January 3, 2023

CFD Affiliate Help: Top 5 FREE Marketing Tools for 2023

5 free marketing tools for CFD affiliate marketing

2023 is expected to be an exciting year for CFD affiliate marketing with plenty of opportunities to earn high commissions. Online brokers are competing for new traders and are ready to pay top dollar for sign-ups. If you can consistently deliver quality traffic, you should be aiming for a six-figure income this year.

If you are determined to become a top-tier earner in 2023, you’ll need to focus on your CFD affiliate marketing strategies and launch winning campaigns. The good news is that there are some amazing high-tech tools that can help you to target traffic more effectively and quickly optimize your campaigns.

We’re taking a closer look at the top 5 free marketing tools for CFD affiliate marketing. We’ll give you a quick overview of each tool and list the pros and cons. They’re all potentially useful and are definitely worth exploring and playing with if you want to boost your marketing campaigns and reduce the time and effort – and resources – that you invest in securing each lead.

Our Top 5 Free CFD Affiliate Marketing Tools

  1. Canva (free version)
  2. Mention
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Console
  5. Similarweb (free version)

1. Canva – An Intuitive Graphic Design Platform

Canva is a superb graphic design platform from Australia that provides a good-quality, free version. It’s ideal for CFD affiliate marketers who need high-converting creatives and images for social media. Canva offers hundreds of attractive templates and a variety of design tools. You don’t need any previous experience as a graphic designer to use them.

Why is Canva Useful for CFD Affiliates?

Successful CFD affiliates use social media to connect and build rapport with potential traders. The quality of your images and creatives is vital. You also need to be able to react quickly to market events and breaking financial news. Canva is a user-friendly tool that allows you to quickly create high-quality creatives and get wide exposure for your individual affiliate links. If you’re on top of your social media game, you will drive traffic!

Canva Pros and Cons


  • Free version that covers all your basic needs
  • The user-friendly format that is ideal for beginners
  • Wide selection of 250,000 + templates and designs
  • Video tools and photo editing tools
  • 5GB of cloud storage


  • There are some complaints that the stock photos are generic
  • Canva experienced data breaches in 2019 and 2020

Overall Canva is an excellent tool for anybody who needs fast and convenient graphic solutions. It’s easy to use, stores previously used templates for quick reference, and covers all the basics for creating persuasive social media posts.

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2. Mention – An-All-In-One Social Listening App

Mention is a convenient all-in-one social listening application headquartered in Paris. Mention allows users to monitor all kinds of social media sites and online sources across the entire internet. The app is a great way for affiliate marketers to keep their finger on the online pulse and maximize their own digital marketing strategies.

Why is Mention Useful for CFD Affiliates?

Mention gives individual CFD affiliates convenient access to the kind of monitoring and analysis tools that were previously only available to big companies and marketing agencies. You can create alerts for your own sites and brands, monitor your competitors, and – of course – the online broker that you are promoting. You can listen directly to your target audiences and get clear insights into audience sentiment before using Mention to publish your content.

Mention Pros and Cons


  • A good variety of free tools
  • Mention is well-designed and user-friendly
  • Identify people who are republishing your content
  • Convenient keyword searches across social media
  • Easy-to-read daily summaries


  • Some Mention plans may be too sophisticated for the average CFD affiliate
  • Mention’s filters can be weak when it comes to generic names or terms

Mention is a great monitoring and social media management tool that can quickly take your CFD affiliate marketing to a new level. The Mention dashboard is easy to navigate and there are all kinds of extra features and tools to explore.

3. Google Analytics – A Failsafe Tool for CFD Affiliates

Google Analytics is a well-known marketing tool that’s still going strong seventeen years after its initial launch. It’s also one of the world’s most widely used web statistical analysis tools and is valued by CFD affiliate markets for its versatility and range of functions. Google Analytics contains most of the data tools you’ll need as an affiliate in a single suite.

Why is Google Analytics Useful for CFD Affiliates?

