February 15, 2023

7 Tips for Achieving Higher Forex Affiliate Earnings

Financial predictions are always tricky, but they are ultimately the basis of trading and investing. Q1 of 2023 is set to beat the worst economist and analyst predictions but isn’t living up to the most optimistic assessments.

This is still good news for forex affiliates who are earning high commissions by referring new traders to brokers. Competitions for leads can be tough, but the financial rewards from partner programs make the effort worthwhile and extremely profitable!

If you want to maximize your Forex affiliate earnings this year, we’ve got 7 great tips to put you on a path to profit. We also recommend that you open a free demo account and check out trending assets like the USDJPY.  It might sound like obvious advice, but many Forex affiliates aren’t really in sync with either the markets or their own traffic. They miss many good opportunities and never really achieve their true earning potential.

2023 is going to be an exciting year in the Forex markets. There are several major geopolitical and economic conditions that will – perhaps dramatically. Volatility and market instability don’t just create lucrative opportunities for online forex trades, they create headlines and public interest. Affiliates that are in the loop can drive more traffic and boost their affiliate earnings.

How Much Can Forex Affiliates Earn in 2023?

Forex partner programs are paying lucrative commissions for high-quality forex traffic, and there are tremendous opportunities to earn a passive income from your best traders. The most successful forex affiliates expect to earn up to $10,000 a month RevShare from their high volume referrals. Add that to CPA payments and Dynamic CPA, and a six-figure income becomes a realistic prospect. 

We’ve written a comprehensive guide to successful forex marketing below. But we’ll begin with seven tips for achieving higher forex affiliate earnings. If you follow these seven tips, you’ll have a solid foundation for building a highly profitable Forex affiliate business in 2023 and beyond!

7 Tips for Achieving Higher Forex Affiliate Earnings

  1. Only work with regulated brokers. You can earn high, reliable, long-term commissions when you promote regulated brokers. 
  2. 2022 was an unusual year. We moved on from the COVID-19 pandemic and faced inflation and potential chaos in commodity markets. Follow the news closely and create campaigns to build on relevant news events. 
  3. Don’t be lazy and promote the big five currencies – USD, GBP, EUR, JPY and CNY. Know your traffic and create localized content that also focuses on minor currencies.
  4. AvaTrade offers up to 400:1 leverage on forex trades. It also has 10 of the world’s best trading platforms – including MT4 and MT5. Focus on every positive that the broker can offer its forex traders.
  5. There is no such thing as adverse markets for affiliates. If top traders can make profits in a bear market or manipulate a market crash to create future profits, forex affiliates can. Create a positive and opportunistic mindset!
  6. Reinvest your profits. It’s tempting to go on a spending spree when you start to earn high commissions as a Forex affiliate. Successful affiliates think in terms of more websites, better content, effective paid advertising, and professionally created YouTube and TikTok content. 

Never focus exclusively on forex. All the global financial markets are intertwined and influence each other constantly. Traders are naturally curious about every opportunity to profit – you should be too. Promote stocks, commodities, cryptos bonds, etc.


2023 Forex Affiliate Marketing Guide

Here they are:

Secret Tip # 4

Map content to the buyer’s journey!

You must create valuable content for every stage of your buyer personas’ journey! Remember, we mentioned before in Part 1 that you must understand your buyer personas – their pain points, challenges, and struggles.

What methods do they use to find a solution to their problems?

You can position yourself, and your Forex affiliate links in this process via ads targeting a specific demographic on a specific social media platform, but a marketing plan must include steps to target your buyer personas at each step of their buyer journey. Your content marketing plan must be based on the keywords that you are targeting and must take your buyer personas through the buyer journey until… boom! You get an affiliate commission!

What is the Buyer’s Journey?

There are three stages to the buyer’s journey that your content must address.

  1. The Awareness Stage – Your content must make people aware of the problem that needs solving.
  2. The Consideration Stage – Your buyer persona will be researching information to solve their problem – and will then be looking for a solution. Therefore, create content that explains how to solve the issue.
  3. The Decision Stage – After carefully considering all their options, your buyer persona is pretty convinced that this solution is the one for them. This is where your content closes the deal! Gets referrals to open a trading account right away through your CFD/Forex affiliate link or offer!

This whole process might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s not.

Does it require some time on your part? Yes, but it will be well worth it!

So let’s dive in to explain exactly how to do this:

AvaTrade, for example, offers excellent educational tools – including video tutorials and trading eBooks that help different types of traders and their needs (for example, day traders vs long-term traders). Leverage these, along with the informational presentations and engaging marketing materials that they offer for FREE to all their partners, and make sure to understand all the broker’s platforms, trading strategies, and innovative technologies.

For example:

Pain Points of the buyer persona: Traders are always on the run and need to be able to do ALL trading activities from the palm of their hand wherever they are! They are seeking a solution to this challenge!

Solution: AvaTradeGO was made precisely for traders who need the convenience of trading from anywhere anytime.

