September 13, 2021

Forex Affiliate Help: A Simple 7-Step Guide

As one of the largest and most liquid financial markets today, the forex and CFD markets presents traders and investors with amazing profit potential and opportunities. One way to generate considerable earnings without actually placing trades, whether as a primary or secondary income stream, is by becoming a forex affiliate marketer. This means you act as the link between people interested in trading forex or CFDs and an online broker whom you promote through your website or various marketing campaigns. If the person you referred to the broker signs up AND places a trade, you get a commission which comes in various payment structures.

Sounds simple, right? Yet, it isn’t. You do have to invest significant time and effort in generating traffic to your website, placing your forex affiliate links in the right places to catch the attention of potential leads and maximize conversion of those leads. You do have to do some research to make sure you partner with the right forex affiliate program right from the start. And you do have to implement proven-effective forex affiliate marketing strategies and best practices throughout all your marketing campaigns.

Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be, because in this article, we’ll take you step by step through the process of becoming a successful and high-earning forex affiliate marketer:

Step 1 – Partner with a reputable and regulated online brokerage

Be sure to take this first and most critical step if you don’t want all the time, energy, and investment you put into your affiliate marketing effort to go to waste.

You don’t want your potential referrals to be skeptical and hesitate to leave their hard-earned money with some obscure brokerage that’s neither regulated nor reputable. Instead, find an affiliate program run by an established brokerage – and regulated worldwide – who you can trust to be transparent with your referrals’ money, to be honest with what they owe you in commissions, and to offer the best trading possibilities.

Step 2 – Become an expert in your niche

Have you already set up a visually pleasing, easy-to-navigate website? Have you created high-quality, SEO-rich content on topics your audiences are interested in, or on solutions to problems they want resolved? Regularly publishing such content on your site or social media channels keeps your audience engaged, increases your visibility, improves your SEO, resulting in driving more traffic to your site or content. Guest posting is a way for you to build authority in your niche by providing valuable content on somebody else’s high domain authority website. Additionally, writing and posting comparison reviews on your site about forex/CFD related products and platforms attracts new audiences, and makes promoting your broker-partner to potential referrals an easier job. All of these can help position you as an expert in your niche and will help you project authority in the Forex and CFD niche. Once you achieve authority and are viewed as an expert people will listen to your advice and recommendations of which brokerage is best to use for all their trades.

Step 3 – Open a direct line of communication to your audience

As you know, personalized emails is a proven approach in acquiring profitable leads and achieving higher conversion rates. Now is the time to build a mailing list which will serve you well in later marketing efforts. Collect email addresses via an embedded pop-up subscription form on your site or via landing pages on high-quality content that enable you to collect readers’ contact details required for them to access or download the material.

Step 4 – Promote your partner-broker – and start generating earnings

Once you sign up with your chosen forex or broker affiliate program, it’s time to start maximizing exposure of your partner-broker by embedding their unique referral link in any article, blog post, review, guest post, or any content used on social media. The goal is to gain greater exposure – so be smart, not shy or pushy. Additionally, you can go the extra mile by creating a clear, engaging, and industry-compliant email promoting the advantages of trading with your partner-broker and sending it to your email list (see Step 3). Remember to include the referral link in the email. Last but not least, show real commitment by further promoting your referral link and investing in PPC advertising on Google or Facebook – channels that allow you to effectively target your campaign at reasonable costs.

Step 5 – Get those conversions!

Implement the best forex affiliate marketing strategies and best practices to reach your financial goals, including:

  • Keyword research – This is how you’ll find those all-important SEO-boosting keywords to feature in your blogs, articles, social media posts, guest posts, and PPC campaign ads. Look for free tools such as Ubersuggest, and paid tools such as SEMRUSH, to help you conduct comprehensive SEO and keyword research.
  • Creating buyer persona templates – Knowing who exactly you want to target, and what exactly their key challenges and pain points are, will help you craft superb content that offers the solutions your audience needs and wants. Speaking of solutions, that would be the trading affiliate program links or forex affiliate links you are trying to promote.
  • Offering value – Offering information – resources, trading news, trading ideas – will help traders and investors notice your profile and posts and also get others to share them. You’ll be able to better engage with your audience and get people to want to follow you. And once people listen to what you have to say, they will also be more willing to accept your advice and more likely to click on your forex and broker affiliate links.
  • Creating the perfect Call-to-Action – CTAs basically influence your readers to ACT, as in “click here to get started”! The key is to provide your readers or potential referrals with an irresistible reason to WANT your solution and therefore want to click on your CTA NOW rather than later.

Step 6 – Increase your affiliate commissions

There are four ways to reap the full benefits of your forex affiliate marketing efforts:

  • Focus on the marketing strategy you’ve selected until you reach the desired results
  • Leverage your partner broker’s resources, including marketing materials. Great brokers offer a wealth of educational tools such as– tutorials, eBooks, videos, and learning centers – all with content that you could repurpose for your marketing efforts.
  • Marketing promotional material- Brokerages that care about their forex affiliate’s success offer beautiful and engaging landing pages, banners, mailers, widgets, and more that help your conversion rates!

Take advantage of them!

Step 7 – Collect your rewards With AvaPartner!

So you have performed all the necessary steps above. Best of all, you’ve chosen a reputable partner-broker such as AvaPartner who also offers flexibility in commission plans, as well as advanced trading platforms that provide a fully transparent picture of how many referrals you have, how many trades were transacted and your amount of corresponding commissions. It’s all about partnering with a brokerage that will help you with all your marketing efforts and affiliate help. Then you can sit back as you await your much-deserved commissions.