January 31, 2022

CPA vs RevShare: Which Commission Plan Is Right for You?

CPA vs RevShare

It can be confusing!

With so many different affiliate programs today, and many different types of affiliate commission plans, what’s an affiliate marketer to do? Experts say that since you’re already investing all that time promoting a product or service, you might as well make it worth your while!

That’s why we strongly suggest that you take a good look into CFD and Forex affiliate partnership programs since these have the highest payouts in the entire affiliate industry, then learn which affiliate commission plan makes the most sense for your business needs.

CPA rewards you with a one-time referral commission

CPA (or Cost Per Acquisition) is the fee you receive when the trader you referred opens a trading account with the online broker, deposits funds into his trading account, and starts trading. You gain a one-time payment for referring the new trader – a commission that may vary depending on your client’s country location. To ensure that the lead is in fact a qualifying lead, there are strict criteria in place: The trader must provide a minimum deposit and must complete his first trade.

All CFD and forex affiliate partnerships differ in their commission plans, qualifying requirements, and commission rates offered to their affiliates. So, if you’re considering a CPA partnership commission plan, make sure you first fully understand all conditions and stipulations.

RevShare gives you a percentage of your broker’s revenues

RevShare (or Revenue Share) is the commission you receive. You receive a percentage from “netspreads” (spreads minus bonuses). Also known as “spread share,” revenue share commission plans can vary depending on many factors. You have a share in all the profits, losses, and sales of your qualified referrals for as long as they are active. While most affiliates love this type of structure due to its potential of tremendous future gains, remember that it also largely depends on the trading activity of your lead.

The majority of the RevShare plans have a lifetime incentive to them; this means that you can still be earning commissions in future years as long as the trader you referred is still actively trading with the broker.

One caveat: This arrangement is possible only if you partner with a broker who:

  • Is reputable and highly regulated – Your profits will be ensured for years to come if the broker has been around for a while and is not engaged in some “fly by night” business. AvaPartner, for example, is the most regulated broker, with regulatory licenses across 5 continents!
  • Offers excellent customer service – Your traders will stay with the broker and not take their money and trade elsewhere if the broker “takes care” of them. AvaPartner offers dedicated & customer service and trading websites in over 20 languages.
  • Offers the best and latest trading platforms – Your traders will stay with your broker – and increase your commission opportunities – if they can work with the latest trading platforms and especially mobile trading apps such as AvaPartner’s AvaTradeGO that’ll give them the convenience of anytime, anywhere trading. Add to these a demo trading account which helps traders get acquainted with the trading platform – and your traders won’t be moving away anytime soon!

CPA or RevShare: Which affiliate commission plan truly meets your needs?

CPA vs RevShare: Which Forex Affiliate Commission Plan is Right for You? from Jacobo Weizenblut

Now that you understand the main differences between CPA and RevShare, you face the difficult decision of choosing the right commission plan for your business.

If you’re just starting out, the easiest way to decide is to determine your endgame by asking yourself these questions:

  • How do you define your business?
  • What are your short- and long-term goals?
  • Who are your referring: Clients? Traffic from affiliate links? Your own trading followers?

Once you answer these questions, it will be much easier to decide on whether you should choose CPA or RevShare. Take the example of an affiliate marketer’s referrals vs an introducing broker’s referrals.

An affiliate marketer just refers traffic to the online broker and has accomplished his job the moment he has referred his traffic, resulting in a percentage that converts into X commissions. The introducing broker, on the other hand, refers his clients to the online broker and, therefore, the ongoing communication between his client and the brokerage, client satisfaction, and number of future transactions all play a vital role in the amount of profits he will receive and determine his future success.

The affiliate marketer might prefer the short-term quick one-off profits from the random traffic he directs to the online broker, so therefore it makes sense for him to choose CPA; whereas the introducing broker is thinking about his longer-term goals and the future trading transactions of both current and future clients and he will likely select RevShare.

How to get started on your affiliate marketing efforts?

  • STEP 1: Join the best affiliate partner program
    Whatever the differences between the different CFD and Forex affiliate programs being offered, the most crucial factor that will ensure your continued success as a CFD or Forex affiliate is this: Partner with a reputable and regulated broker (as we mentioned before). Equally important: Choose an affiliate program that is willing to go the extra mile, gives you that much needed personal dedicated support and, most importantly, offers you flexible commission plans to suit your business model. This way, you will be able to achieve the highest profits and reach your maximum potential, while ensuring your continued success and long-term growth of your business.
  • STEP 2: Know the advantages of CFD vs Forex affiliate programs
    CFD affiliate programs offer many advantages over Forex affiliate programs simply due to the nature of CFDs. CFDs allow you to trade a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, options, indices, forex pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ADRs, bonds, indices, and ETFs. This enables traders to trade more financial instruments, including the Forex market, as opposed to being confined to only trading the Forex market. It is very easy to join a CFD affiliate program, and it only takes a few minutes. With AvaPartner you will receive a personal dedicated account manager who will help you succeed every step of the way, and set you up with a state-of-the-art full tracking dashboard that makes it so easy to succeed and grow your affiliate business.
  • STEP 3: Decide which commission plan is best for you!
    Once you’ve joined a CFD affiliate program, decide which commission plan – CPA or RevShare – to take on. (Review their differences at the beginning of this article.) You can also consult AvaPartner  – known to provide the most valuable customer service and reliable and quick payouts – to get further insights into the best commission program that’ll help you get the most out of your efforts.


What’s the best affiliate commission plan?

There is no simple answer. If you have a simple choice between RevShare and CPA (cost per acquisition) you will need to consider three key factors. The first is the quality of your traffic, the second is your business plan, the third is the quality of the affiliate program you’re in partnership with. RevShare is the best commission plan if you have good quality leads and a reliable affiliate program. CPA may be better if your leads have a short life cycle and you have a less reliable affiliate partnership.

What are the criteria for a CPA commission plan?

Each affiliate program will set its own exact terms and conditions for CPA commission plans. As a rule of thumb, each lead you send will have to register with the broker, deposit funds and complete at least one trade. Your CPA commission plan may vary according to the lead’s country of origin and the size of the initial deposit. If your lead meets the cost per acquisition requirement, you’ll receive your one time payment. It’s a simple and straightforward system.

What are the criteria for a RevShare commission plan?

RevShare is an ongoing commission plan that lasts for the lifetime of the client. Again, the specific terms vary according to individual deals. You can generally expect to receive a share of the client’s spread share. A high volume trader who remains with your broker for a long time period can earn you high profits. You will need to be able to trust your affiliate program implicitly. A RevShare commission plan can only work if there is honest reporting.

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