September 14, 2023

Stock Trading Affiliate A-Z Guide: Mastering Trading Platforms

Stock Trading Affiliate’s Guide Mastering Trading Platforms

The complete guide for stock trading affiliates who want to boost their commissions in 2023


There’s a natural tendency for stock trading affiliates to focus on market news and events and the performance of key stocks when they plan their affiliate marketing campaigns and design creatives for social media. This approach certainly makes a lot of sense and can generate an excellent conversion rate and high monthly commissions.


The problem with focusing exclusively on the stock markets and related financial news is that affiliates often overlook other useful material that they can use to spark trader interest and drive profitable traffic. A subject that we’ve had a lot of questions about recently is how to promote trading platforms, as well as the sophisticated trading and analytical tools and widgets that come with them.


This blog post is a convenient guide for stock trading affiliates who want to broaden their marketing campaigns to feature the latest high-tech trading platforms. We’ll also look at how to create high-value site content about trading platforms, both for SEO value and as a powerful component of your own conversion funnel. Traders are usually fascinated by trading platforms, and you can only benefit when you actively promote them.


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What Affiliates Need to Know About Trading Platforms


One of the great advantages of being a stock trading affiliate is that you don’t need actual financial experience to make a lot of money promoting online trading. There’s absolutely no requirement to also be an online trader if you are an affiliate or to constantly study the markets. What’s important is that you’re willing to learn a variety of marketing skills and develop enough financial background knowledge to connect and engage with potential traders.


Some stock trading affiliates tend to become complacent and rely on market news feeds and a quick daily scan of the online financial press to stay up to date. That’s great if you need to publish basic creatives and posts about the price of GOOG or AMZN, the latest stock market rally, or predicted trends for buy-and-hold portfolios. You’ll have a broad overview of the markets and can react quickly to breaking news events.


The downside is that if you slip into this casual approach to affiliate marketing, you probably won’t pay enough attention to what’s on offer at the brokers you are promoting. This can include promotions and special deals on spreads and rollover, new assets and IPOs (initial public offerings), and fintech launches and upgrades. For example, when’s the last time you checked out the trading platforms and other apps that are NO FOLLOW LINK available at AvaTrade?


This is a significant blindspot that costs affiliates money. Put very simply, if you’re not promoting trading platforms, you’re missing out on some easy commissions (and possibly search engine rankings). Your website content may also be thin and inferior compared to your competitors. It’s a bit like promoting a sports car manufacturer and not knowing anything about the cars that they manufacture and how their individual specifications compare to rival models.


Promoting Trading Platforms


Before we focus on how to make money promoting trading platforms, it’s probably helpful to define exactly what we mean by a trading platform. It’s a term that we see all the time in online trading and affiliate marketing, but don’t pay a lot of attention to.


A trading platform is a form of sophisticated computer software that allows users to trade on the global financial markets in real-time. Platforms give traders the ability to open, manage and close positions on a variety of financial and assets. Good quality trading platforms come with a suite of risk management tools and offer automated trading, as well as charting, newsfeeds, and trading history.


Web-based trading platforms can be accessed online, while others can be installed onto individual PC or Mac desktop devices.  Mobile platforms are installed directly onto iOS and Android mobile devices. The best online brokers usually offer a choice of commercial trading platforms, and their own proprietary (prop) platforms. Traders can also choose between manual and automated platforms and opt for the technology that best suits their personal trading style and financial goals.


A Quick Look at AvaTrade’s Trading Platforms


AvaTrade has always been a technical innovator and has led the way with its proprietary trading platforms and fintech tools for almost three decades. The brokerage also has the resources to offer traders some world class commercial trading platforms.


  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • Web Trading
  • AvaTradeGO
  • AvaOptions
  • Mac Trading
  • AvaSocial



Convenient Take Away Points for Promoting Trading Platforms



MetaTrader 4 – MT4


  • MT4 is one of the big brand names in online trading. It’s arguably the best-known and most popular trading platform in the world.
  • MT4 is easy enough for beginners to master and allows commercial trading for pros and money managers.
  • The platform has fully automated trading with orders and Expert Advisors.



MetaTrader 5 – MT5


  • MT5 is an improved version of its predecessor MT4. It has improved trading capabilities and is packed with advanced trading tools and features.
  • MT5 has automated trading with a completely new coding language and is a genuine next generation trading platform.
  • Stock trading affiliates need to reassure traders that MT5 and MT4 are viable and that Apple’s decision to drop the apps from the AppStore in 2022 didn’t impact online trading.



Web Trading


  • Web Trading is a sophisticated proprietary trading platform for AvaTrade traders. It’s designed for ease of use and reliability and has earned the trust of serious traders.
  • Web Trading is secure, simple to use and doesn’t require any downloads. The platform is a fintech award winner that’s extremely popular with traders of all experience levels.
  • Web Trading is an excellent alternative to MT4 and MT5 and can be promoted as a flagship platform.





  • AvaTradeGo is an AvaTrade proprietary platform that is designed specifically for mobile traders.
  • AvaTradeGo delivers a flawless trading experience on a small smartphone screen and is simple and intuitive to use.
  • When you promote mobile trading, emphasize the superb design of AvaTradeGo and the mobile friendly charts and trading tools.





  • AvaOptions is a highly recommended platform for options traders. The platform allows fast and flexible trading on these increasingly popular assets.
  • AvaOptions is used to trade Vanilla Options and is ideal for traders of all experience levels, including newcomers to options trading.
  • Options trading generally isn’t effectively promoted by broker affiliates. It’s a great way to boost your commissions.



Mac Trading


  • AvaTrade is committed to catering for every type of trader, including Mac lovers. Traders who use Mac devices can access MT4 Mac or Web Trader.
  • Most stock trading affiliates tend to overlook Mac users in their campaigns and site content. Mac users are an important demographic and it pays to promote platforms that are optimized for a Mac interface.
  • Mac related content is a useful – and underexploited – SEO niche. Use it to boost your site rankings and get your links out onto Mac user forums and sites.





  • AvaSocial is AvaTrade’s proprietary social trading platform. It connects traders who want to copy trade and collaborate and offers financial rewards to participants.
  • AvaSocial directly encourages communication, sharing and mentorship. It can be a gateway to a career in money management or as an introducing broker for the most talented social traders.
  • Social trading is a great conversion tool. It potentially appeals to new traders who want to learn from others, experienced traders who want to earn additional income streams, and young traders who grew up with social media.


Improve Your SEO Results with Trading Platform Content


Traders like to read about trading platforms, compare their tools and specifications, and learn how to use their most advanced features. You can easily improve the SEO value of your websites by writing good quality articles, reviews, user guides and tutorials for a variety of trading platforms.


Another advantage of trading platforms is that the technology usually looks amazing. Use screenshots and video clips to enhance your articles and create pages that are visually impressive as well as informative.


Even some basic keyword research with a free keyword generator like Ahrefs will give you plenty to work with when you plan organic SEO content around trading platforms. A quick look at the leading brokers’ websites will also give you plenty of ideas. Basic SEO is pretty simple and a small investment of time and effort will always improve your sites.


Learn more about SEO for affiliates in our related blog post


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