February 15, 2023

How You Can Benefit from Forex Affiliate Programs?

Make Money with a Forex Affiliate Program in 2024

Forex affiliate programs are set to be a major money maker in 2024. The world’s top broker affiliate programs have been in operation for nearly two decades, and are going from strength to strength. AvaPartner has already paid out over $250 million in commissions to its partners and is offering some superb commission plans this year.

If you want to make money as a Forex affiliate in 2024, it’s worth getting a quick insight into the current state of the markets (particularly the US dollar) before you choose an actual affiliate program. You don’t need to study the forex markets exhaustively, but you do need some basic background knowledge to make informed choices.

Where are the Forex Markets Going this Year?

There are several factors that drive currency prices. But one of the single biggest factors is interest rates. The US rate, in particular, will play a huge role in 2024. There’s a major debate about whether high rates will reduce inflation, and if the global economy can absorb any downturn without falling into recession.

Politicians in the US, UK, and EU have been quietly tiptoeing around the word “recession” since the COVID-19 lockdowns. If there is an economic slump in any major economy, we’ll see an immediate knock-on effect on national currencies. The Eurozone is particularly vulnerable, and it might only take an unexpectedly bad quarter in the German manufacturing sector to send the entire bloc into a spiral. Watch the US dollar, British pound, and euro as the year unfolds.

 Another factor that will influence the currency markets is the war in Ukraine. The situation is unstable, and the forex markets will respond quickly to any new events – good or bad. An interesting affiliate marketing strategy will be to compare the performance of the US dollar to the value of gold. The forex and commodity markets are closely linked and mutually responsive. Social media creatives featuring the USD and Gold have great potential.

The good news for forex affiliates is that if you understand the markets, and you understand online trader expectations, you can keep on earning high commissions in all market conditions. The secret is to work with a world-class affiliate program.

How do Forex Affiliate Programs work?

Is there really such a thing as easy money? Perhaps the nearest thing to it is online affiliate programs, especially Forex affiliate programs, which allow you to gain financial rewards when you refer traders or investors to join a specific broker. In other words, you receive commissions when you send referrals who will trade with the online brokerage. These referrals can be either your clients, active traders, or your followers depending on your business model.

However, whatever your business model – whether you are an introducing broker, affiliate marketer, or hedge fund manager – the concept is the same. That is, the more referrals you send to the online brokerage you are promoting and the greater the trading activities of each person you refer, the bigger your Forex affiliate commissions will be.

CFD vs Forex: The Key to Success

Now, in this world of forex affiliate programs, you will find certain brokerages that offer more than just forex trading. They offer the amazing opportunity to trade CFDs (contracts for difference). This is where the real money is made in the world of Forex affiliate programs. The reason (and many affiliate marketers and Forex affiliate marketers are unaware of this) is that through CFDs you can trade almost every financial market. Yes, you can trade commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, ADRs, bonds, stocks, and options in addition to Forex.

Why is this point so powerful for a Forex affiliate marketer? The opportunities are endless as far as marketing is concerned. There are so many different types of traders and investors you can target aside from just a narrow group of Forex traders.

therefore, if you are considering to become a forex affiliate – or you are seeking a way to obtain higher profits in the world of trading affiliate programs – then join a CFD affiliate program and watch your profits soar!

But hold on, there’s more! There’s more here than just the ability to target a broader market of traders and investors, which already increases your potential to profit as a CFD/ Forex affiliate.

Here’s why.

CFDs give you the power of leverage: With a relatively small outlay (investment) you can make much bigger profits, as well as magnify losses. Why is this important? The trading activity is far greater with CFDs since CFDs allow you to take full advantage of various financial markets for a fraction of the money laid out per trade. Compare this to one investor investing a total of 20K into X shares of one stock of one company for a period of five years – a situation in which there is no trading activity.

The key to reaping the high profits from CFD and Forex affiliate programs is to refer traders or investors who will keep active trading accounts. CFDs keep traders active in trading because they offer the leverage that traders and investors can’t get by simply owning the underlying shares of a company. Therefore there is more movement in and out of trades thus more trading activity in their trading accounts!

For example, partnering with AvaTrade-the most regulated CFD broker enables you to use just one trusted broker to trade and leverage ALL the different financial markets – from bitcoin and blue-chip stocks to world indices, options, commodities, ETFs, and more.