This is a perfect solution that touches the very pain point of your buyer persona.

If you manage to market this correctly, you will be able to attract quality leads to trade with the online brokerage you have partnered with! So do your research and offer real valuable information for your target audience – your buyer personas – and give them solutions to their pain points!

Secret Tip #5

Always create high-quality, engaging content!

Now that we have gone through these steps…

  1. Created buyer persona templates to know who we are targeting and their pain points
  2. Done our keyword research so that our buyer personas will be able to find us more easily on the SERPS (Search Engine result pages)
  3. Understood the buyer’s journey of our buyer personas and created content based on keywords and for every stage of the buyer journey

…it’s time to make sure to always keep creating high-quality, engaging content. Otherwise, you will fall behind!

What makes high-quality content?

  1. Easily digestible – Make sure your English “flows” and is easy to understand, or most readers will give up and won’t read your content.
  2. Proper English – Make sure your English spelling and grammar are correct; otherwise, people will never trust what you are writing, will view it as unprofessional, and won’t bother reading your content.
  3. Don’t rehash someone else’s content! – It’s good to rewrite some good information, but always make sure to give your two cents to what you want to convey, otherwise, you are not offering anything special or unique.

What is engaging content?

Write your content in a way that you yourself would find interesting. You don’t want your buyer personas to stop reading in the middle of your content; you want to take them through the buyer’s journey in a smooth and engaging way that will convert them successfully!

Secret Tip #6

Repurpose content to get the most bang for your buck

If you’ve already got high-quality, engaging content that speaks to the pain points of your buyer personas at each point of their buyer’s journey, your next step is to leverage this content for maximum R0I (return on investment).

The benefits of repurposing content are many.

  1. Save time: Why spend days, weeks, or months creating tons of new content, when you can simply reuse the same content that you already invested so much time creating? Duplicate content Google frowns upon BUT repurposing your content by tweaking it for another purpose or syndicating your content is not only acceptable but will help you increase your forex affiliate earnings.
  2. Expand reach: If you have a great piece of content, don’t limit it to just your blog or to just the website you published it guest posting. The main goal of each piece of content you produce should be to try to get as many eyeballs as possible reading your valuable piece of content. Publishing your content on different channels lets more people see your content and bring them in from wherever they are.
  3. Boost your SEO: Writing several content pieces on the same topic on multiple channels gives you more chances to target desired keywords and even reach multiple buyer personas.
  4. Position yourself as an expert in the trading world. The farther you reach for each piece of content produced, the more it will build your credibility online, thus positioning you as an expert on the topic you are writing about.

There are several ways to repurpose content:

  • Create an eBook
    Imagine all your great blog posts in one fantastic eBook. But it’s not just a matter of dumping all your posts in one place. Organize all the high-quality content you produced already and then find a way to tie it all into a small eBook. Organize topics so the content makes sense and isn’t repetitive, and add images, research data, additional information, etc. to add value. It is well worth the time! An eBook is definitely an investment – one that you can use as an offer, gift, incentive, or revenue generator. It is a fantastic email list generator as well, especially for Forex affiliate marketers who want to build their email lists quickly as part of a well-planned email marketing strategy. So give it the appearance of value with a professionally designed cover, we recommend using Canva it’s a FREE great tool that can help you create and organize your eBook in no time!
  • Syndicate your content
    This repurposing strategy in which you copy your blog post or guest post that has already been published and republish it onto another platform in order to amplify each piece of content. This process should be done 3-4 weeks after your original content was published. This method is manual syndication, and Google loves it! Examples of these types of platforms that you can syndicate your content for FREE and to millions of people: are Quora and Medium. These platforms, due to their high monthly traffic volume and high DA (Domain Authority) promote your content online and give you free exposure. It also lets you reach a wider audience and allows you to convert these readers into leads. Additionally, you can receive quality links back to your website and increase organic traffic. Just remember, to be rewarded (instead of penalized) by Google, make sure to add at the bottom of the syndicated content: “The original blog post was published here on this date” with a link back to your blog post or guest post.
  • Repost on your social media channels
    Share each content piece you write and publish with all your social channels. The secret to success here is not to wait for too much time to elapse. In fact, the moment you publish a piece of content quickly alert your followers on your social media channels about your new publication, and share an excerpt or summary of the piece you just published along with the original link. Get a tool that helps you easily manage all your social media channels, so you can better organize and schedule posts so that these tasks do not become overwhelming. In fact, when using tools such as mention.com you’ll be able to reduce the number of hours you dedicate to this to only a few a week and manage multiple social media channels.
  • Create Videos
    Remember, the point is to repurpose content and expand reach; so you can also take the blog post that has been shared on social media, and syndicated, and then turn it into a video to be published on your YouTube channel! Did you like our secret tips? Do you have any questions? We would be happy to hear from you. Contact us now and let our team lead you to success!!!

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