September 30, 2020

Boost Your Forex Affiliate Commissions By Promoting Options

Options Trading With AvaOptions

If you are currently promoting a forex affiliate program, you will want to read this blog post! Partnering with a trading Brokerage that also offers Options trading and CFDs aside from trading forex pairs can skyrocket your affiliate commissions.


  1. Because you are offering something very special and unique that not every brokerage can offer,
  2. The amazing benefits and leverage, which we will discuss, give traders tremendous advantages in the market that no other financial instruments can offer!

In this blog post, we are going to explain why promoting Options and CFDs are important to you as partners and especially to your clients or referrals. We will then explain what options are and their amazing benefits and advantages for traders.

Not Just Forex!

Forex affiliate partnerships are the most profitable in the affiliate marketing industry! For the skilled forex affiliate marketer, the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in commissions from the broker partnership program is easily attainable. With that said, there are many people trading Forex with Forex accounts already, and thousands of affiliate marketers out there promoting the same thing – Forex!

Even though the Forex market is in high demand, if the brokerage you promote doesn’t offer something more than just Forex or isn’t unique in some way, then your job as an affiliate marketer will be extremely difficult. If you are selling a hat online, and thousands of other people are also selling the same exact hat, it’s time to think of what else you can sell. Keep on reading because we have great news for you that many affiliates aren’t aware of, and you should start promoting right away!

Skyrocket your forex affiliate commissions!

YES. How would you like to make more than $10K per trader alone in commissions every month? Well, some of our CFD and Forex affiliates are making that much – and so can you! The secret lies in the uniqueness of AvaTrade. Let us explain.

AvaTrade is a brokerage that doesn’t only offer the ability to trade Forex pairs. It offers other unique and even rare financial instruments that are difficult to find, such as Options trading. This fact coupled with its global regulation – one of the most regulated brokers you can find – with innovative apps such as AvaTradeGO with AvaProtect, and AvaOptions, and a social trading community makes partnering with AvaTrade the best choice.

A Trader’s Dream!

When partnering with an online brokerage, or in other words becoming an affiliate, you must first and foremost consider what does the buyer persona, or target audience want? Who are you selling or promoting this service to? This is where the magic happens, by understanding what your target audience – referrals or clients – really need and want you’ll try to make sure to provide them with the most irresistible solutions.

How about a 100:1 leverage, a trader’s dream! What if you could offer such leverage to traders.

With Options trading you can!

What if you could offer your traders, clients, and referees the ability to trade almost any financial asset, such as commodities, Treasuries, ETFs, ADRs, CFDs on shares and cryptocurrencies?

Offering this, well, that would give that competitive edge as an affiliate marketer and a dream for traders to be able to trade almost everything at their fingertips, right? That’s what AvaTrade offers through their CFDs!

We are going to discuss in this blog post how options work and the amazing benefits they offer traders as well as offering CFDs which really open up the global financial markets to your traders.

Boost your affiliate commissions!

It’s necessary to stress that offering these unique financial instruments in addition to the usual forex pairs will attract traffic, boost your referral rates, and increase your client base, thus resulting in higher commissions. So whether you’re an affiliate marketer, introducing broker, or money manager, offering traders options and CFDs will definitely skyrocket your commissions, make your traders happy with all the endless trading opportunities, and most importantly keep them trading for the long run- which equals setting up your affiliate business for a lifetime of commissions!

So if you have already partnered with a forex broker, it’s time to consider changing and switching over to a brokerage that can offer you these products: CFDs and Options Trading.

Here’s a quick checklist to see how your current brokerage partner measures up and how you can quadruple your affiliate earnings:

1. Does the broker offer a wide range of financial instruments and assets to trade?

Two most important ones:

  • CFDs– CFD brokers such as AvaTrade offer customers the chance to trade a wide range of financial instruments and assets: shares, options, indices, forex pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ADR’s, bonds, and ETFs. As an IB, your customers will appreciate you for all the trading options available to them.
  • Options Trading- Platforms such as AvaOptions, offer Options trading – Put options, Call options, and more than a dozen options strategies, with any strike and expiration dates.

