July 6, 2021

Which Social Trading Platform Should I Promote?

There are hundreds of online forex brokers with social trading platforms. Your challenge is to find a regulated broker, with outstanding social trading networks and a top quality broker affiliate program. We will explain exactly how you can build a profitable affiliate business by partnering with AvaPartner in this blog post.

What is social trading?

It helps to start with a short explanation of social trading in forex and how a social trading platform actually works. Around 5 years ago, a few astute forex brokers realized that most traders really wanted to learn more about the markets and how to trade online. They also knew that they were losing clients who weren’t trading successfully.

These social trading pioneers added Facebook style social networks to their brokerages and developed social trading tools to allow traders to automatically copy each other’s trades. The idea was a major success and quickly went viral. Social trading apps are now standard features of most online brokers, at least the ones that are interested in seeing traders succeed and profit.

If you are an online trader, you can identify established, successful traders and use them as mentors. Not only can you automatically copy their trades (adjusted to your own budget and risk levels) but you can ask questions, join online groups and generally brainstorm about the markets, trading strategies and assets. Social trading may significantly reduce the learning curve – and potential losses – for traders who use it effectively.

5 key advantages of social trading

There are five key advantages to social trading that you can promote as an affiliate partner. If you get these points across clearly, they will be powerful persuaders that will convert site traffic into leads. It’s important to first answer the question “What is social trading?” quickly and positively.

  • Social trading apps are a quick and convenient way to learn to trade. If you use them effectively they will reduce the learning curve and may reduce your initial losses.
  • Social trading is enjoyable. A good social trading platform allows you to build strong connections with other traders and talk about every aspect of trading and investing.
  • Social trading tools are flexible and effective. You can set automated copy trades at any percentage of the copied trade. There is also a full suite of risk management tools.
  • Social trading is optional. Once you are established on a social trading app or platform, you can opt in and out (either for individual trades or for a period of time).
  • If you are a successful social trader who other people copy, you can earn additional rewards and benefits from your broker – or maybe even launch a new trading career.

How to promote social trading in forex?

The first rule of promoting social trading in forex is to find a regulated broker with a respected affiliate program, such as AvaTrade. Ideally, the brokerage should have a wide international presence (regulated across several jurisdictions and multilingual platforms and customer service) and operate a strong and attractive reputable brand. It’s also a definite advantage if the broker has been in operation for several years and offers traders a choice of several popular trading platforms.

AvaTrade: the social trading forex leader

AvaTrade is one of the global leaders in social trading. The brokerage uses a proprietary AvaSocial social trading app to connect traders and provide them with an impressive array of social trading tools. The app was designed in cooperation with FCA regulated Pelican Trading and is highly popular with traders. The AvaTrade social trading app can be downloaded directly from the AppStore or GooglePlay and it takes just a couple of minutes to get started.

Social trading tools include:

  • Real time trading signals for the latest trading opportunities
  • Social media sharing across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Build personal trading networks
  • Sell your own trading signals
  • Charge traders for access to your group

AvaTrade is a highly regulated international online CFD broker that offers investors and traders the opportunity to trade Forex, indices, bonds, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and stocks and options. You can quickly understand how the business operates by watching the video below!

The AvaPartner program welcomes all kinds of affiliate partners. It offers a range of tailored commission plans for anybody who wants to promote AvaTrade (including social trading in forex). You can choose from a combination of affiliate partner types and commission plans or negotiate a personalized commission plan based on your individual business model. These can include CPA and dynamic CPA, RevShare, Hybrid solution and Master Affiliate plans.

There are potential benefits for different categories of affiliate partners who are interested in promoting social trading:

Introducing Brokers (IBs)

Successful introducing brokers are already adept at making connections and referring clients to CFD brokers like Avatrade. A good strategy is to establish yourself as a social trader and invite potential clients to join your groups. It gives them immediate exposure to the brokerage and you can create an ongoing conversation through groups and forums as an effective conversion tool.

Online Affiliates

Online affiliates can tailor their existing social media campaigns to actively promote social trading. If you’re actively engaging with potential clients on social media, promoting social trading is a logical next step. You can also add useful creatives, including blog posts, case studies and feature articles on successful social traders to your websites.

Trading Academy

If you’re running a trading academy, you can benefit from the value of social trading platforms as a learning resource. Emphasize to students that if they use social trading tools correctly, they may be able to avoid unnecessary losses and shorten their trading learning curve. If you are a successful social trader (or are working with one) you can easily refer students to AvaTrade.

AvaTrade is a regulated brokerage. It seeks to provide its traders with the best possible trading terms and financial services. The broker’s goal is to build profitable long term relationships with clients.   When you bring quality leads to AvaTrade, you have the potential to earn lucrative long-term revenues from your traders. AvaPartner will provide you with a high tech affiliate dashboard to ensure that you can track all your activity precisely. You’ll know exactly how much you are earning at any given time. We’ll also provide all the tools and assistance to help you earn more.

When you create a partnership with AvaPartner’s, you’re promoting one of the world’s best forex brands and working with experienced professionals. AvaPartner will ensure that you get regular updates about the brand, the latest marketing materials and any advice or assistance that you need to profit from the program.

Social trading is now an integral part of online forex trading and it pays to promote the top quality AvaSocial social trading app. The social trading platform is regularly improved with new technological innovations, and is highly secure, effective and user-friendly. It also appeals to all trading demographics, making your job as an affiliate partner easier!

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