July 17, 2023

Social Trading Reinvented with AvaSocial

The Affiliate Guide to Promoting the Leading Social Trading Platform

If you want to make serious money as a Forex or CFD affiliate, a good strategy is to connect to the new generation of online traders, specifically the 18 – 30 demographic. Members of ‘Generation Z’  are often looking for an alternative to the traditional 9-5 work routine and are keen to achieve financial independence.

Generation Z was the first generation to grow up with the internet and its related technologies. All forms of online activity are second nature to them. When you create affiliate marketing campaigns that are aimed at the twenty-somethings, creatives that promote social trading can be especially effective.

This blog post will explore the basics of social trading with a focus on the outstanding AvaSocial platform. We’ll also look at how to promote social trading for high conversions, and how to incorporate social trading content into your wider SEO plan. Once you understand the marketing potential of platforms like AvaSocial, you’ll realize that you’re sitting on a goldmine!

What is Social Trading?

Social trading first emerged about a decade ago when fintech designers suddenly wondered what would happen if you combined a standard social trading platform with a Facebook style social media platform. The technology was already there to do it and the result was new social trading platforms that gave trades the option to connect with each other, share financial knowledge and insights, and copy each other’s trades.

The new social trading platforms were a big hit with online traders and rapidly grew in sophistication. A reliable social trading platform is now a prerequisite for any top tier online broker. The best brokers developed their own proprietary social trading platforms like AvaSocial. Any good social trading platform or app will usually have the following features:

  • Real-time chat or communication between traders
  • Automated copying or duplication of other traders’ activity
  • A full suite of risk management tools
  • Rewards for traders who serve as mentors or who are copied
  • The ability to publish your profile across all your social media accounts
  • The ability to build trading networks and sub-communities

Making Money with Social Trading Platforms

Traders who sign up to social trading platforms can enjoy a collaborative experience with other traders from dozens of countries. When you identify expert traders who you think you can learn from – or who you think it will be profitable to copy – you can instruct your social trading account to copy their trading activity (within your own parameters). A good platform will show an expert trader’s historical trading activity and results.

Because the trading process is automated, it’s easy to apply risk management to all your copy trades. Even though your account replicates other traders’ activity, you can still set stop loss, take profit, and a range of other safeguards and controls. You can also instruct your trading platform to invest a percentage of another trader’s volume.

As long as the trader you are copying is in profit, you will also be in profit. If you apply your risk management tools wisely, any potential losses will remain within your acceptable boundaries.

  • Social trading is a superb learning tool, both for newcomers and for veteran traders who want to explore new assets of trading strategies.
  • Social trading can be a convenient tool for anybody who wants to take a step back and let skilled and experienced traders do the work for them.

What are the Cons of Social Trading?

The bottom line with the global financial markets is that they are unpredictable. Even relatively stable assets like bonds, and low-performance commodities and stocks do react to unforeseen market conditions and can be suddenly volatile. It’s this volatility that generates opportunities to profit – but it can also cause losses.

Even expert traders and money managers can fail to anticipate changes in the markets and can lose money. One of the potential drawbacks of social trading is that it’s easy to become complacent when you experience a long period of profitability.

You should never assume that the experts you are copying will always make the right decisions or use the best trading strategies. You must always practice effective risk management. As a rule of thumb, it’s always better to make less, than to lose more.

Another pitfall that some social traders fall into is that they become dependent on copying others and don’t make an effort to improve their own trading skills. If you’re content to coast and let others make money for you – that’s fine. The disadvantage is that you won’t achieve your full potential as an online trader.

How to Promote AvaSocial

AvaSocial is a superb mini-brand in its own right. It’s beautifully designed from both a UX and UI perspective and is highly marketable. When you promote AvaSocial on your website or social media sites, you should take full advantage of the visual imagery that comes with the platform. There are plenty of bold, colorful, and attractive images that you can build creatives around.

As well as using attention-grabbing images, AvaSocial has some great unique features that you can promote in your affiliate marketing campaigns. These include real-time trading signals, and the ability to sell your own trading signals, as well as the ability to create trading groups and charge other traders for access.

Convey the message that AvaSocial isn’t just a fun app that connects traders, or even a useful educational tool that allows traders to copy each other’s investments. It is also a potential money-making machine that can generate profitable passive income streams and extra profits on top of your day-to-day trading.

Another feature of AvaTrade that you need to energetically promote is that the system is really flexible and offers traders a lot of freedom. AvaTrade isn’t about blindly imitating other traders – and possibly following them to financial loss. There is a whole suite of automated risk management tools that puts individual traders firmly in control. Successful social trading depends on developing critical judgment, good communication skills, and personal responsibility.

When you target novice traders

  • Social trading is simple and AvaSocial is easy to master. The app is available at Google Play and AppStore.
  • Social trading can definitely shorten the learning curve for new traders. They can gain controlled exposure to a full range of forex and crypto assets, as well as stocks, commodities, bonds, indices ETFs, etc. There’s also a chance to see how different trading strategies work.
  • It’s easy to connect to other traders and ask them questions. There is a genuine sense of community.
  • It is easy to practice risk management. Crucially, you don’t have to match the sums of money that other traders invest in a position. You can follow them with a percentage of their volume – and can automatically close any trade at any time.

When you target veteran traders

  • AvaSocial is a quick and convenient way to diversify your portfolio and explore new assets and strategies with reduced risks, useful explanations, and the benefit of other people’s insights.
  • Social trading allows you to make useful professional contacts. Success on AvaSocial can sometimes be the first step towards a new career as a money manager.
  • AvaSocial can boost your earnings if you develop a following on the platform. You can also have the satisfaction of helping and mentoring new traders.

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Social Trading, Privacy, and Security

When you promote social trading as part of your affiliate campaigns, it’s very important to address user concerns about personal privacy and online security. Trust is vital, so emphasize to potential traders that they have a range of privacy settings and full control over who sees their personal information.

It’s also important to reassure traders that all financial activity is conducted automatically through their secure Ava Account. Other traders will never have access to their financial details or accounts. A social trading platform allows people to connect and interact with each other online, but it does so in a highly secure environment. AvaTrade is easily as secure as an online bank or major online store.

Promote Social Trading Today

AvaSocial (and the other AvaTrade platforms) are really easy to promote and are potentially high-converting incentives. They are also great for SEO-optimized content and even a few pages of articles, reviews, user guides, FAQs, and tutorials can really give your affiliate sites a boost.

You can start to make money by promoting social trading right now. AvaPartner is always keen to sign up new affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing is pretty straightforward and ambition, energy, and enthusiasm are far more important than previous experience. If your goal is to achieve financial independence and make six-figure commissions, we want to hear from you today!

AvaPartner is one of the financial services industry’s leading and well-established partner programs and has paid out a huge $300 million in commissions since it was founded over a decade ago. It pays to work with the pros, and also to promote the top brands. When you join AvaPartner, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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