2. Regulation and reputation

Is your current brokerage highly regulated? If not, then get out fast and partner with one of the most regulated brokerages, your clients and referrals will thank you for it. AvaTrade, for example, is one of the most regulated brokers, across 5 continents, and regulated as well for options trading!

3. Innovative apps and latest trading platforms

Promoting the coolest features such as AvaProtect, which gives clients their money back on losing trades, and AvaTradeGO that offers convenience for traders to trade from anywhere anytime are just a few examples of AvaTrade’s innovation! If you are not promoting these unbelievable trading apps and features which help traders out and protect their trades well, then you are missing out! 

Vanilla Options

NO, we are NOT talking about binary options. AvaTrade does not offer binary options and never have. We are going to talk about “vanilla” options, calls and puts on foreign exchange, gold, silver, and in the near future, we’ll have options on other products as well. Why is this such an amazing product to promote? We have the platform AvaOptions. This is an amazing trading platform in mobile, and soon we’ll have the same look and feel on web trader.

And we also have a professional desktop platform. AvaOptions is a platform that AvaTrade launched six years ago, and about two years ago, AvaTrade launched an innovative and intuitive mobile app for AvaOptions. The mobile app brings an entirely new interface to options trading, and it is designed to help traders understand options, to visualize options, the risk of options, and then of course to get comfortable trading options.

So we are calling all our partners and those out there who wish to skyrocket their affiliate commissions by saying to your clients and referrals “Add options to your trading arsenal”. Right now, your clients and referrals are probably just buying and selling, trading the “old fashioned” way. Their only risk management tools are take-profit and stop-loss orders.

So they are limited to the basics if they aren’t trading options yet, and they are only trading with MT4 or MT5. Options give you the power to control your portfolio and to control your destiny, to manage your risk, and to let you sleep at night.

Here are some facts you should know about Options:

  1. Options transform trading into an entirely new dimension that no professional trader can do without.
  2. Options on foreign exchange is the largest options market in the world by far.
  3. Very few retail brokers can offer options trading, and we are very comfortable saying none can offer it the way AvaTrade does with AvaOptions – with the clarity, ease, strategies, and with excellent pricing – it’s a trader’s dream!

Benefits of Options Trading

Options Trading – for unlimited gains, with limited risks!

  1. When buying options, if the market goes your way, you can have unlimited profits with known, limited risk.
  2. If the market does not go your way, the most you can lose is what you paid for the option.
  3. Leverage – Leverage in options trading via AvaOptions is 100:1 in for products, even for EU Retail customers. This is how traders can make enormous profits in the markets with minimal downside risk!
  4. Control one’s exposure to the markets – When you are buying an option, you can only lose what you spent on the option. You can only lose what you paid. This allows traders to control their exposure to the markets!
  5. By selling options, traders are able to earn a premium and create profits in a unique way that cannot be replicated by simply buying and selling FX or CFDs.
  6. By combining buys and sells of calls and puts, traders can create the precise exposure to match their market view.

AvaOptions: Options traders have more fun!

You’ll have more than a dozen options strategies. So it’s not just buying or selling a call or put, AvaTrade offers call spreads, put spreads, ratio call spreads, backspreads, straddles, strangles, risk reversals, and more!

AvaTrade also offers the ability to trade FX and CFDs and options with limits and stop orders on the entry and on the close. So one can put in an option trade with a stop and with a limit, which is not easily found in the market.

Welcome new Partners – What are you waiting for?

Now that we went through the benefits and advantages of offering options trading and CFDs to your referrals and clients, and explained how these could potentially skyrocket you affiliate earnings, you by now understand how offering these financial instruments will set you apart – a really unique differentiator to bring your new referrals and clients.

And they’ll say: “Wow, I didn’t know this existed. This is super, thanks a million!”

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