a great time to sign up with AvaPartner and negotiate a flexible commission plan. If you’re already an affiliate partner, consider promoting the remaining Grand Prix events over the summer and autumn and boosting your commissions. You might even find yourself invited to one of the Grand Prix races or a similar prestigious affiliate event, as a competition winner or as a VIP partner!

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