April 18, 2021

The Effects of COVID-19 on Affiliate Marketing

The Effects of COVID-19 on Affiliate Marketing

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everything changed immediately. Education, work, social life, and the economy were all impacted by the pandemic.

The same is true for affiliate marketing. Economic uncertainty and job losses may have discouraged some people from trading, while others were more open to the idea of trading to earn extra money. More people working at home and socializing online meant affiliate marketers could reach them more readily on the web. People had more time to spend on social media and reading emails. This resulted in increased commissions for affiliate marketers but especially for CFD affiliates and Forex affiliates. We will explain in this blog post why affiliate commissions in the CFD and Forex niche have exploded due to the effects of COVID-19 on affiliate marketing.

Even as the availability of vaccines means that life may gradually go back to normal, the uncertainty of additional strains of the virus is still with us. Also, the habit of doing more things online may be permanent. There are many aspects of affiliate marketing that COVID-19 has changed long-term and perhaps for good. Here we explained what has changed and why you should get in now!

Lead Generation Changed!

The art of generating leads means understanding the needs of potential traders. The needs of potential leads changed markedly during COVID-19. Lead generation, in terms of numbers, has not been dramatically impacted, but people are signing up with brokers for different reasons than they did before the pandemic.

Some risk-averse consumers may have decided to avoid trading in a time of volatility and economic uncertainty. However, those with an appetite for risk have been signing up with brokers to regain losses and take advantage of hot areas. Many sectors skyrocketed during the pandemic, such as healthcare, groceries, and medical supplies, which created some amazing opportunities for both short-term traders as well as long-term investors.

The rapid fluctuation of currencies during the pandemic made the whole Forex trading industry profitable for those who traded currency pairs correctly. Therefore, while some abandoned trading, others embraced it enthusiastically. As an affiliate marketer, you need to find these enthusiastic traders and encourage them to click on affiliate links and sign up with your partner broker.

First, it is essential to understand why they will want to sign up for brokerage services and get an idea of what they are really seeking.

Why would referrals sign up with your partner broker now more than ever before?

The following are some reasons potential leads may have for trading in general and signing up with your partner broker in particular. Understanding these motives will help you speak their language and address their pain points and provide solutions.

  • They need to make some money
    Job losses were steep under COVID-19 across the globe. Although some people could adjust technologically and work at home remotely, many suffered pay cuts or drop in hours. Many workers could not do their jobs from home. These people may decide to try trading to help recoup their losses, supplement their income, or create security in case of another crisis. As an affiliate marketer, you can highlight ways your partner broker can securely provide a return on their investment in a short amount of time. If they are new to trading, discuss tools offered by the partner broker that help novice traders understand trading and make the best decisions.
  • They are seeking CFDs or new trading strategies
    Some people seek to invest with a small nest egg that they hope will grow gradually over time. Others are traders who prefer making many fast trades that provide quick returns. These traders are seeking volatility and are willing to take risks if that means getting larger returns quickly. These types of traders seem to be more attracted to Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies; again, they are more adventurous and willing to take on more risk when it comes to trading. Choose to partner with a brokerage that offers more than just Forex, one that also offers CFDs in order to offer endless trading possibilities to many different types of traders. CFDs offer investors and traders the ability to trade many different markets such as cryptocurrencies, treasuries, indices, commodities, stocks, and options. AvaPartner, for example, offers Forex, CFDs and even options trading! Options Trading opens up a whole new world of trading strategies which your referrals will love! Learn more about how offering Options Trading can increase your affiliate commissions.
  • Seeking security now more than ever!
    During the pandemic, as more people were trading online, there, unfortunately, was an increase in online investment scams such as Ponzi schemes. The SEC alerted consumers to beware of fraudulent brokers. As an affiliate marketer, emphasize to your potential leads that your partner broker is fully regulated with an up-to-date license. They should feel that their money is in good hands with this broker and that they can fully trust them. This trust will be rewarded with long-term loyalty as well as higher commissions for you as an affiliate marketer.

AvaPartner for example is the most regulated broker-being regulated across seven continents!

Update Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy!

The new climate created by COVID-19 calls for a change in affiliate marketing strategies. Here are some tips that will help you update yours.

Tip #1 Use Advanced Marketing Tools

Many tools can help you succeed as an affiliate marketer.

  • FREE Marketing tools:
    If you sign up with a reliable partner broker, such as AvaPartner, you can use their banners and widgets that can help you attract more leads.
  • FREE State of the art tracking dashboard tool:
    In addition, transparent data analytics tools let you see in real-time who is clicking on affiliate links.
  • Use SEO analysis tools:
    Use SEO analysis tools to determine which keywords will attract visitors. In addition, analyzing traffic and number of clicks will help you track your progress and find ways to increase the number of conversions.
  • Other automated tools:
    Make your marketing tasks easier and find opportunities to automate jobs to save time-basically find ways to scale your affiliate marketing business to help you save time so that you can concentrate on where it matters most. Later.com is an example of a tool that automates most of your social media campaigns.

