January 31, 2022

Forex Affiliate Marketing: How to Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

CFD and Forex affiliate partnerships are the most profitable in the affiliate marketing industry! If you are unable to capitalize on the referrals for which you entered into the forex affiliate business, then you are apparently doing something wrong.

A skilled CFD and Forex affiliate marketer can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on commissions alone when they partner with the right CFD broker, that offers flexible and high payouts. Affiliates that partner with AvaPartner can even make more than $10K per trader! So let’s get to work for our team at AvaPartner explains how you can increase your affiliate commissions and start making some of the highest commissions in this market.

Be the Guru and Offer Expertise!

Many affiliates fail to convert their affiliate traffic even after using beautiful landing pages that help bring in traffic, but why is that so? The answer to this is that sharing pages is something anyone can do. For an affiliate to be successful, they must build up expertise, credibility and strong relationships with their leads. Position yourself as an expert and guru on a specific topic in the trading industry. Before sharing your affiliate link, you must ensure that you have provided some extremely valuable expert information to your audience, which drew them to your content in the first place.

  • Do your research and provide Informative articles and trading advice
    There are many ways in which you can provide value to your affiliate traffic, the key is to offer expertise and informative articles or trading advice that be extremely valuable for your affiliate traffic. For example, if you provide information on how to trade commodities successfully, this type of information is valuable for a trader or investor that wants to enter into the commodities market but not sure how to go about it, perhaps until now he is used to trading only the Forex or bond markets which are extremely different markets. This is not a difficult task by the way. It’s all about doing your research and then finding a way to engage your potential traffic by providing that information they are desperately seeking. AvaTrade, for example, has a wealth of educational tools and tutorials, that if an affiliate marketer takes the time to study and understand them can offer valuable content that can attract traders and investors and thus increase affiliate commissions.
  • Harness the power of CFDs to your advantage
    There is a huge advantage to be a CFD affiliate marketer over a forex affiliate marketer, and that advantage is in the main difference between the forex market and the CFD market. You see when you partner with just a forex broker well then, you are trying to sell forex like everybody else, you are limited to the Forex market. But when you partner with a CFD broker that allows traders to trade a large number of financial instruments including Forex, well your possibilities are endless! You can essentially attract all types of traders and investors, from bonds, stocks and options, ETFs, indices, ADRs, and commodity traders This is because the nature of the CFD market that can represent a variety of financial instruments and allows traders and investors to capitalize on different assets through the CFD. This gives an affiliate marketer an advantage if they partner with a CFD broker as opposed to just a forex broker. You can pick your content to your liking and attract traders of all types when it comes to partnering with a CFD broker.
  • Understand the pain points and offer a solution
    The secret to any successful marketing campaign is being able to understand your target audience’s pain points and then offering a solution. The insightful educational material that AvaTrade offers for example for traders takes into account a wide array of challenges that your leads might face. These challenges are the pain points. So, ask yourself before you provide content to your target audience what are their pain points. If you can give a solution to your affiliate traffics pain points, which is done by answering key questions and offering the right information. Accomplishing this you will not only attract tons of quality traffic to your content or website, but you will also be able to increase your conversion rates if you can offer the right solution to your leads key pain points!

Set yourself apart from the herd

There are thousands of forex affiliate marketers on the internet, all trying to get affiliate traffic just like you. So why should someone be attracted to your offering over someone else’s? 

  • Decide What is Your USP (Unique Selling Point)?  
    Most affiliate marketers fail from the start because they didn’t first answer this very important question before they started and invested valuable time and effort marketing their affiliate links. So, first and foremost ask yourself please what differentiates you, or gives you that competitive edge over other affiliate marketers? In other words, what is your USP, which stands for Unique Selling Point. If you’re not selling or marketing from a unique angle, you won’t have any competitive edge. If you don’t have a solid answer to the question “What is your USP” then try to come up with one that would set you apart from the rest of the herd. Simply by taking some time out to see online what others are doing and not doing you will be able to get an idea of what could make you special and unique and thus help your develop your USP.
  • Offering Incentives
    Try to provide incentives to your forex affiliate traffic and potential leads. An example of an excellent incentive would be “Start with a Trading Demo account Now”. Avatrade provides a demo account so people can get acquainted with their trading platform before placing real capital at risk. Another great example of an incentive is to offer a free eBook which is an excellent proven way to build a great email list rather quickly.

