February 2, 2022

MAM – Multiple Account Manager Guide

Multiple Account Manager Guide

Many forex affiliate partners want to know more about being a multiple account manager. If you’re already a trader or an introducing broker, becoming a multiple account manager can be a logical – and highly profitable – career move. Even if you’re not a trader, there are still rewarding opportunities to promote MAM on your affiliate website or media campaigns. Any content relating to the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and MAM software has potentially high marketing value.

What is a Multiple Account Manager?

A multiple account manager or money manager is an expert trader or fund manager who manages other peoples’ portfolios. Typically, a client will agree to a particular risk level or a range of permitted investments, and the multiple account manager will use the client’s money to open trades. The money manager usually earns a commission or charges the client fees. Shrewd money managers can also earn a commission via an affiliate partner program. As long as multiple account managers secure a return on investment for their clients, it’s a win/win situation. Successful money managers can easily earn 6 or 7 figure incomes.

What is MAM Software?

MAM (multiple account manager) software is a high-tech interface that connects to the famous MT4 trading platform. It allows the user to manage multiple accounts simultaneously and with a high level of flexibility. MAM users can replicate orders across hundreds of accounts simultaneously or adjust orders for specific blocs of accounts. MAM allows money managers to trade quickly and precisely with both a broad overview and the option for micromanagement. It also delivers a fantastic range of reports, statistics, and account management tools. MAM can be enhanced by all kinds of Expert Advisors or EAs. These are downloadable software codes that implement trading strategies.

Can I Use MAM Software?

Yes, you can get started quickly with MAM. All you need to do is open an MT4 MAM account and learn the basics. Then you’ll need a minimum of two investors who are willing to allocate a total of $5,000 to your management. As a multiple account manager, you will also need to familiarize yourself with all relevant laws and regulations in your jurisdiction and ensure that you are in full compliance. If you manage your clients’ funds effectively and make a profit, your next step will be to advertise your services and build as large a client base as you can administer.

MAM and AvaTrade – The Perfect Partnership

AvaTrade’s multi-account manager software has been delivering effective fund manager solutions since 2007. Avatrade is the ideal online broker for all your MAM trading. Check out why multiple account managers are opting for AvaTrade:

  1. AvaTrade is an established and fully regulated international online brokerage. It has been in operation for over 15 years, has a high level of liquidity and an excellent reputation in the broader financial industry. AvaTrade attracts traders from every inhabited continent and is regulated by official bodies in the EU, Japan, Dubai, South Africa, the BVI, and Israel.
  2. Although best known as a leading online forex broker, AvaTrade maintains a comprehensive index of tradable financial instruments. These include the world’s best-known stocks, a complete list of commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and a popular selection of government and institutional bonds. Traders also have access to ETFs and Options. AvaTrade is quick to offer new assets whenever there is a successful IPO or new coin offering.
  3. AvaPartner is one of the few affiliate partner programs geared to work with fund managers and multiple account managers. The program has the resources, expertise, and professional knowledge to meet the needs of major financial players. It also creates an environment where aspiring account managers can develop their client base and build a profitable business. AvaPartner has paid out over $250,000,000 in commissions to date. 2022 is expected to be another excellent year.

AvaPartner’s Tailored Business Solutions for MAM

AvaTrade remains a pioneering force in the fintech industry. It has invested heavily in new technology since Day One. It continues to allocate a significant budget to R&D. When you work with a broker that places such a significant emphasis on technology, you’ll also be at the forefront of fintech developments. All AvaTrade MAM users benefit from some of the best technical support and customer service in the financial world. You need to know that you’ve got instant technical backup when you’re a multiple account manager!

The Key Benefits of MAM

MAM is one of those pieces of apex software that is so good that the basic system has continued unchanged for years. What does change is the optional coding (EAs) that you can add to MAM to customize and enhance your fund management.

  • Conveniently manage all your client accounts from a single master account on the MT4 trading platform.
  • Structure your client accounts into flexible blocs and groups of sub-accounts. You can organize your clients by risk level, strategies, preferred assets, balance, lots, percentages, equity, or any other criteria that suit you.
  • Apply risk management and order execution with one click. MAM makes it (almost) as simple to run hundreds of accounts and thousands of simultaneous trades as running a single account.
  • Enjoy complete flexibility with the ability to open trades on units as small as 0.01 Lots. If you’re new to fund management or represent small clients, you can still profit from low-volume trades. MAM is a professional fund management tool, but it doesn’t insist on high-value trades.’
  • MAM makes analysis and reporting easy. You can quickly instruct the software to generate a range of tailored analytics and reports. It’s possible to optimize trading strategies on the go, and you can keep clients up to date with detailed information on their portfolios and accounts.
  • MAM also makes client management easy. You can instantly access client contact details, previous communications, account history, and any other data you need. The key to success as a multiple account manager is a good working relationship with clients. MAM helps you to maintain your client relationships and build trust by providing an individual and personal service.


Do I Need Qualifications to Make Money as a Multiple Account Manager?

You usually don’t need professional qualifications if you want to make money as an online multiple account manager. We recommend checking your local laws before you start earning money as a numerous account manager (MAM). Many successful multiple account managers – and online traders in general – don’t have formal financial education or academic qualifications. You may need to make money as a multiple account manager to be a skilled online trader. It would help if you also had effective people skills and the ability to understand (and respect) your clients’ financial goals and expectations. You’ll be managing several financial portfolios simultaneously, so you’ll need some agility and a macro and micro perspective.

Is MT4 MAM Software Complicated?

Most multiple account managers would describe MT4 MAM software as sophisticated rather than complicated. It’s designed to be user-friendly and allow multiple account managers to manage several client portfolios and multiple online trades simultaneously. If you can use a personal MT4 trading platform effectively, it’s not a big jump to MT4 MAM software. The processes are logical and scalable, and you have rapid access to all the data you need to analyze asset performance and devise profitable trading strategies. It’s also easy to update clients with reports and manage their trading accounts.

How do I Become a Multiple Account Manager?

If you want to become a multiple account manager and aim to increase your income exponentially, you need to become an expert online trader. Once you’re competent on the trading platform and are earning consistently high profits, a good move is to become active on the AvaSocial platform. You’ll quickly learn how to interact with other online traders and have an excellent opportunity to build an online following and reputation. Becoming a high earning social trader is a perfect shortcut to a new career as a multiple account manager. Once you become confident enough -and skilled enough -to manage other people’s trading, you could become a multiple account manager and also profit as an affiliate partner

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