September 25, 2022

How to Create an Engaging Forex Website Quickly?

How to Create an Engaging Financial Website Quickly

Forex marketing is a great way to earn a high income and achieve financial independence. The challenging and unusual market conditions in 2022 are creating exciting opportunities for forex broker affiliates. If you want to make money from forex marketing, the first step is to create an engaging financial website and start driving high-value traffic.


This blog post will give you a quick and convenient overview of how to create an effective Forex website and launch your new career in Forex marketing. You don’t need a background in finance or economics to profit as a forex affiliate. Nor do you need any expert skills in web design to launch a website. If you follow our Forex marketing 101 tips, you can be online, driving traffic and earning money in a very short time!

Why Do I Need a Financial Website for Forex Marketing?

A good quality financial website is an ideal place to embed your individual affiliate links. When potential traders click on these links, you can earn money. It’s a simple and transparent system that uses the latest technology to track traffic and calculate your commissions. This is how it works:

  1. Create a financial website with top-quality content, including financial blog posts, market news, articles about brokers, assets, trading platforms trading strategies, etc. Include every aspect of forex marketing that will appeal to potential forex traders.
  2. Sign up with a world-class partner program that promotes a well-known regulated broker. 
  3. Negotiate a tailored commission plan that matches your financial goals.
  4. Receive your individual affiliate links from AvaPartner and embed them in your website content. You can also request unique Forex marketing materials to upload to your website.
  5. Check the performance of your links and traffic on your personal affiliate dashboard. You can see how your commissions are calculated and how much money you have already earned from your affiliate links. 

Your individual affiliate links contain a code or number that identifies you as a broker affiliate partner. You’ll earn a high commission whenever one of your site visitors clicks on the link and becomes an online trader. Everything is automated, and you can check the performance of your links and learn how to optimize them. 

How Do I Build a Financial Website for Forex Marketing?

If you’re not a web designer and don’t want to spend a lot of money hiring a pro, the easiest way to build a forex marketing website is to use Wix. You can choose from a variety of business and investment site templates and quickly build a professional-looking website. Wix has a variety of pricing models with options for unlimited web pages and free hosting. 

The advantage of Wix for forex broker affiliates is that it’s a simple and proven service and is pretty much a one-stop shop. Depending on the plan you choose, Wix can take care of your SSL certification and provide extras like a useful visitor analytics app and a site booster app. If you’re serious about optimizing your forex marketing, these are great tools. 

One particularly interesting option that Wix offers is templates that include forums. Online traders love to chat and read testimonials from other traders. Any finance or money-making forum can have a lot of potential as a forex affiliate site. If you’re attracted to the idea of running an online forum, it could be a money-maker for you. 

Add Professional Charts to Your New Forex Marketing Website

As soon as you’ve got your site up and running (and you’ve uploaded your first financial content), you can visit and choose some of their free Webmaster charts. You can embed these charts in your website for an improved user experience and higher engagement with your site visitors. A selection of live charts immediately adds a lot of credibility to your website and will set it apart from the competition

One of your priority goals is to establish your site as a financial authority. You don’t need to provide expert predictions about how the markets will perform (it’s much better not to) but you need to build a site that is a helpful resource for potential traders. Live charts are a great way to do this, especially when you combine them with trading tutorials or educational content about assets.  

There is also additional SEO value when you add professional charts to your website. The Google spider and bots will recognize the charts and adjust your rankings accordingly. It’s important to update your content regularly. If you can add a live news feed to the charts, or analysis, it maximizes the benefits of having the charts. Don’t forget to link to the charts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

10 Recommended Tools and Widgets for Forex Marketing

It’s important not to overlook cryptocurrencies when you build a forex marketing website. Other assets like gold and oil can also interest potential forex traders. When you choose a selection of charts and widgets for your site, don’t restrict yourself to currency charts. 


  1. Pip calculator
  2. Profit calculator
  3. Pivot calculator
  4. Margin calculator
  5. Fibonacci calculator

Currencies and rates

  1. Live cryptocurrency rates
  2. Live currency cross-rates
  3. Exchange rate calculator


  1. Real-time news feed
  2. RSS feed

You can also add HTML5 technical charts and live charts. These should reflect the currency pairs or other financial instruments that your site content is currently focused on. You’ll generally adjust your site content to exploit major trends and newsworthy events like the euro hitting parity with the US dollar or a dramatic change in Bitcoin’s value, etc. 

Invest in Your Site Content

Too many forex affiliates fail to invest in their site content. A professional-looking Wix site is a great start, but it won’t earn high Google rankings on its own. You need to fill every page with useful, high-value content that is both user-friendly and optimized for SEO. When you plan your content, you have three main goals:

  1. Achieve high rankings on Google and increase your exposure and volume of (high-value) site traffic. 
  2. Embed your individual affiliate links in persuasive content. If the content isn’t good enough to engage user attention, build trust, and persuade them to click on your links, you will lose out on high commissions.
  3. Establish your site as an authority. You want repeat user engagement and a site that has its own voice and distinctive branding. The goal is to build a network of quality backlinks to other high-value sites. You will need enough credibility to be able to offer guest posts and become a quoted source on other sites. 

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Manage Your Forex Marketing Site

A great tip is to keep an Excel spreadsheet with all your site content and URLs. Schedule some time to check the site regularly. Ideally, you need to upload new content weekly, replace/add to existing content monthly, and ensure that all your site content is still accurate, relevant, and up to date. You need to look for broken links and check the site speed. 

View the site in different browsers and check how quickly the pages load. Look for problems and glitches. Try to see the site through the eyes of a first-time visitor. 

  • Is the UX as good as it could be?
  • Is the content fresh and engaging?
  • Are the affiliate links best placed to encourage a high click rate?
  • Do the charts and widgets work correctly?
  • Am I addressing comments or replying to messages promptly?

Request Unique Forex Marketing Materials

Your partner program can be a big help, especially when you’re first getting started as a Forex affiliate partner. The program should be willing to provide you with a range of original marketing materials for your website. These can include banners, landing pages, articles, and other creatives. 

A major online broker like AvaTrade often adds new assets and instruments to the asset index. They also love providing online traders with new fintech and trading tools. There can be special deals on rollover, improved leverage, better spreads, new trading platforms, and other fintech. 

All of these are a dream for anybody involved in forex marketing. It’s vital to request well-designed marketing materials to promote every brokerage upgrade and improvement. A major selling point is anything new, potentially profitable, or technically innovative. Use them to drive traffic – especially on social media. 

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Join the Lucrative World of Forex Marketing

If you already have a financial website or you’re serious about launching one, it’s the perfect moment to talk to AvaPartner and discuss a tailored commission plan. A single commission for one high-value trader can easily finance your entire website for an entire year – leaving money to spare for paid advertising campaigns or professionally produced films for a new YouTube channel. 

AvaPartner is keen to hear from anyone who wants to make money as a forex affiliate (or by promoting CFDs, stocks, commodities, and a range of other online assets. Get in touch today to talk about a tailored commission plan!

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