February 15, 2022

All You Need to Know About FX Partnerships

Forex Partnerships

FX is short for Forex or Foreign Exchange. FX refers to the global currency markets where traders buy and sell national currencies for profit. Online forex brokers like AvaTrade operate partner programs that pay FX partners (forex affiliates) extremely high commissions for bringing them traders.

The forex markets are enormous, generating daily trading volumes of trillions of dollars. The profits are immense, and successful FX partnerships can generate six-figure incomes for forex affiliates. The best news is that forex is just one of many income streams when it comes to earning high affiliate commissions!

Forex Markets in 2022

2021 was a fantastic year for online trading. Financial analysts are less certain about the forex markets in 2022, mainly due to concerns about inflation, the US economy, and the dollar’s strength. The markets are unpredictable, but early signs show that the US dollar – the world’s most significant currency – is proving resilient and will perform better than expected in 2022. 

Despite speculation that cryptos will replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency or that the Chinese Renminbi will overtake the Greenback, the US dollar is still the major player. Bullish or bearish markets will continue attracting traders and generating significant profits for the affiliates who can refer them to brokers.

What is FX – Forex?

Anybody who has traveled abroad has changed money. We’re all used to seeing currency pairs with buying and selling prices, even if we don’t fully understand how they work. Most tourists and travelers lose money on commissions and poor exchange rates when buying foreign currencies. Forex traders understand the currency markets and aim to make money on currency deals.

The currency pairs that generate high-volume trading are the Four Majors: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF. So-called ‘commodity currencies’ the AUD/USD, NZD/USD, and USD/CAD also generate high trading volumes against the US dollar. Forex traders use one currency to buy another. The goal is to buy one currency cheaply and then resell it at a profit when it rises in value.

What are FX Partnerships?

Partner programs like AvaPartner offer lucrative FX partnerships to anyone who can bring forex traders and other online traders to their broker AvaTrade. Most FX partners are online affiliates (people with forex or trading-themed websites). You can also earn high commissions as an Introducing Broker, Money Manager, Call Center, Trading Academy, or other Service Provider.

Partner programs offer a range of commission plans and are keen to pay affiliates for traffic.

AvaPartner FX Partner Plans

  • CPA
  • Hybrid CPA
  • RevShare
  • Master Affiliate

FX was one of the first forms of popular online trading and still attracts millions of traders worldwide. FX – Forex has become a term of convenience. When affiliates talk about “forex brokers” they usually refer to online brokerages that offer a whole range of assets. Forex is just one part of the business.

Earn High Commissions Promoting Online Trading

Online trading goes far beyond FX – Forex. Top regulated brokers like AvaTrade have massive asset indexes that include all kinds of financial instruments, frequently tradable as CFDs or contracts for difference. We’ll explain how you can successfully promote more comprehensive online CFD trading and earn a much higher affiliate income.

In addition to forex trading, top FX partner affiliates make money promoting the following assets:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks (also known as shares)
  • Bonds (Treasuries) 
  • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Options

How to make money as a CFD Affiliate?

A CFD – contract for difference – is not an asset like a stock or a commodity. CFDs are a form of online trade that a broker-client opens on a particular asset, e.g., GOOG stocks or OIL. When traders open a CFD position on any asset, they do not buy it. Their goal is to correctly predict how the asset will perform (either rising or falling in value) and make a profit.

CFDs have revolutionized online trading and are popular for their simplicity, convenience, transparency, and potentially high profits that CFD traders can earn. FX partner affiliates quickly saw the high commissions that CFD traders represent. They successfully adjusted their marketing strategies to promote CFD trading on stocks, commodities, cryptos, and niche assets.

You can make money right now when you promote online CFD trading at a regulated broker like AvaTrade. The diversity of the assets on offer for CFD trading opens several convenient marketing streams. Conventional forex traders are usually strongly attracted to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Even minor adjustments to your marketing pitch can dramatically increase your commissions.

Earn High Commissions from Stocks, Commodities, and other CFDs

Forex and Crypto CFD trading tends to attract aggressive and ambitious traders willing to take risks to achieve high profits. The wider public is probably more familiar with the stock market. Stocks are a popular investment that attracts a broader range of investors. When you convert stock trading traffic, your main goal is to explain precisely what CFD trading is and how it can potentially benefit stock traders. High-volume stock traders, who trade long-term with an online broker, can earn you big profits through Hybrid CPA or RevShare deals.

Commodity traders are similar to stock traders in many ways but often tend to have niche financial interests. Commodities like Gold, Natural Gas, and Oil attract plenty of media attention, mainly in a bull market, e.g., Gold peaking at $2,121 in July 2020. Commodities can create some great marketing opportunities on social media. The concepts are simple and appealing – plenty of people are interested in Gold or Coffee (a major commodity). 

Promote Bonds, ETFs, and Options CFD Trading

Bonds or Treasuries, ETFs, Indices, and Options can also be highly profitable assets to promote. They are less well-known and require more sophisticated marketing strategies. Identifying relevant social media groups and pages, and third-party sites is key to promoting CFD trading on these assets.

If you can publish high-quality, SEO-optimized content on Bonds, ETFs, and Options, you will drive traffic. Blog posts, guest articles, and digital incentives like eBooks and trading guides are powerful conversion tools. As with stocks and commodities, the first step when you promote Bonds, ETFs, and Options as an affiliate is defining and explaining CFD trading. Once that’s clear, you can focus on the asset classes themselves.


What is the difference between forex and cryptos?

Forex – FX or foreign exchange – is the trade between national currencies issued by central banks. An official currency like the US Dollar, British Pound, or euro is tangible and is guaranteed by the national authority that prints the money. A cryptocurrency is not issued or backed by any government or central bank. Cryptos are unregulated and can be highly volatile in comparison to official currencies. Technical issues like blockchains and crypto mining aside, cryptocurrencies perform a lot like conventional forex assets and attract a similar type of trader. There is often significant overlap. This makes marketing easier for FX partners and other broker affiliates who profit from online CFD trading.

Is Forex more profitable for affiliates?

Forex traffic was traditionally highly profitable for online affiliates. If you sign up with the right partner program, there are still tremendous profits to be made from FX partnerships. The advantage of working with AvaPartner is that you can earn high profits from all your traffic. If you convert traffic, you’ll get paid. AvaPartner affiliates currently reach out to stock traders and commodity traders and energetically promote CFD trading on less well-known assets like Bonds, ETFs, Indices, and Options. Even if you’re a hardcore online forex affiliate, you can quickly adjust your campaigns to profit across the entire CFD trading spectrum.

Will 2022 be a profitable year for FX Partners?

Nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to the financial markets. We can only look at the historical market performance and balance known outcomes against current events and trends. All the suggestions are that 2022 will create plenty of trading opportunities. One of the most significant advantages of promoting a full range of assets (stocks, cryptos, commodities, bonds, ETFs, options, etc.) is that you are not dependent on the popularity of a single asset class. If traders start shifting out of forex, you can switch your affiliate marketing campaigns to cryptos or commodities. The goal is to be knowledgeable and flexible enough to profit from all the markets in 2022. There is plenty of high-quality traffic out there right now, and you need to create high-converting marketing materials.


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