If you’re an online CFD affiliate your website is your single most important asset. You need to know that it’s running efficiently – and how to optimize it when it’s not. Google Analytics gives you a toolbox to understand your web traffic and how your website visitors behave. The reports will tell you at a glance which pages users visit and how long they spend on them. You’ll also know whether they arrived at your site via a desktop or a smartphone.

Google Analytics Pros and Cons


  • Google Analytics offers a comprehensive free service
  • Simple, well-designed, and user-friendly
  • Organic, direct, and real-time traffic data
  • Superb website performance monitoring
  • Fully integrated with other Google products and services


  • There is a definite learning curve for more advanced functions
  • Cookie consent policy requirements can be irritating

If you’re an online affiliate, you need to be using Google Analytics from the very first day that your website goes live. It’s definitely worth persevering with the various analytical and marketing tools and learning how to use them properly. Google Analytics is a free service that can make a real positive difference to your CFD affiliate marketing.

4. Google Console – Boost Your Search Results

You can have the best CFD affiliate website in the world, packed with great content, colorful design, and a great user experience, but if it isn’t visible on Google – you’re wasting your time. Google Search Console is a set of tools for making your website more visible on Google Search and boosting your rankings.

Why is Google Console Useful for CFD Affiliates?

Your website (or hopefully a network of websites) is your bread and butter as an online affiliate. Too many CFD affiliates are let down by their understanding of SEO. They lack the basic skills and knowledge to ensure that their website is ‘friendly’ to the Google crawler and bots. The result is low rankings and fewer site visitors. Google Console helps you to identify issues with search traffic and performance, optimize your content, and transform your Google rankings.

Google Console Pros and Cons


  • Google Console is free and a good initial alternative to SEMrush and Ahrefs
  • Provides all the info you need to devise basic SEO strategies
  • Free alerts when Google identifies issues with your site
  • URL inspection tool analyzes individual page performance
  • Google provides free Console training videos and modules


  • Console reports can sometimes highlight too much data
  • There are occasional glitches and anomalies

SEO is often an Achilles heel for many CFD affiliates, especially if their marketing budget doesn’t extend to hiring an SEO expert. Google Console fills that skills gap and with a bit of patience and practice, you’ll be able to optimize your websites and boost your own SEO rankings.

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5. Similarweb – Web Traffic and Performance Tools

Similarweb is a veteran analytics, web traffic, and performance company whose software has been on the market in various forms since 2007. The limited free edition provides valuable insights into the behavior of users on websites and apps. If you want to copy your competitors or gain useful ideas from related affiliate businesses, Similarweb is worth exploring.

Why is Similarweb Useful for CFD Affiliates?

All successful marketing is driven by data and the ability to analyze and interpret data. That’s as true for a newbie CFD affiliate with a single website as it is for a multinational corporation. If you want to improve your marketing strategies and drive high-value traffic, you need good competitor analysis, traffic insights, and analytics. SimilarWeb free version is a useful tool for CFD affiliates to get a better understanding of the CFD marketing ecosystem and to create their own prosperous niche.

Similarweb Pros and Cons


  • Free edition that’s ideal for CFD affiliates
  • Identify existing strategies that actually work
  • Optimize your conversion funnel based on audience conversations
  • Fast and effective website analysis
  • Simple, user-friendly, and generally effective


  • The free version is great for basic stuff but is limited
  • The results are not always accurate for sites with low traffic

Similarweb can be great if you’re looking for convenient marketing shortcuts and ready-made strategies. The free version is certainly good enough for the average CFD affiliate and there is a choice of paid plans if you need something more sophisticated. Similarweb has been in operation for a long time and they know their stuff.

Become a CFD Affiliate Today

With so many top-quality free marketing tools available online, there’s never been a better time to get started as a CFD affiliate. You can sign up today and claim your share of the lucrative worldwide affiliate market. AvaPartner has already paid out over $250 million to its partners, and 2023 is looking like another big year!

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