February 22, 2022

How to be the Best Forex Affiliate in 2022?

best forex affiliate 2022

Forex markets (and other financial markets) are expected to deliver high profits to successful forex affiliates in 2022. If you want to be the best forex affiliate, you need to think on two different levels. The first is that the markets are constantly changing and may be particularly unpredictable this year. The second factor is that the marketing landscape is also changing. 

This blog post will focus on emerging 2022 marketing trends, particularly on the latest Google algorithms. Every online forex affiliate needs to integrate the latest SEO practices to get high rankings. Your online traffic and visibility – and your high affiliate commissions – will depend on achieving the best possible SEO results!

We’ll also take a look at emerging social media trends in 2022. There’s already a lot of talk about a shift from YouTube to TikTok. Social media channels are a vital tool for online affiliates and a great way to drive quality traffic. Too many forex affiliates take social media channels and sites for granted. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are massive, but they cater to a fickle audience. It pays to know where your traffic hangs out!

How to Become a Forex Affiliate in 2022?

If you’re already a high-earning Forex affiliate, you can skip this section. If you want to learn how to become a forex affiliate in 2022, read on. 

  1. Find a top-quality Forex affiliate program
  2. Understand the basics of forex trading and the broader financial markets.
  3. Develop your site content, build a strong presence across several social media channels, and create your first campaigns.
  4. Analyze and optimize your Forex affiliate campaigns. Study your traffic and reinvest your profits into new content, paid advertising, and high-converting digital incentives.
  5. Look for additional affiliate income streams as an introducing broker, trading academy, money manager, or different service provider.

Join the Best Forex Affiliate Program

Plenty of people will offer advice about how to become a forex affiliate. The only advice you need is to sign up with a respected Forex affiliate program that promotes a well-established regulated online broker. This is the only way to build your business and earn the highest commissions. You need the best partners if you want to be the best forex affiliate. You will never make high profits if you try to compromise or take shortcuts with unregulated brokers. 

  • SEO – SEO is the backbone of online forex affiliate marketing. Aside from signing up with the right partner program, mastering the basics of SEO is the most important thing you will ever do as a forex marketer. SEO works on several levels and is constantly evolving. You’ll have a real advantage if you understand the fundamental principles and keep up to date with changes. Not only will you save time and money creating your SEO-optimized site content, but you’ll understand how to hire SEO experts. 
  • Google – The dominant search engine and over 90% of internet users rely on Google Search. If you want to make money as an online forex affiliate in 2022, you need to understand Google. The problem is that Google/Alphabet is determined to protect its effective monopoly on online searches (and associated ad revenues). They prefer to keep the workings of their algorithms as secret as possible. There’s always an element of speculation when we discuss the inner workings of Google, but some things are clear. 

SEO Forex Content for Online Affiliates

One major factor that will drive page rankings in 2022 is content quality. Google will give ‘approval’ to sites with good quality content that present themselves as an ‘authority’ within their field. The best Forex affiliate site will meet its SEO criteria in Google’s eyes. 

  • Keywords: To gain page rankings, you need to regularly publish relevant (and high-quality) forex, broker, and financial markets-related content. The content needs to be seeded with the right keywords, insufficient density, and in a plausible way. We recommend using SEMrush to find keywords.
  • Optimization: All forex content must be optimized for SEO. Many Forex affiliates overlook essentials like heading and title tags, meta descriptions, images, graphs and tables, a solid intro paragraph, and URL structure.
  • Competition: Never copy other forex affiliates’ content: Google will punish you. Do pay close attention to the top-ranked sites. It’s a good idea to explore their keywords, themes, article structures, and writing styles.
  • Headlines: Google likes structured articles with clear and valuable H1 and H2 titles. You’re also competing for site visitors with a short attention span or even English as a second language. Compelling article titles placed over short paragraphs of text are powerful tools. It’s why even quality online news sites use clickbait titles.
  • Linking: Internal linking can drive up to 5% of your algorithm ranking. An extra 5 minutes spent linking an article to other pages or articles on your site is time well spent. Just don’t overdo it. Add logical and potentially useful links to a reader.

Social Media in 2022: YouTube and TikTok

There’s a lot of speculation that TikTok will challenge YouTube for market dominance in 2022. When you’re planning to become a Forex affiliate, you need to study all social media channels. The goal is to see which channel is best for reaching your target traffic. TikTok is ambitious and will grow in 2022. Please don’t assume that it’s ideal for forex affiliate marketing. 

TikTok claims 689 million monthly users. One hundred million of these are in the US and won’t prioritize regulated brokers who usually don’t accept US traders. Almost ⅓ of TikTok users are under the age of 19. Regulated brokers only welcomed traders over the age of 18. Most TikTok users value the platform for light entertainment, especially dance content.

You can undoubtedly target TikTokers over the age of 18, who live in regulated jurisdictions, are interested in online forex trading, and have a disposable income. Adult users are growing, but the typical online trading demographic is far more likely to be found on YouTube.

YouTube is American, and TikTok is Chinese-owned. A handful of countries have already banned TikTok, and more may follow.

You may consider opening a TikTok account and exploring the platform. It could be worth gaining a foothold and Incorporating TikTok into your social media strategy. If you have a budget, you can certainly explore paid advertising on TikTok. Before doing that, we’d recommend carefully researching the security and privacy issues. In 2022 at least, we’d recommend YouTube over TikTok for forex affiliates.


How to become a Forex affiliate on a budget?

It’s straightforward to become an online forex affiliate on a budget. All you need is a basic website and a presence on social media. What’s important is that as soon as you earn your first commissions, you reinvest as much as you can in your affiliate business. Suppose you want to become a Forex affiliate on a minimal budget. In that case, you’ll need some basic skills like content writing, SEO, and enough design savvy to create compelling social media creatives. If you can get some help from people with more knowledge, you’ll also be improving your business skills!

Can I write my SEO forex content?

Plenty of forex affiliates write their SEO forex content. You don’t have to be a professional writer, but you need to understand how to research keywords. It would help if you also structured your articles to optimize for SEO. Your content has to be engaging, easy to read, factually accurate, and compelling. Apart from gaining high rankings on Google, you need to persuade high-quality traffic to click on your affiliate links. Gaining better SERPs and more site visitors is only half the battle!

Is it Worth Opening a YouTube Channel?

Almost certainly yes! Even if you’re not in a position to create good quality YouTube content, you can start uploading other content (subject to copyright rules). Build a presence, comment on relevant videos, and research your competitors. You’ll find plenty of inspirational content and good ideas that you can quickly adapt into non-video content. As soon as you earn your first high commissions, you can set an actual budget for YouTube marketing. Pay a freelancer to create some trading tutorials or other short videos, and upload them with solid links.

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