December 13, 2021

Profit as a Stock Trading Affiliate


The global stock market bounced back strongly from the COVID-19 pandemics and is delivering high profits to intelligent investors. 2022 shows all the signs of being a great year, and many investors are hoping for a sustained bull market. Whatever happens, it seems likely that niche markets like tech stocks, defense stocks, and giants like Google and Amazon will enjoy sustained growth. Microsoft’s stock market value will reach $3 trillion and currently trades at $322 a share. The Dow, Nasdaq, and FTSE are all bullish.

Even if you’re not a financial expert or an experienced stock trader, you can cash in directly on stock market activity as a stock trading affiliate. Major online brokers like AvaTrade are keen to sign up new traders from across the world. Their affiliate partner program AvaPartner pays out highly lucrative commissions to anybody who can refer new traders to the brokerage. Broker affiliate partners can:

  • Make money from the stock market boom without the risks involved in actual trading.
  • Earn instant commissions with attractive CPA deals.
  • Earn a high passive income from long-term traders via a RevShare commission plan.
  • Rapidly expand their affiliate activity into developing additional highly profitable income streams.

What is a stock trading affiliate?

A stock trading affiliate partner is usually not a stock trader or a stockbroker. A stock trading affiliate partner has a website (or other relevant business) that sends potential stock traders to an online broker like AvaTrade.

When you become an affiliate partner, you sign up with the partner program AvaPartner. Their expert staff will give you a choice of commission plans (or negotiate a custom deal), provide you with free marketing materials, and pay your commissions. You have a private affiliate dashboard that tracks all your traffic and earnings.

Stock trading affiliate partners can earn high monthly commissions (sometimes six figures) by sending traders to the brokerage. Usually, this is no more complicated than adding unique broker links to your website and marketing campaigns. Suppose potential traders click on your link, sign up with the broker, deposit money and make a trade. In that case, you will automatically earn a high commission. It’s that simple!

How do I earn money as a stock trading affiliate?

If you want to earn high commissions as a stock trading affiliate, you need to decide to get started. If you follow the basic rules from Day One, you will make lucrative payments during your first month. There’s no need to join a brokerage, buy shares or study the markets in-depth. You don’t need a financial background or a knowledge of economics to make money as a stock trading affiliate. What you do need is:

  • The initial ambition to make money online
  • A willingness to check the financial press and daily news reports
  • A personal website or a relevant business model (see the FAQs below)
  • Basic knowledge of social media – even if you don’t use it in your personal life
  • Some basic marketing skills and willingness to learn more

As well as a website (or ideally several websites) with a stock market or online trading theme, you can build a presence on social media with Facebook, Instagram links, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other channels. Your goal is to create a network and regularly update all the profiles, pages, and groups with fresh and relevant marketing materials. As you attract friends, followers, and subscribers, you will need to engage with them and reach out to their connections. The idea is not just to convert traffic but to create a credible online voice with personal branding and broader reach. Use each online asset to boost the others.

One of the advantages of the stock market is that it is international and includes the world’s most powerful brands. The assets you need to promote in your marketing campaigns are already in the headlines every day. High-earning brands like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Zoom, Disney, etc., are the corporate equivalent of celebrities. They provide non-stop stock market drama and make marketing easy. Stock trading is also the best-known form of investment. It’s not as exciting as trading cryptocurrencies, but it has a higher public trust and familiarity level. Many ordinary people already own stocks or have pension plans with funds invested in the stock market.

The global stock market is massive. Because there are so many types of companies, several different risk levels are involved. The most volatile stocks (ISIG is an excellent recent example) can display close to 200% volatility levels. Low volatility stocks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Procter & Gamble also have tremendous marketing potential. The COVID-19 pandemic drove the value of pharmaceutical stocks skywards, which also happened with Zoom stock and global entertainment companies. Intelligent stock trading affiliate partners launched reactive marketing campaigns, connected with a population at home in lockdown, and earned very high commissions. 2020 and 2021 were highly profitable years for astute affiliate partners!

Which is the best stock trading affiliate partner program?

Suppose you want to cash in on the current stock market boom as an affiliate partner. In that case, it’s best to begin by considering what we mean by the best stock trading affiliate partner program. Successful partner programs have several qualities that allow them to deliver reliable long-term profits to their affiliate partners. Very few programs meet all of the different criteria all of the time. AvaPartner does and has paid out over $250,000,000 in commissions to its partners.

How do I choose an affiliate partner program?

  1. Choose an affiliate partner program that promotes a regulated online broker.
  2. Evaluate the broker according to its assets, trading platforms, and other tech.
  3. Choose an established partner program with at least a decade of experience.
  4. Only sign up with a partner program that is happy to negotiate tailored deals.
  5. Check the quality of the high-converting marketing materials on offer.

AvaTrade has the technical resources, liquidity, and experience to exploit the new wave of energy and optimism on the global markets. Suppose 2022 delivers the bull market that investors are hoping to see. In that case, AvaTrade will be a top choice for new traders (and existing traders who want more from their online broker). Sign up with the partner program today and earn your share of the anticipated stock market boom.


How can I make more money as a stock trading affiliate partner?

Building additional income streams as a stock trading affiliate partner is easy. Don’t restrict yourself to earning commissions as an online affiliate. AvaPartner is always keen to offer tailored deals to introducing brokers (IBs) and money managers. If you have a stock trading academy, a call center or you’re a service provider; you could earn a lot of money when you use your businesses to refer clients to AvaTrade. Plenty of high-earning affiliate partners started as online affiliates with a single website. They discovered all kinds of lucrative opportunities as their business expanded.

Will I lose money if the stock market crashes?

You won’t necessarily lose money if the stock market crashes. As a stock trading affiliate partner, you make money by referring traders to an online broker. You don’t invest any money in the stock market. If there’s a market crash, you may see a slow down in the number of referrals. Suppose you can adjust your marketing campaigns (particularly on social media). In that case, you may be able to use a bear market or a downturn to your advantage. It’s also worth remembering that CFD stock traders can potentially benefit from any market movement. They can open a position on an individual stock in the anticipation that it will decline in value and still make a profit on the trade.

Are stocks more profitable than forex for affiliate partners?

It depends entirely on the type and the quality of the traders you bring. Any good online broker will offer traders a minimum of 1,000 different financial instruments. A leading broker like AvaTrade provides stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies as core assets and provides a wide selection of indices, commodities, bonds, ETFs, and options. A prolific, high-volume trader specializing in volatile tech stocks could give you high RevShare commissions on a long-term basis. An occasional dabbler in cryptos might be worth a one-time CPA payment. You can easily adjust your marketing materials to cast a wide net and pull in all kinds of traffic. If you have good links, you’ll get the commissions.

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