November 28, 2021

How to Boost your CPA Commissions?

CPA Commissions

A good CPA deal is one of the simplest and fastest ways to make money as a forex affiliate partner. CPA commissions are often the initial commission plan for new forex affiliates and continue to be popular with many experienced forex affiliates. We’ll take a closer look at how CPA commissions work and how to optimize your marketing strategies for maximum profits.

What are CPA Commissions?

CPA is short for Cost Per Acquisition. All that means is that you receive an agreed one-time payment whenever you successfully refer a forex trader (known as a lead) to your forex broker partner. The payment is your commission. It’s a simple, straightforward, and profitable deal that allows you to cash in on your traffic and move on.

The exact terms can vary, but affiliate partner programs usually require a new lead to sign up, deposit funds and begin trading before counting them as a conversion. It would help if you calibrated your marketing campaigns to attract serious leads about trading and complete the conversion process. Fortunately, competent and professional brokers like AvaTrade keep the sign-up process as simple as possible and provide potential sign-ups with a high level of support and encouragement.

Bring 100 leads to your forex partner broker in your first month, and 80 of them sign up, meet the minimum deposit requirement, and open their first trade. You’ll receive 80 CPA payments at the end of the month. You’ve made an immediate profit and are free to focus on driving more site traffic and bringing new leads.

Overcome the Pain Points with CPA Commissions

When aiming for a high monthly income with CPA commissions, you need to identify and overcome the pain points. These are the moments in the conversion funnel when potential traders lose interest, get distracted, or change their minds. Successful forex affiliate partners understand the issues and use their content and marketing materials to prepare traders for the sign-up process and motivate them to complete it.

Potential Pain Points

  1. Sign Up
  2. Account Verification
  3. Initial Deposit (money transfer)
  4. First Trade

The initial sign-up is a simple registration process. The client completes an online form by providing their name and email address, and phone number. It’s not a significant pain point, but you must still emphasize how quick and easy the process is.

As soon as one of your leads completes the registration form, they’re in the hands of the broker’s staff. If you’re working with a leading affiliate partner program, there’s a high chance that your lead will convert, and you’ll earn your CPA commission. However, you can boost your chances by preparing your leads for the conversion funnel in advance.

Your site content should educate your traffic and present pain points as advantages, incentives, and benefits.

  • The registration process is fast and convenient. It only takes a minute!
  • An account manager will help you to get started and will guide you along the way.
  • The account verification process is designed to protect clients. It’s simple and easy to complete. As soon as it’s done, you get full access to the markets and can open your first trades.
  • It’s easy to make your first deposit. AvaTrade accepts all major payment methods.
  • Use your affiliate site to offer your leads incentives like free trading strategies, eBooks, and trading tutorials they can access when they begin trading.

Only Work with Regulated Forex Partner Sites

As a forex affiliate partner, your bottom line is that you can only ever represent regulated online forex brokers. This golden rule is an absolute requirement and is the foundation of your business model. Some forex affiliates fall into the trap of representing non-regulated brokers because they think the lead conversion process may be simpler or faster.

  1. It’s unethical and unprofessional to work with unregulated forex brokers. Not all of them honor their payments to their forex affiliate partners – you could get ripped off!
  2. You will limit your future profits and lose the possibility of lucrative RevShare, Introducing Broker, and Money Manager deals – and a lifelong association with a top-tier brokerage.
  3. You will damage your branding and credibility as a reliable forex affiliate.

It’s far better to sign up with a regulated online forex broker like AvaTrade and explain all the benefits and protections of official regulation to your leads. Potential traders want to know that they’re signing up with a reputable and credible online broker. Your marketing materials and site content should be written to showcase the regulation and build trust. Use the regulatory bodies like BVI, ASIC, and the Central Bank of Ireland as mini brands in your marketing.

Work Closely with your Forex Broker Partner Program

When you negotiate a CPA deal with a partner program, you’ll qualify for free converting marketing materials. These are original creatives (unique to your affiliate site) that you can use to publicize the forex broker and drive site traffic. AvaPartner has over 15 years of experience and has worked directly with thousands of successful forex affiliate partners. You can benefit from their knowledge and expertise when you plan your marketing strategies.

Take the opportunity to add professionally designed widgets to your site, as well as banners, flash banners, landing pages, and content. It’s also essential to read partner newsletters and emails and keep updated with the latest broker assets, trading platforms, trading tools, spreads, and other news. All of these are vital selling points when you try to convert site traffic. You don’t have to be a financial expert, but it pays to be up-to-date and relevant.

Traders need to know certain key things:

  • They are dealing with an honest regulated broker
  • They have live support and customer service in their language
  • They have the best trading technology and the widest choice of assets
  • They have tight spreads and no hidden fees or commissions
  • Deposits and withdrawals are fast and easy
  • They have all the educational resources that they need to make profits

If you can persuade them that the broker excels on all these points, you’re already on track to boost your CPS commissions.


Is RevShare better than CPA for forex affiliate partners?

RevShare deals and CPA commissions each bring their advantages to forex affiliate partners. You’re probably better off with a CPA commissions structure until you are confident that you can attract high volume, long-term traders. Even top-quality regulated forex brokers have a high turnover of traders. With a good CPA deal, you’re guaranteed an agreed profit from every single lead that converts. If the trader leaves the brokerage after a month, it’s not your problem – you already got paid. Once you know your site traffic and can refer serious traders to your forex broker partner, it’s time to negotiate a RevShare deal and earn a high passive income on a long-term basis. AvaPartner is always willing to negotiate new and improved deals as affiliate partners build their businesses.

How quickly can I earn high profits from CPA commissions?

Suppose you have a well-designed forex affiliate website and good marketing campaigns. In that case, you can earn high profits from CPA commissions almost immediately. Your first month with your affiliate partner program should already be profitable. As long as you follow the basic rules, like working with a regulated broker and preparing leads to negotiate pain points in the conversion funnel, you will have an excellent foundation as a forex affiliate. The next step will be to master the marketing process and to increase both the volume of your site traffic and the quality of your site traffic. You can easily find good advice about how to optimize your website and devise effective marketing strategies. Your high profits from CPA commissions will have the potential to grow exponentially.

Is promoting forex the only way to earn CPA commissions?

No, all good online forex brokers offer a much more comprehensive range of assets. You can promote cryptocurrencies, high profile stocks and shares like Tesla, Amazon, and Google, volatile commodities like Gold, Natural Gas, Oil, indices, bonds, and ETFs. AvaTrade also offers Options – which are a powerful draw for online traders. You can tailor your marketing campaigns and creatives to benefit from every asset (and trading platforms and tools) at AvaTrade. Promoting forex is just one way to earn CPA commissions. The more imaginative you are, and the more closely you follow financial news and events, the more lucrative promotional opportunities you will identify.

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