However, not all CFD affiliate programs are the same. They differ in the type of brokerage that is backing the partner program. Regulation and reputation are the key differentiating factors. CFD brokers who are not highly regulated and have not been operating for a certain period of time, usually at least five years, are a red flag; and one should not join this type of CFD or Forex affiliate program, no matter how attractive or high its commissions might be.

So, before we move on, bear in mind that the number one factor for success in the CFD and Forex affiliate world is to partner only with an online broker you can trust, one who is duly licensed and registered with the appropriate bodies. For example, AvaTrade is a leading award-winning broker that is regulated across five continents and is one of the most highly trusted online Forex brokers.

Here are 5 ways you can benefit by joining a trusted broker’s Forex affiliate program:

  1. You can track your performance and receive fast payouts
    Benefit from real-time transparency and easily understand and track your commissions on a daily basis. AvaPartner provides you with an advanced, yet user-friendly dashboard to achieve this. Through AvaPartner’s state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology, partners can have full transparency and complete tracking ability, enabling them to be on top of their commissions all the time and to improve their marketing efforts.
  2. You receive free marketing and training tools
    Marketing support and expertise are essential to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and help your clients. You can do all that and more with free promotional tools, marketing materials, and trading education. Therefore, only partner with a CFD & Forex affiliate program that gives FREE marketing tools and promotional material that will ensure your marketing success.
  3. You get customized-to-your-business solutions
    Take advantage of highly flexible commission structures – competitive CPA, RevShare (trade rebates), hybrid deals, and even white-label solutions – that can be tailored to your business needs. Whether you’re an Introducing Broker (IB) or an online affiliate marketer, you’ll find these customized and flexible solutions that will boost your profits and your business. So only partner with a program that offers flexibility and is invested in seeing your business grow!
  4. You gain personalized support
    You are not alone. When you partner with a trusted online broker through its Forex affiliate program, you often get your own personal dedicated account manager the minute you sign up. Choose a broker that offers full support in your language and has 100% dedication to seeing you succeed.
  5. You reap the benefits of a great partnership
    By partnering with an excellent broker that offers its traders innovative trading platforms and apps, you will be increasing your commissions! Happy traders keep trading with a broker that offers full support and innovative apps and trading platforms that make trading convenient and offer features that can limit your risk. Examples of AvaTrade App and AvaProtect are just a few examples of these types of innovation.

Plus all the other advantages of partnering with a reputable and highly regulated online broker -you will not only be increasing commissions, but your referrals will keep trading for the long run, and that is key for making unlimited income for years to come!

In conclusion

CFD and Forex affiliate partnerships are the most profitable in the affiliate marketing industry! In fact, a skilled CFD and Forex affiliate marketer can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on commissions alone when they partner with the right CFD broker, especially one who offers flexible and high payouts. In fact, CFD and Forex affiliates who join AvaPartner’s partner program can make even more than $10K per trader!

Start benefiting from Forex affiliate programs – get on board now!


What’s the difference between CFDs and forex?

Forex is an abbreviation of foreign exchange. It relates to the huge global currency markets where investors buy and sell currencies like the euro and the US dollar. A CFD is a contract for difference. It’s a form of trade on an underlying asset. The asset could be a commodity like gold, a stock like Google or Amazon, a government bond, or virtually any other asset – including currency pairs like EURUSD. Therefore, it’s possible to trade forex as a CFD.

Should I promote Forex or CFDs as an affiliate?

The chances are that if you sign up with a broker affiliate program you’ll be promoting forex and CFDs. Most brokers in the forex industry offer their currency pairs as CFDs. Usually, they will also offer crypto stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs, and bonds as CFDs. It’s more a question of understanding your target audience and adjusting your message to suit them. You may choose to focus on forex, or you may promote CFDs – whatever you think will drive traffic. Forex traders can be more aggressive and easier to convert.

Are forex and CFDs genuine investments?

Forex and CFDs are regarded as high-risk investments. Traders can potentially earn high returns, but can also lose money. If you’re signed up with an affiliate program that promotes a regulated broker, you can regard forex and CFDs as genuine investments. The brokers follow strict rules and regulations that are enforced by the relevant financial authorities. There are no issues or problems promoting forex and CFDs as an affiliate partner. However, your affiliate program may set certain strict marketing guidelines for you.

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