Choose your marketing strategy and zero in on it!

Once you have an idea of your referral traffic/target audience’s key pain points and then figured out what should be your USP. You have already decided how you will differentiate yourself and what type of expert information and advice you will offer. It is now time to choose your marketing strategy, what funnels will you use to bring in your affiliate traffic?  Once you choose your main strategy you intend to use, focus on it until you reach the desired results you want to obtain.

The Advantages of Choosing Social Media

Social media is the king of marketing; If you use it correctly, you can produce quality affiliate traffic. Platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert or trading guru by constantly connecting to your audience and building up a following. If done right, you can produce tremendous amounts of traffic and generate leads simply by sharing valuable and credible content that your audience is seeking and touching upon their key pain points as we already have mentioned.

Start by optimizing your social profiles and then share valuable information. The key is to always partner with the right broker to ensure your ongoing marketing success with these social platforms. With AvaPartner you will get full marketing support, beautiful and engaging promotional marketing materials that will increase conversions and AvaPartner will also provide you with your own personal and dedicated affiliate manager to help you every step of the way!

Email Marketing – Keeping Your Costs Low

Today, email is the most pervasive form of business communication. When used correctly, it’s also one of the most powerful free marketing tools available and the perfect way to promote your CFD/ forex affiliate links outside of your website.

If your current email strategy isn’t driving any leads or getting any response whatsoever, then it’s time to reassess your approach. Email marketing can be very successful if you have a little patience in seeing what works and what doesn’t. Through trial and error one can perfect a high converting email campaign that can increase your conversions dramatically.

Video Marketing – The Best ROI

87% of marketing ;professionals use video as a marketing tool. Why? Well, marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. And according to statistics marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Many CFD and forex affiliate marketers know how to use videos to convert affiliate traffic and make very high commissions. If you are creative and have some video knowledge than this is a good marketing strategy to use. You can either incorporate the videos within your email campaign or place them on your website, inside blog content, as part as your social media campaign, or even just publish on your own YouTube channel.

Use Your Broker’s Promotional Materials and Leverage Their Resources

As we mentioned above sharing helpful content is a great way to establish expertise and expand your following. Get to work don’t waste time, go ahead and go through your broker’s educational material, tutorials, videos, eBooks, and learning centers for content to repurpose in your marketing efforts. When joining with AvaPartner (which only takes a few minutes to do) you will gain access to the best and most effective marketing promotional material that will set you apart from the rest of the herd and help facilitate all your marketing efforts.

For more helpful affiliate marketing tips and resources, Join AvaPartner, and we will show you how to increase your affiliate commissions!


What is USP?

Many people look at a product and ask themselves, What is it? or How is it different? When you ask that question about your product, instead ask yourself, What is my USP (unique selling proposition)? Your USP must be more than just being different. It must be significant. To find your USP consider these three questions: What do I uniquely offer in my industry? What do I have to say about it that has value for customers? Why should anyone care what I think about my products/services/industry? By answering these questions and creating unique statements about how you stand out from competitors, you can create an effective marketing strategy and communicate to customers why they should buy from you instead of a competitor.

What is CFD?

At its core, a contract for difference (CFD) is a tradable financial instrument that allows traders to speculate on market prices. Unlike stocks and futures, CFDs don’t actually represent any underlying asset; they are essentially an agreement between two parties that if x happens, one party will pay the other party y amount of money. Traders using CFDs can benefit from price movements in whichever direction without having to actually own assets. However, CFDs aren’t for everyone because of their complexity and risks. Risking 10% of your investment per trade might be manageable if you have 100 trades in a year but could bankrupt you over time if you have 2 or 3 positions open at any given time.

What is ROI?

ROI is short for return on investment. It’s a financial ratio used to determine whether an investment is worth it by calculating how much money was made from that initial investment. If a $2,000 sale gives you a return of $4,000, your ROI was 2:1. This can be calculated for anything that has an assigned cost, including advertising spend and employee salaries. To figure out your ROI when you’re starting a business, look at how much you’ve spent and then factor in what it will bring in over time (for example, customer lifetime value). What could be more efficient than getting customers to work for you?

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