April 10, 2023

Your 2023 Guide To Crypto Affiliate Marketing

2021 was the year that established cryptos as mainstream assets and they are here to stay. Bitcoin was one of that year’s hottest assets but took some hits in 2022. The digital cryptocurrency still generates major trader interest and continues to attract millions of new online traders. Despite some recent issues that we’ll examine in this blog post, we’re still in a boom for crypto affiliate marketing. Top crypto affiliates can earn high commissions and massive profits.

2023 is a great time to become a crypto affiliate or take your existing affiliate marketing business to a new level. Here’s why:

  • Concerns about inflation are pushing people to seek alternative investments. There is a growing demand for non-regulated currencies. There are hundreds of cryptos to choose from and frequent new coin offerings. It is now easy to trade a wide variety of cryptos online.
  • Governments, financial institutions, and corporations are accepting cryptos. El Salvador now accepts Bitcoin as a legal currency, and the first crypto ETFs have received SEC approval on Wall Street. 
  • Cryptos will continue to be high-profile assets that attract constant media attention. This makes crypto affiliate marketing more accessible. There is always something new and exciting to comment on or build a quick campaign around.

How will Cryptos Perform in 2023?

Asking how cryptos will perform in 2023 is a bit like asking how stocks will perform in 2023. There are a variety of assets, and they will perform differently. Some cryptos, like Bitcoin, are invariably volatile and have a base of dedicated traders who react enthusiastically to every hint of a rally. Bitcoin is currently trading around $28,570, but there is speculation that BTC could push back to $50,000 later in 2023. Other coins can be purchased for mere cents, but perform sluggishly. These coins are still worth watching as they can rapidly gain value.

Based on market performance in 2021 and 2022, it’s reasonable to assume that cryptos will be volatile. It’s harder to make precise predictions about crypto performance. Scandals like the collapse of FTX and the indictment of Sam Bankman-Fried shook investor confidence. The coming Bankman-Fried trial is likely to generate pressure for greater regulation of the crypto markets and crypto exchanges. The second issue is that cryptos don’t behave like most other assets in relation to market conditions. Crypto traders tend to be aggressive and impulsive. Trader sentiment can go viral within minutes and propel a dramatic bull run or a sudden fall in value. 

Top 5 Cryptos for 2023

If your goal is to become a top crypto affiliate and earn high commissions, we recommend watching these cryptos in 2023. They represent a range of risks and prices and arguably have the most significant potential to convert a spectrum of traffic. All the Top 5 are available at AvaTrade.

  • Bitcoin – BTC
    Market cap $550 billion +
    Current Price $28,570
  • Ethereum – ETH
    Market cap – $220 billion +
    Current Price $1,803
  • Litecoin – LTC
    Market cap $6 billion +
    Current Price $90
  • Ripple – XRP
    Market cap $27 billion +
    Current Price $0.53
  • Stellar – XLM
    Market cap $2.8 billion +
    Current Price $0.10

All the featured cryptos are volatile and have excellent growth potential in 2023. They offer enough variation in risk and price for various marketing strategies. You can adjust your crypto affiliate marketing campaigns to target all kinds of traders, including those who previously viewed online crypto trading as too risky. 

How to Earn High Commissions as a Crypto Affiliate?

If you want to earn high commissions as a crypto affiliate this year, you need to understand three fundamentals of crypto affiliate marketing:

  1. Typical crypto trader profiles and demographics, plus trader expectations
  2. The basics of how the crypto markets work and current market conditions
  3. How to create and optimize high-converting crypto affiliate campaigns

How do I find Online Crypto Traffic as an Affiliate?

There’s no single profile for a crypto trader, but the online crypto trading community does have some things in common. They tend to be male, aged 20 – 40, and willing to accept risks pursuing high profits. It would be best if you didn’t focus on this demographic entirely; there are plenty of ambitious female traders and older people who want to cash in on the opportunities that the crypto markets will produce in 2023. There are also stocks and commodities traders who want lower risk levels, less volatile cryptos, or trade crypto CFDs as a smaller part of a diversified portfolio

It’s a good rule of thumb that forex traders match the general profile of crypto traders. If you already earn affiliate commissions from forex traffic, you’re well placed to earn high commissions from crypto traffic. The key to success as a crypto affiliate is working with a truly professional partner program and negotiating a tailored commission plan

Use the Crypto Markets to Create Affiliate Campaigns

If you follow the financial press and subscribe to Google Alerts and other feeds, you can easily monitor the crypto markets. An excellent hack is to open a demo account at AvaTrade, or even a live performance and get the latest updates, alerts, and newsletters. Cryptos – especially BTC – are always in the news.

Every time there’s a new headline, you can post a quick social media creative, Tweet, or 

comment on other people’s pages and groups. Crypto news tends to go viral within minutes, especially when big money is involved. Bitcoin rallies earned billions for traders in 2021. Get your affiliate links out to traders and cash in on the next surge!

Generally speaking, most crypto affiliate marketing campaigns are far more aggressive and opportunistic than promoting CFD stock trading or commodity trading. This isn’t always wise. You will need to consider two factors when you devise your campaigns. 

  1. When you work with a crypto affiliate partner program that promotes a regulated online crypto broker, you must follow the regulatory rules. Your partner program will advise you on how to do this. 
  2. Many potential crypto traders are new to online trading or have had negative experiences with online trading in the past. You need to build trust and educate them about the crypto market, which means being honest about potential risks and practicing risk management. It would help to emphasize the potential benefits of opening a trading account with a regulated online broker like AvaTrade. 

The most important thing you’ll need to consider is your choice of partner program. The crypto boom led to a surge in trader interest and a mass of online crypto brokers and crypto exchanges competing for online traders. If you want to earn high long-term commissions, you need to promote a regulated online cryptocurrency broker. The internet is full of unregulated crypto brokers that rip off traders and affiliate partners. A few unregulated brokers have good intentions, but they lack experience, top trading technologies, and vital liquidity. 


Should I promote Cryptos or Forex as an affiliate?

Promote both! They attract similar traffic, and there is plenty of overlap. Cryptos are generally traded online against the US dollar, so the two markets are interlinked on a fundamental level. AvaPartner pays high commissions for all traders, so you can’t lose. Experiment with different campaigns and different site content. Make an effort to engage with your traffic and be genuinely active on social media (as an affiliate marketer). You’ll soon learn what works best and how to optimize your campaigns and paid advertising.

Will Bitcoin Rally Again in 2023?

It’s impossible to predict the future performance of any asset – the least of all; cryptos. Digital currencies are still new assets in real terms and are constantly evolving. If we look at the past performance of Bitcoin, we can see that it produced some astonishing rallies and attracted a huge number of new traders and massive media interest. Factors to consider when we promote BTC in 2023 are the effects of the Sam Bankman-Fried trial on trader sentiment and public confidence, any rumors of increased government regulation, the effect of Fed interest rate rises, and consumer demand for alternative assets.

Which Commission Plan is Most Profitable for Crypto Affiliates?

Your choice of commission plans will depend on the quality of your traffic and the type of affiliate marketing that you specialize in. If you’re an online affiliate and bring lots of low-volume first-time traders, CPA or Hybrid CPA is a good commission plan that will capitalize on your traffic conversion. As soon as you’re getting high volume, high value, long-term traders, you should negotiate a RevShare deal. There is massive potential for high, long-term commissions that can snowball into a 5 or 6-figure passive income. If you’re working with a professional, high-budget partner program, they’ll help you reach your true earning potential as a crypto affiliate.

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