May 18, 2021

Affiliate Partner Success: Promote AvaOptions

Affiliate Partner Success Promote AvaOptions

Sometimes when you promote a major brand as an affiliate partner, it pays to give additional focus to other components or aspects of their business. AvaTrade is a leading online CFD brokerage, and the brand is powerful enough to convert traffic easily. But the brokerage itself contains nine trading platforms – some of which are brands in their own right. One good example is AvaOptions, which also has the potential to drive quality traffic.

It’s worth starting with a couple of quick explanations for potential affiliates who don’t have a background in online trading. If you’re already an experienced forex or CFD affiliate partner, you can skip the next section.

How to promote AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is an established financial broker. It’s fully authorized and regulated across six major jurisdictions around the world. AvaTrade is allowed to sign up individuals or corporate bodies that want to trade financial assets online. They open an account, deposit money and can trade a variety of financial assets. These include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, forex (foreign exchange) like the EUR USD, commodities like Oil and Gold, stocks (shares), exchange-traded funds or ETFs, government bonds and many more.

You can promote the AvaTrade brokerage by signing up with AvaPartner and negotiating the commission plan of your choice. If you bring traffic to AvaTrade, their trading affiliate program will reward you according to your deal – RevShare, CPA, Hybrid or Master Affiliate. AvaPartner likes to offer affiliates personalized deals that suit their individual needs and potential as partners.

Once you’re an AvaPartner’s affiliate, you will be free to focus on any aspect of the AvaTrade brokerage that you believe is likely to drive high-quality traffic. Promotional offers, new assets, or their trading platforms. AvaTrade currently offers nine platforms. Including the prestigious MT4 and MT5, AvaTrade App, Web Trading and AvaOptions

The simplest definition of a trading platform is a secure individual dashboard that you login into online. It displays your choice of financial assets in real-time and at current market prices. You can open and close trades, manage your portfolio and your trading account. Platforms also include alerts, data feeds, live charts and a range of automated trading tools.

Platforms use a variety of technologies to provide varied trading experiences. Experienced traders develop their own preferences, and platform features can be a strong selling point for a brokerage. Generally, traders want speed, reliability, sophisticated technology and a steady flow of information. Platforms should be easy to navigate and have risk management tools that can operate automatically.

AvaOptions is one of AvaTrade’s flagship platforms. It’s popular with traders and can be promoted on affiliate sites as a conversion tool. It’s important not to confuse the AvaOptions platform with the discredited (and essentially fraudulent) binary options that were popular a few years ago. The AvaOptions platform is a high tech portal that allows people to trade online and operate by a legally regulated broker.

Promote AvaOptions as an affiliate partner

If you want to develop AvaOptions as part of your broader effort to promote AvaTrade, your first move should be to open a free demo account with AvaTrade. This lets you test drive the AvaOptions platform under actual market conditions. The only difference is that you trade with virtual (pretend) money – practice trading in effect. Even a few minutes will be enough for some valuable insights into the product you are promoting and will add to your success as a broker affiliate.

Your next move is to speak to your affiliate manager at AvaPartner. Ask for relevant marketing materials – preferable unique marketing materials. Try to get them tailored to your site and your target audience. Valuable AvaOptions marketing materials include widgets that you can add to your site, videos of the platform in action, and engaging banners. Try to utilize these throughout your marketing campaigns-such as blog posts, keyword strategy, and social media posts.

It’s essential to update your marketing materials regularly, both for SEO reasons and to stay up to date with changes and new platform features. Whenever there is an IPO (initial public offering) or a new coin offering that creates a new stock or cryptocurrency, check whether the asset is available on the AvaOptions platform. If it is, feature the news on your site.

How to Promote AvaOptions?

It’s relatively simple to promote AvaOptions. You need to know what the platform’s main advantages and selling points are. If you understand your site traffic, you’ll learn how to sell AvaOptions to your users. For example, if most of your site visitors are first-timers who are new to online trading, you’ll want to persuade them that the platform is user friendly and easy to master. It would help if you also emphasized that it’s a sophisticated tool that will allow them to aim for professional-level trading.

AvaOptions: The key selling points

  • No downloads required
  • Highly secure platform
  • Latest trading technology
  • Fast, with real-time price
  • Reliable and glitch-free
  • Indicators and trading tools

If you’re not an experienced trader (or an experienced forex affiliate), some technical terms relating to the platform may be confusing. For example, a “Fully Customizable Interface” means that you can design your trading screen and add tools, charts or widgets that you need for trading. The jargon is off-putting – especially to new traders.

It’s worth researching the different terms and explaining them in simple terms on your site. Creating a guide or a glossary can help with your SEO requirements as well as helping to send traffic to AvaTrade. You’ll need a good selection of keywords in your texts; this can be an effective way to include them without irritating the readers.

Another good technique is to compare AvaOptions against other platforms on offer at the Avatrade brokerage. Google likes to see tables and charts on websites. Data comparison tables, seeded with keywords and relevant H2 titles, can help your rankings. Your site visitors are also more likely to be positively influenced.

There is a great deal of competition between platform developers (and platform users). This competition leads to constant arguments about the “best platform to trade on”. Articles with titles like “MT5 versus AvaOptions – what’s the difference?” will be a valuable addition to your site. Given that AvaTrade offers both MT5 and AvaOptions – you can’t lose.

It’s worth asking your AvaPartner account manager for high converting marketing material to support your marketing efforts. Then get yourself an excellent content writer. You can probably find a reliable freelancer on Fiverr or a similar site. Set a budget and see if an investment in updated site content results in more traffic and conversions.

Promoting AvaOptions (as part of your broader strategy) can pay off. It creates opportunities to diversify and improve your site content and can be a powerful influencer that will generate leads, which means high affiliate commissions. It’s essential to think of a platform as a brand in its own right and promote it as such. Do your brand research, know your audience, and continually analyze and optimize your messaging.


Why should I promote AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is a powerful brand that meets all the criteria for your affiliate business. It’s an established international broker that’s regulated across 9 separate jurisdictions worldwide. The multilingual brokerage has a presence on every inhabited continent and offers traders the prestigious MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, as well as its own Web platform, mobile and social trading. AvaTrade also has an impressive asset index, including CFDs, cryptos and options. The AvaTrade brand is immediately recognizable and will convert leads.

How can I promote AvaTrade effectively?

The first step is to familiarise yourself with the AvaTrade brokerage. You can sign up for a free demo account and check out their range of trading platforms and assets. The AvaPartner program will provide you with all kinds of marketing materials. You should upgrade your site with widgets, videos, banners and new content. All your marketing efforts on your main site(s) should be replicated across social media and this can include paid ads and campaigns. Know your target audience, devise your campaigns and then optimize them.

What are the key selling points for AvaTrade?

The single best selling point for AvaTrade is that it’s a regulated broker. This should always be your starting point when you promote the brand. Traders need to understand that they are legally protected and can build a secure long term trading relationship. The other key selling points are the choice of 9 high tech trading platforms (including MT4 and MT5) with no downloads, the wide range of assets, transparent trading terms and conditions, offering innovative trading apps, and excellent multi-lingual customer service and fast deposits and withdrawals. You should always emphasize that AvaTrade is well established, regulated and highly professional.

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