December 6, 2023

Promote the MT4 Multi Terminal Platform

Promote The MT4

The world-famous MT4 trading platform is a great subject for Forex affiliate marketing campaigns. The MT4 multi-terminal component is ideal for high-value traffic like money managers and other brokers managing multiple accounts.

Add MT4 Manager to Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

There are currently some great opportunities to earn high commissions promoting Forex and online trading. There’s renewed public interest in the financial markets, and millions of people worldwide want to make extra money or even quit their jobs and become full-time traders.

Forex affiliates who want to drive high-value traffic and earn top commissions need to connect with the right potential traders. In a competitive market, you need top-quality affiliate marketing campaigns, social media creatives, and site content that resonates with ambitious people.

One way to make your campaigns appealing to high-value traders is to feature financial trading technology (often called fintech). The most lucrative trading demographic is often interested in technology and loves to explore the latest online trading platforms and tools.

Two of the most popular trading platforms at AvaTrade (apart from their proprietary platforms) are MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). This blog post will examine why the ultra-high-tech MetaTrader brand is so successful. We’ll focus on the enduring MT4 platform and the MT4 multi-terminal component that allows brokers and money managers to run multiple accounts simultaneously.

What is the MT4 Trading Platform?

A trading platform is a sophisticated software that enables people to trade online independently and manage their portfolios and trading accounts. It’s either web-based or downloadable, giving users secure access to the world’s financial markets. MT4 is one of the world’s best – many traders say the best – trading platforms.

MetaTrader is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and as an Android, iPhone/iPad, and Huawei version for mobile users. The quality of the technology and ease of use remain high across all the different operating systems, and there is no loss of quality on smaller smartphone screens. We’re not going to overload you with all the different technical specifications or a detailed description of every MT4 feature, but there are some basics that Forex affiliates need to know.

  • MT4 is highly sophisticated, but the design is neat, clean, and uncluttered. It’s remarkably easy to use.
  • The platform is optimised for algorithmic trading. Users can implement their own automated trading strategies.
  • MT4 is renowned for its analytics. Interactive charts cover 9 timeframes, 23 analytical objects, and 30 in-built technical indicators.
  • Traders can customise a free codebase to develop their own tailormade indicators.
  • Unlike some peer platforms, MT4 allows traders to implement all strategies and gives them complete freedom to scalp and hedge.

MT4 Take Away

MT4 has been in constant use since 2005 and is a world-class trading platform. Many traders view it as the single benchmark platform to compare all others to. MT4 has superb widgets, trading signals, and expert advisors (EAs), allowing an extraordinarily high degree of user customisation and adaptability. It’s a serious (and constantly evolving) software, but it is user-friendly and designed to facilitate complex trading activity.

MT4 for Money Managers

One of the most exciting MT4 features is the MT4 manager capability. Money managers can easily run multiple accounts at the same time. The MT4 multi-terminal component is not a trading platform gimmick; it’s a serious money management tool that is depended on by financial professionals. Anybody managing several client accounts or running multiple broker accounts can access the MT4 multi-terminal in just seconds and switch between accounts or apply automated orders to batches of accounts.

When you’re looking for high-value traffic, the MT4 manager can be the perfect tool to promote in your affiliate campaigns. The kind of people who are really interested in this kind of fintech are more likely to be actual money managers or high-volume long-term traders (or ambitious new traders). If you’ve negotiated a RevShare deal that gives you a percentage of their trading volume, each of these traders can become a valuable long-term passive income stream.

Top Tip: Money Managers as Broker Affiliates

If you can refer active money managers to the partner program, you may be able to earn a commission on all their activities as a master affiliate. If you are a money manager, and you want to trade at AvaTrade with the MT4 multi-terminal platform, you can also earn additional income streams as a broker affiliate partner.

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How to Promote the MT4 Multi Terminal Component

The MT4 manager software is beautifully designed and looks amazing. You can exploit its high-tech look to create powerful and eye-catching creatives that will stand out from the crowd. It also has a high value for generating SEO-rich content. People who are genuinely interested in fintech software or whose goal is to earn high incomes as traders and money managers are more likely to actually read detailed articles about MT4.

If you’re an online affiliate with your own websites or have good connections for guest posting, start creating content about the MT4 multi-terminal component and its multiple broker accounts/money management applications. If your target traffic is mainly comprised of native English speakers, you can try pitching the level a little higher than your average site content. You can write for an intelligent audience as long as the texts are well structured, with short paragraphs and plenty of H2 headlines.

Generally, it’s an excellent idea to build a spreadsheet of websites that might welcome guest posts about online trading and the financial markets. You can create a separate column for sites focusing on new software, technology, and anything related to computers. Many webmasters struggle to generate good content and will be happy to publish well-written guest posts about MT4 or money management technology.

Another good way to promote MT4 is by writing (or even requesting) user reviews of the platform. AvaTrade has both MT4 and MT5 and is keen to encourage money managers to sign up at the brokerage. AvaTrade also has its proprietary platforms, AvaTrade app, AvaSocial, and AvaOptions, as well as WebTrader, MacTrading, and Mobile Trading.

You can easily create a complete broker profile with comparison charts for each individual platform. You don’t need a lot of text but can rely on a short introductory paragraph and bullet points. Good graphic design and layout are important. The Google bots recognise the value of this kind of site content and will reward it with higher search engine rankings.

Start Promoting the MT4 Multiple Terminal Component Today

Many broker affiliates promote the MT4 trading platform in their campaigns but completely overlook the value of its multiple-broker option. It’s a niche tool that belongs to a potentially highly profitable niche. If you can start connecting to money managers and people who want to trade with multiple accounts, you may be able to increase your commissions dramatically.

When you sign up with AvaPartner, your account manager will happily supply you with (free) high-quality marketing materials featuring MT4. These can include professionally created images, banners, landing pages, and updates about the latest MT4 widgets, signals, EAs, and other new features.

If your goal is to attract high-value traders with MT4-based marketing campaigns, you can talk to your account manager about RevShare, Hybrid CPA, or Master Affiliate commission deals. If you are a money manager, AvaPartner will be happy to talk to you about how you can boost your income as an affiliate partner.

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