March 26, 2024

Why Become an Affiliate Partner and Why AvaTrade?

One of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2024 is to make more money. If you also want to boost your bank balance, you can become an affiliate partner. There are some outstanding opportunities to earn high commissions promoting top online broker AvaTrade. Not only will AvaPartner pay you whenever you bring new traders, but you can also develop long-term passive incomes from high value traders.

This blog post will explain the benefits of becoming an affiliate partner in 2024’s improving financial markets and how to go about it. We’ll take you through the basics of signing up and put you on the path to earning your first commissions. Read on for a fast and easy rundown on the basics of affiliate partnership!

What is an Affiliate Partner?

An affiliate partner is someone who promotes a brand or business and sends them customers. In return, they earn a commission – either a flat fee or a percentage. The concept of using a middleman or agent is as old as commerce itself and is really simple. In 2024, the process of working as an affiliate is entirely automated.

If you’re an online affiliate (you have a website or a social media influencer), your affiliate manager at AvaPartner will issue you unique affiliate links. They will be tracked whenever a new trader arrives at AvaTrade via one of your links. If the trader deposits money and trades, you’ll earn a commission. All traffic and trader activity is recorded on your own automated dashboard.

  1. Someone visits your website or sees one of your social media posts
  2. A lead clicks on your unique affiliate link
  3. They register at AvaTrade and verify their account
  4. The lead deposit funds and starts trading
  5. You automatically earn a commission

There is no limit to how many traders you can refer to the broker or how much you can earn. When you bring traders, everybody wins! To put this into perspective, as of January 2024, AvaPartner has paid out over $300,000,000 to its affiliate partners.

Understanding Online Trading as an Affiliate Partner

There’s no doubt that successful affiliate partners can earn a lot of money in a short period of time. However, before making your first profits, you’ll need to understand more about online trading, how a broker works, and what kind of people you’re trying to connect with through social media and your websites. The good news is that you don’t need to be a trader to make money from online trading or become a financial expert.

If you are serious about becoming an affiliate partner, you will need to do 3 things.

  1. Open a free demo account at AvaTrade.
  2. Start reading the financial news. Don’t worry, this is easy.
  3. Understand the mindset and expectations of online traders.

You’ll also need to learn the basics of marketing and SEO. Real marketing expertise is something that comes over time. You’ll be fine as long as you have a ‘can do’ attitude and you’re keen to learn new skills that help you make money. The AvaPartner blog is a superb source of free info and tips on every aspect of SEO, social media for affiliate markets, and loads of other subjects.

There’s nothing like expert insight. Professor Philip Kotler, who is known as the father of modern marketing, sums it up in a single sentence.

“Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master.”

~ Phil Kotler

The Basics of Online Trading

Online trading is a massive global industry that includes a range of assets (also known as financial instruments). The basics are pretty simple, which is part of the reason why online trading is hugely popular.

Traders register with an online broker and deposit money in a private trading account. They use a digital trading platform to open positions on assets. If they make a profit, the money is credited to their account, and they are free to withdraw it.

The quality and variety of trading platforms play a big part in persuading traders to sign up with a particular broker. One of the reasons for promoting AvaTrade is that they have two of the world’s best-known platforms, namely MT4 and MT5.

  • MT4 & MT5
  • WebTrader
  • AvaTrade Social
  • AvaOptions
  • AvaTradeGo
  • DupliTrade
  • Mac Trading
  • Mobile Trading

Top Marketing Tip

When you become an affiliate partner and start promoting AvaTrade, think of each trading platform as a brand in its own right. Explore the platforms and understand their unique features. A typical platform is packed with trading tools, live charting, trading signals, heat maps, calculators, economic calendars, and more.

Traders are basically risking money on the financial markets in the hope of making a profit. They want to know that they have next-generation technology and fintech tools at their fingertips. Selling a trading platform is a lot like selling a car: convince the client that it’s safe and reliable – and then push all the additional features and gadgets.

An Affiliate Partner’s Guide to Assets & Instruments

Another area where AvaTrade stands out from competitors is the huge variety of assets it provides traders with real-time access to. What’s great about AvaTrade is that they offer options, bonds, and ETFs (that’s in addition to the usual Forex, cryptos, stocks, commodities, and indices). There are currently (January 2024) 1,250 assets at AvaTrade. It’s worth checking back when you create marketing materials because they update the index whenever there is a good IPO or coin offering.

When you get started as an affiliate, you’ll probably be tempted to focus on high-profile Forex (FX), cryptocurrencies, tech stocks, and commodities like gold and oil. This approach makes a lot of sense – at least as you learn the basics of launching profitable affiliate marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, many new (and some experienced) affiliates get tunnel vision. They focus on the most dynamic assets and overlook the others.

Start publishing site content about bonds, options, ETFs, and indices as soon as you’re up and running. The website content will boost your organic SEO results so it’s win/win, and you might start to drive valuable traffic. We’ve learned over the years that niche campaigns can be very lucrative. If your competitors aren’t engaging with options traders, you should be.

If you see a group chatting about gold jewelry, coffee, or chocolate on social media, introduce the subject of gold, coffee, and cocoa commodities. It often pays to be a bit cheeky, especially if your posts are amusing, intriguing, and not blatant hard sells. Innovate, communicate, and try to engage with people on every level. The person who likes or shares your post may not be traffic, but the next person who sees it could be.

Drive the traffic and take the commissions!

AvaTrade is a Brand People Can Trust

AvaTrade is a broker – and you need to communicate that fact. There is also another approach to take when you seek to build trust with potential traders. You can legitimately describe AvaTrade as a “financial services provider.” This may seem like manipulation (and to an extent, all marketing is manipulation), but it is an honest description of what AvaTrade does.

AvaTrade is regulated by official bodies and financial authorities around the world. This type of accreditation isn’t easy to obtain. The compliance procedures are long, demanding, and complex and any regulated broker has proved beyond all doubt that they run a transparent and trustworthy operation that complies with all local laws and regulations. Accreditation by regulators like CySEC, FRSA, Bank of Ireland, etc. is worth its weight in gold to affiliate partners.

You’re trying to persuade complete strangers to trust an online broker with their money. You’re also trying to convince them that the broker will give them fair trading with real-time asset pricing and straight dealing. Take every opportunity to explain about the importance of regulation and tell traders that AvaTrade is regulated by some of the world’s toughest official bodies. You can’t overemphasise this information. It’s one of AvaTrade’s biggest selling points.


So, What’s in it for You as an Affiliate Partner?

AvaTrade’s a great place to be an online trader, but what advantages are there for someone who isn’t interested in trading stocks and Forex and wants to become an affiliate partner?

  1. AvaTrade is a top-drawer brokerage and a powerful brand. It’s one of the easiest to promote. It also has an international presence, and you can target traffic from dozens of countries worldwide – and in multiple languages. The brokerage is available in more than 20 languages.
  2. AvaTrade has been around for two decades. It’s stable, has plenty of liquidity, a strong reputation, and some of the best tech and assets out there. Even if there’s a recession or a financial crisis, AvaTrade will probably just keep on going. You can build a lifelong affiliate partnership.
  3. You’ll actually be signing up with the partner program AvaPartner, and they’re amazing people to work with. You’ll get loads of free (and unique) marketing materials and an affiliate manager who’ll make sure that you’re treated with respect and paid in full and on time.

Sign up now with AvaPartner and choose a tailored commission plan. As your business grows, you can renegotiate your plan to maximise profits. Start now and work with the pros!

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