September 29, 2021

How to Become a Forex Affiliate Today?

How to Become a Forex Affiliate Today?

If you want to earn high commissions as a forex affiliate, you need to work with the pros. Your first step towards potentially making a 6 figure monthly income is to sign up with a top-rated global affiliate program. Read on to see exactly why forex affiliate marketing is so lucrative, and learn how to become a forex affiliate.

Forex Affiliate Marketing – A Quick Overview

The global forex markets are one of the world’s biggest and most dynamic financial markets. Daily trading volumes run into trillions of dollars, and the profits on these trades are immense. Anybody with an internet connection and a few hundred dollars can sign up with an online forex broker and trade forex or forex CFDs. If you can identify severe and high volume traders, you can make highly lucrative long term commissions by referring them to your forex broker partner

The easiest way for most people to become a forex affiliate is to set up a website that attracts people interested in currency trading. You can also target people interested in the financial markets in general or who are looking for ways to earn an additional income. The goal is to persuade your site visitors to click on links that take them to the broker. If they sign up with the broker and become active traders, you’ll get paid. The entire process is automated, and you can follow it via your affiliate dashboard.

Key Points to Remember

  • The international forex business generates enormous profits. Affiliate partner commissions are therefore also very high.
  • Forex is a tough business, and brokers are constantly competing to attract quality traders. Successful affiliate partners who bring good leads are valued and respected.
  • You can earn ongoing commissions for the entire time that each referral remains an active trader.
  • Even a basic website can enable you to earn high payments as an affiliate partner immediately using several other methods. We’ll explore these below.

How do I Find a Forex Partner Program?

If you want to become a forex affiliate, you can get started immediately. It’s a straightforward business to enter, and it’s easy to sign up with a suitable partner program. As long as you follow a few basic rules, you should be able to tap straight into a profitable income stream.

Your priority as a forex affiliate is to promote a regulated broker. Most – if not all – professions and industries are regulated by government or professional bodies. You wouldn’t want to receive treatment from an unlicensed doctor or be represented by an unqualified lawyer. The same common-sense approach applies to the financial services industry. If you’re going to make a high income over a long period, you need to promote a trustworthy and reliable regulated broker.

Forex brokerages like AvaTrade are regulated by official bodies in every jurisdiction where they operate. In the case of an international brokerage like AvaTrade, this means oversight by nine different regulators worldwide. This level of official supervision guarantees the highest professional standards – which is to your direct benefit when you become a forex affiliate with AvaPartner.

Key Points to Remember

  • It is easy to become a forex affiliate. You don’t need any professional qualifications or specialist knowledge of the financial markets.
  • You can potentially earn high commissions as soon as you join a good quality forex affiliate partner program.
  • It is vital to sign up with a regulated broker. They are the only brokers who can provide a stable long term income. This is because they work to retain their traders on a long term basis.
  • Nine different financial authorities regulate AvaTrade. They accept traders from all over the world. You can target any of these demographics as a forex affiliate partner.

How do I Build my Affiliate Business?

It’s easy to sign up and earn your first commissions as a forex affiliate partner. Your goal should be to multiply the number of your referrals quickly and to drive higher quality traffic. Fortunately, this is relatively simple. All you need to do is apply some basic marketing strategies, and you should see your affiliate business grow exponentially. Most affiliate partners understand the need to get as many links out across the internet as they can. You can enhance this crude tactic by ensuring that you use top-quality links relevant to your traffic and that the links are posted in optimal locations.

You can quickly build a network of social media accounts and cross-post well-designed marketing creatives. Extend your online presence with SEO articles, a blog, an authoritative voice on Quora, forums, comments on other people’s social channels, and even guest posts, articles and short videos. A link that promises a tangible benefit like a free eBook, tutorial or group membership is far more persuasive than a link to a random website. Use your imagination and think like a sales shark.

Key Points to Remember

  • Be ambitious. Forex affiliate marketing is a business that rapidly rewards effort. Build your online presence, launch new websites, and regularly reinvest some of your profits.
  • SEO is vital for driving traffic. Invest in your site content and regularly add new SEO optimized articles and pages. Hire a content writer if necessary.
  • Your goal is to attract leads with big budgets and an appetite for high volume trading. Tailor your marketing materials and choose channels that will connect to these traders
  • The online world, online marketing and technology is continually evolving. Constantly update and improve your marketing skills and keep abreast of changes. Be adaptable and exploit new opportunities.

When you sign up with AvaPartner, you can expect professional advice and guidance, updates on broker news, new assets and new technology and trading tools, as well as top quality unique marketing materials.


Can I become a forex affiliate part-time?

Yes, it’s entirely up to you how you run your forex affiliate business. Plenty of successful forex affiliates started as part-timers. Many were unsatisfied with their jobs or just needed to make some extra money. They set up a website and developed their online presence at the weekend or in the evenings. If you get started on a part-time basis, you may quickly find that you decide to quit your job to focus on your affiliate partnership on a full-time basis. You may even find that you begin employing other people! If you’re earning high commissions from the first month, you will probably want to channel some of your profits into Google Ads, SEO content writing, graphic design and other aspects of marketing.

Why should I promote AvaTrade as an affiliate partner?

It would appear that AvaTrade ticks every single box when you’re looking for a top-quality regulated forex broker. It’s a top tier international brokerage with a reputation for excellence. There are several critical advantages to promoting AvaTrade: ● They have some of the world’s best technology, including the outstanding MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and AvaSocial social trading. ● Recognized financial authorities fully regulate them. AvaTrade immediately builds trust with traders, making conversion significantly easier. ● The award-winning AvaPartner Program is about as professional as it gets. They’ve paid out an astonishing $250,000,000 in commissions to their affiliate partners. ● AvaTrade offers CFDs on a wide range of financial assets. Even though you’re a forex affiliate, you can benefit by promoting cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, bonds, indices, ETFs – and options. ● AvaTrade is in a solid financial position and has significant liquidity. You can reasonably expect to enjoy a highly profitable lifelong partnership with the brokerage.

How can I make more money with AvaPartner?

AvaPartner will pay you for any active traders that you refer to AvaTrade. If you want to make more money, you need to build your affiliate business and explore different attracting traders. Most people start as online affiliates and quickly gain confidence, expertise and more profound knowledge of forex affiliate marketing. If you can establish yourself as a master affiliate, introducing broker, or money manager, you can quickly negotiate a new commission plan. There are also exciting opportunities for anybody who has a trading academy, call center, or another service provider. If you can see a way to bring quality leads to AvaPartner, they’ll be ready to agree to a generous payment plan.

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