May 12, 2022

Forex SEO Secret Tips 

Forex SEO Secret Tips

Forex affiliates can make exceptionally high commissions in 2022. Current world events and the volatility of the markets are attracting new traders in large numbers. It’s a great time to become a forex affiliate or take a fresh look at your existing affiliate business and aim for much higher profits. One of the keys to success as a broker affiliate partner is understanding forex SEO and developing an effective SEO strategy. 

This blog post will give you a clear overview of using forex SEO to boost your affiliate marketing, drive better quality (and higher converting) traffic, and increase your affiliate profits. We’ll begin by giving a basic definition of SEO and offering some secret tips on devising winning SEO forex strategies that will set you ahead of your competitors!

What is Forex SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. It is a general term for various techniques and strategies that will give you high rankings in search engines like Google. For example: If a trader types “best forex broker” into Google Search, you want your website to appear at the top of the page. If your site is ranked below a hundred other sites, it isn’t very likely that you’ll get clicks.

Google continually changes its criteria for ranking sites, and the search algorithms are also regularly updated. We know that Google currently ranks sites with original and high-quality content. Your SEO Forex strategies in 2022 need to be built around good site content that presents you as a “forex authority”.

  1. Ensure that your core site content is optimized for organic SEO. Pages need to be well written, carefully structured with bite-sized paragraphs and H1 and H2 titles, and seeded with SEO keywords.
  2. Add as many good quality forex SEO articles as you can. These can be blog posts, forex trading tutorials, broker reviews, trading platform reviews etc. Your content must be well written and offer a good user experience or UX. Avoid poor quality articles that are just weak texts stuffed with keywords.
  3. Ensure that your content has enough links. These aren’t just your forex affiliate links to your online broker. They include inbound and outbound links. Your goal is to make your affiliate site look active, relevant, credible, and well connected across the field of online forex. Add links to other pages and features on your website, and add links to high-value external sites like major news outlets. If you can persuade other (well ranked) site owners to add backlinks to your site, Google will take you more seriously and give you higher rankings.

Top Forex SEO Tip #1

Your goal is not just to tick all the technical boxes for good SEO forex results. You need to publish content that establishes you as an authority in online forex and forex brokers. Content includes multimedia: Use embedded videos, audio, GIFs, live feeds, infographics, comparison tables and forex charts. When you publish images, always add alt tags and titles. Use your creativity and invest in a range of high converting content that will drive traffic and boost your search engine rankings. Think about Relevance, Quality, and Authority when you create new content.

Understand the Google Spider in Forex SEO

A Google Spider is a program or algorithm that tracks and assesses websites and webpages to index the internet. The Spider ‘crawls’ through websites via their links and adds them to a SERP or search engine results page. If you want a high SERP ranking, you need to optimize your website for the Google Spider. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple process and is time well spent.

  1. Check your meta tags and make sure that they allow indexing. If key tags are set for no index, you automatically exclude yourself from the SERP stakes.
  2. Consider whether your domain name is fit for your purpose. As you launch new websites, choose domain names that will work to your advantage when Spider crawls the sites.
  3. Use a logical site structure and hierarchy. All your pages should be readily accessible via links and not hidden. Some affiliates make the mistake of ‘hiding’ pages behind online forms.
  4. Find a way to include plenty of NAP data. This is the name/address/phone info for businesses and services. You can quickly work a form of NAP into your affiliate site and publish some contact details.
  5. Use the Google Search Console to check how your site is being indexed. Implement any recommended improvements.

Top Forex SEO Tip #2

The search engine robots and algorithms are always in business and may scan your sites frequently. You need to update your content regularly. This can involve tweaking existing content and editing pages and forex SEO articles, e.g. adding paragraphs about new market events (ideally with current dates and links to high-value sites). You will also need to add unique content as often as you can. Aim to audit all your site content monthly – use the opportunity to check that your links work and that there are no ‘404 not found’ returns for pages.

How to Use Forex SEO Keywords?

Keywords are an integral part of SEO. Good keyword research is essential when you plan your SEO forex strategies. Most forex affiliates understand the basics of keywords (many keywords are basic common sense). Where affiliates are missing out is the SEO opportunities created by long-tail keywords and the optimal placing of keywords in texts and on web pages.

Long-tail keywords usually have a lower search volume than single keywords and lower competition. Using them effectively, long-tail keywords can be an easy route to good rankings. Here’s an example of the difference between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords:

Short tail keyword: “Trade forex”

Long-tail keyword: “How do I trade forex online”

When you use long-tail keywords for forex SEO, the challenge is to naturally integrate them into the text. Always consider the quality of the content and the wider UX.

Top Forex SEO Tip #3

Choose keywords carefully. Seed your texts with forex and trading keywords, but don’t saturate them to the point where your content becomes irritating or artificial. User engagement and time spent on pages counts towards SERPs. Add keywords to H2 titles and your alt texts. You can also use variations of keywords to improve UX and create natural and easy to read the content.

Your partner program will provide you with high converting marketing materials. Check out how their professional financial content writers and copywriters optimize content for SEO!


Should I hire an SEO company for my forex affiliate site?

It depends entirely on your personal budget and your financial goals. If you already have profits to reinvest in your affiliate marketing, hiring an SEO company or forex SEO freelancer is a good move. When you’re starting as an online forex affiliate, we recommend that you at least learn the basics of SEO. Before you start talking to SEO experts who want to charge you for their expertise, you need to know how it works. If you learn SEO basics, you can audit your site and content, optimize it for organic SEO, check and add your links, and improve the site hierarchy. That’s already a big step towards driving profitable traffic.

How do I write forex SEO content?

If you’re writing your forex SEO content, a good tip is to subscribe to forex and trading newsletters and live feeds. Take a look at the different writing styles and figure out what works (you’ll also need to know your target traffic). Generally, it would help to aim for well-written texts with plenty of factual information and good links. Be careful with the links – you don’t want to lose traffic to other sites. Ideally, your forex affiliate links should be prominent, and other links hidden in texts. Use short paragraphs and plenty of H2 titles and don’t ramble or use unnecessary words. Keep it relevant, exciting and straightforward. UX is everything!

How do I write an SEO forex blog?

When you write an SEO forex blog, be clear about your goals. Are you just trying to publish SEO articles, are you trying to create regular user engagement and drive traffic, or even establish yourself as an Introducing Broker or money manager? It’s crucial to write authoritatively. You should already be reading the financial press daily for background knowledge and marketing opportunities. However, if you don’t have a financial or trading background, start with purely SEO articles. As you gain knowledge and experience, you can aim higher with your forex trading blog or hire a financial content writer. The goal is to create high-value SEO content that is also high converting content!

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