Tip #2 Highlight Innovative Cool Trading Apps and Unique Trading Features

Work with a partner broker that offers Innovative apps and impressive features and perks that will attract traders to sign up quickly. These features should be focused on increasing trader success and convenience, such as mobile apps for trading on the go. For example, AvaPartner has the following apps that can accommodate different trading goals and styles:

  • Trade form anywhere (AvaTrade App)
  • Limit losses on trades (AvaProtect™)
  • Use the world’s leading platform. (MetaTrader 4)
  • For automated trading and advanced features (MetaTrader 5)
  • Get powerful returns from Vanilla Options (AvaOptions)

Tools and trading platforms are at the top of the list of what potential leads look for when they select brokers. Highlight these advantages which are likely to be key selling points and can increase the number of people who sign up with your partner broker.

Tip #3 Use a Variety of Platforms-Find What Works Best!

COVID-19 has caused more people to stay and work online. As a result, more people are hanging out on social media and reading and seeking more information online. The advantage here to affiliate marketers is that the online world has expanded and its easier to reach more people across a variety of platforms! The average person sees thousands of ads every day. As long as you can offer high-quality products people need and are seeking and most importantly are slightly unique than most products.

For example, most brokerages are offering to trade Forex and you can partner with a brokerage that offers in addition CFDs and Option trading then you will stand out and have an advantage. Create impressive ads and display them on a variety of platforms, to see what works and to expose to as many different audiences and amounts of people as possible.

Most people need to see an ad several times before they will start to recognize the brand. Once consumers recognize your brand, they may click on your affiliate link. This means reaching out using different marketing strategies such as:

  • Social media
  • Email subscribers
  • YouTube
  • Paid ads
  • Website

Once potential leads have seen your affiliate marketing ads on various platforms, they are ready to click on the affiliate links and sign up with your partner broker. 

Tip # 4 Find the Right Affiliate Program

The secret to finding potential leads starts with selecting the right partner broker. The key to marketing success is based on having an excellent product that people want and need. Research your options carefully before selecting a broker to partner with. Your ideal broker should:

  • Be regulated with a stellar reputation
  • Have an advanced trading platforms
  • Offer convenient tools and innovative trading apps for traders
  • Provide a flexible commission plans
  • Offer marketing tools and customer support
  • Becoming an affiliate marketer with AvaPartner Now

You’ll have the advantage of promoting a regulated broker with a long track record of success, advanced tools, a choice of trading platforms, your choice of commission plans, and helpful and prompt support.

Re-Invent Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy- Now Is the time!

Even as life goes back to normal after a year of COVID-19, there is still uncertainty. Many habits have changed for good, such as consumers looking online for things they need, from groceries to trading services. As a forex or trading affiliate marketer, it is important to re-invent your marketing strategy to suit the times and to address the changing needs of traders.

Understand the concerns of potential leads and show them that your broker partner is their solution. Highlight your broker partner’s advantages, such as trading tools, selection of platforms, customer support, and security. AvaPartner is the right partner broker with features to attract leads and a terrific commission plan to contribute to your affiliate marketing success.


Did COVID-19 affect affiliate marketing?

It’s too early to know for sure exactly how the global COVID-19 affected affiliate marketing. Millions of people lost their jobs, suffered reduced incomes or other financial worries, but this didn’t necessarily affect online trading. With compulsory lockdowns across the world, we saw a huge surge in online activity and this included trading. The combination of financial worry and free time may have driven conversions during the pandemic. We may also have seen an increased appetite for risk and new traders signing up with brokers in response to boredom. The pandemic isn’t over yet and wise affiliates are factoring it into their marketing strategies.

Did social media conversions increase during COVID-19

There was a social media boom during the COVID-19 pandemic for 3 main reasons. 1. People had more time on their hands and were bored. 2. Everybody needed a convenient way to keep in touch with personal contacts. 3. Social media offered much needed news and info, often before the mainstream media. There’s already strong evidence that affiliates experienced increased traffic and conversions via social media in 2020 and 2021. Whether this is a temporary phenomenon or a new marketing reality remains to be seen.

Did trading increase during the global COVID-19 crisis?

We saw several key stocks gain in value during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were definitely COVID winners and they attracted massive media attention. In turn, there was a surge of interest from traders. These stocks included Zoom, Amazon, Netflix and other tech companies. We also saw some medical and pharmaceutical stocks like Pfizer and Gilead boom, as well as food producers. Affiliate partners who followed the news and updated their marketing strategies to focus on high value stocks, were able to profit from the new trader interest.

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