June 5, 2023

Your 2023 Guide to Forex Marketer Success

Forex Marketer Success Guide (1)

Forex (and all CFD) marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses in 2023. The world’s best-known partner programs are paying out millions of dollars every month in commissions and are keen to sign up new Forex affiliate partners all the time.

If you want to achieve financial independence at a time of high inflation interest rates, and general financial uncertainty, becoming a Forex affiliate could be a rapid route to success. If you have initiative, and ambition, and are willing to learn the basics and put the work in – there are no realistic limits on how much you can earn. As of the summer of 2023, AvaPartner has paid its affiliates an astonishing $300 million dollars in commissions!

Why is Forex Affiliate Marketing Profitable in 2023?

Forex affiliate marketing is one of the few professions where you don’t need previous experience, professional knowledge or sizable startup capital to get started. It’s also – to a large extent – a recession-proof business. This is why 2023 is a particularly interesting time to get involved.

  • The high cost of living is compelling people to try to earn extra money. Online trading is an increasingly popular option.
  • Public trust in banks, governments, and traditional financial institutions is currently low. This works in favor of online brokers.
  • The war in Ukraine is contributing to financial instability and may cause further rises in commodity demand. This may encourage even more people to seek alternative investments.

Q3 and Q4 of 2023 could see an even greater surge in Forex, crypto, and other financial traffic. If you’re considering branching out into forex affiliate marketing or want to take your current affiliate marketing to a new level with a more professional partner program, now is the time to get moving.

  • Earn high commissions with a CPA or a Hybrid CPA deal
  • Build passive income streams with a profitable RevShare deal
  • Work remotely: when you want, how you want, and where you want.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to building a successful new career as a Forex marketer!

Get started in forex marketing today

There are several ways to succeed as a forex marketer, but no marketing strategy will work unless you promote a regulated broker. Your initial choice of broker is the single most crucial decision you’ll make when you get started as a forex marketer. If you’re working with the right forex partner program, you can potentially earn a six-figure sum every month. If you sign up with the wrong program, you’ll gain way below your potential – and might even get ripped off.  Regulated brokers attract serious traders with high budgets

  • Regulated brokers attract serious traders with high budgets
  • Regulated brokers operate powerful, high-converting brands
  • Their partner programs offer high, flexible commission plans

When you sign up to promote a partner program like AvaPartner, you’re working with some of the most experienced and professional people in the forex affiliate world. 

Earn High Commissions as a Forex Marketer

As soon as you’re signed up with a partner program, you’ll be in a position to start earning your first commissions. It pays to set ambitious goals from the very beginning and to promote your broker partner aggressively. 

  • Audit your website
    Review your website and ask other people for their input. Even if you only have a primary site, still consider the UX and UI design quality. Check all links and whether you have a good contact page (you want to encourage people to connect and contact you). Then you need to carry out an SEO review – do you have enough content, is the content optimized for SEO? Ask your partner program for original marketing materials and upgrade and refresh your site content regularly.
  • Build your social network
    Your website is like the hub of a wheel; the spokes going out are your social media channels. You need to audit and improve your existing profiles and add new ones. Ideally, you should check and update them daily. Aim for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and LinkedIn at a minimum, and look for any new channels that will appeal to your target demographics. Interconnect your social media channels and get the links out on Quora and trader forums. If you take the time to join groups and comment on other people’s pages and posts, your exposure will multiply. Your social profiles need to appear vibrant and active.
  • Create marketing campaigns
    Random posting doesn’t cut it when you’re aiming for a six-figure monthly income. You need well-thought-out marketing strategies, and you need to test and optimize your campaigns. Ideally, you should have something positive to offer, like free tutorials, podcasts, eBooks, or special broker deals. You need to stand out from the crowd and persuade serious people that it is in their direct interest to click on your links. It would be best if you always were thinking one or two campaigns ahead. It’s a dynamic process that never stops.
  • Get connected to the markets
    Even if you have zero personal interest in trading and you’ve become a forex marketer to earn money, you need to follow the financial news. If you don’t have your finger on the pulse, you will miss lucrative marketing opportunities. Start by signing up for free economic calendars and creating a marketing schedule to promote or comment on every upcoming financial event. Be ready to react to unexpected financial news events as they occur. That could be as simple as posting some good comments on your social channels and trying to get a debate going in the words. It could mean a new blog post or new marketing materials like banners from your partner program. 
  • Invest in your online assets and campaigns
    As soon as you start earning commissions as a forex marketer, create an investment budget. It can be tempting to enjoy your profits, but the goal is to make a lot more money over your entire life. Upgrade your website design, and consider acquiring new sites. Explore ways of creating professional quality films and animations, commission trader eBooks, allocate an advertising budget, and – when COVID-19 is finally over – be prepared to travel to affiliate conferences.

Promote your Forex Broker Effectively

A broker like AvaTrade is ideal for an ambitious forex marketer. It has several key advantages over most online competitors that you can use to your advantage. If you understand these advantages and market them to your site traffic, you can quickly improve your conversions. ‘

  • Trading Platforms
    Each AvaTrade platform is like a mini-brand and will provide you with a wealth of marketing material. Focus on MT4 and MT5, AvaSocial, as well as six other platforms. Serious forex traders love to read about new platform technology, features, and trading tools. 
  • Regulation
    Nine different official bodies regulate AvaTrade. Focusing on regulation is a great way to build trust and reassure potential traders that they will be signing up with a real and reliable brokerage. It also boosts your credibility as a reliable financial voice. 
  • Assets
    Not only does AvaTrade offer a vast range of assets across numerous asset classes, but it is also quick to add new assets whenever there is a successful IPO or new coin offering. AvaPartner will alert you in advance whenever new assets are added to the platforms. Promote them energetically across all your channels. 


Should I become a forex marketer or a crypto marketer?

Market both forex and cryptocurrencies and aim for even higher commissions! The forex markets and crypto markets operate similarly, mainly when assets are traded as CFDs. AvaTrade offers a full range of forex and crypto assets, and both attract the same kind of aggressive and ambitious traders. You can use almost identical marketing materials and campaign strategies to promote forex and cryptos as there is a high degree of crossover. You can also cast a wide online net and promote AvaTrade’s stocks, commodities, indices, EFTs, bonds and options. Although traders are only interested in forex, most are also attracted to more diverse assets.

How do I find high-value forex traders?

High-value forex traders tend to respond to top-quality marketing materials. They like to see precise information about brokers, including trading platforms and technologies, assets and, more importantly, details about spreads, rollovers, and fees. You need to post good quality links that will be seen by motivated people who are serious about making money. Carefully targeted social media posts, guest posts, and feature articles are a good marketing strategy. Another profitable direction is paid advertising that delivers your message to the right demographic. Learn the basics of keyword research and allocate a budget for Google Ads.

Can I be a forex marketer if I don’t trade forex?

Yes. There’s no requirement to be a forex trader if you want to make money as a forex marketer. Some successful forex affiliates have no personal interest in trading; they saw a business opportunity and took it. It is necessary to understand the basics of the financial markets and online forex trading. You need to create relevant and compelling marketing materials, and you do need to understand what motivates traders (apart from a desire to make money). When you know their expectations and concerns, you can target your traffic far more effectively. The best way to begin is to open a free demo account and practice trading.

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