August 22, 2023

Boost Your Broker Affiliate Commissions with AvaAcademy

Promote AvaAcademy’s elite online trading courses in your affiliate marketing materials and watch your commissions grow!

Smart online affiliates are the guys who use every tool at their disposal to promote their brands, attract wider traffic – and make more money! When you’re competing for online traders, it’s not enough to feature market events and assets. To realize your full earning potential, you must focus on the full spectrum of USPs or unique selling points your online broker offers.

Fortunately, affiliates who promote AvaTrade have some amazing brand-specific advantages to publicize in their marketing materials. AvaTrade has a wide selection of advanced trading platforms and apps, including MT4, MT5, and AvaSocial. These are powerful incentives for potential traders and can be used to generate a wealth of helpful SEO site content.

A major advantage that many affiliate partners often overlook is the AvaAcademy. Most online brokerages have some education centers or offer online trader training, but few do it as well as AvaTrade. The online AvaAcademy is a showcase resource that appeals to traders and potential traders from all backgrounds.

We’ll take a detailed look at the AvaAcademy in this blog post and offer some practical advice about increasing your broker commissions and enhancing your websites by promoting it.

The Broker Affiliates Guide to AvaAcademy

One reason why online trading is so popular, and generates such high revenues, is that pretty much anybody can master the basics of using a trading platform. CFDs (contracts for difference) are designed for simplicity and convenience, allowing online traders to access the global financial markets, manage their portfolios, and aim for financial independence.

Brokers are naturally keen to help absolute beginners get off on a sure footing and like to offer their clients practical help. This can include individual trading tutorials and webinars, but the starting point is usually a free online education center. A well-designed education center should contain enough materials to give the average new trader enough financial background knowledge and specific skills to trade online (while practicing basic risk management).

Many online brokers view having an excellent online education center as a matter of prestige. Regulated brokers like AvaTrade consider trader education one of the most important investments they’ll make. They view AvaAcademy as a vital part of their customer service and a way to build trust and create profitable long-term partnerships with their clients.

Five Reasons why Education Centers are Important for Broker Affiliates

It’s clear that education centers are important for reputable brokers, but they are also a marketing gift for broker affiliate partners. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Educated traders are more likely to stay with the broker on a long-term basis. If you have a RevShare deal, or you’re an introducing broker or a money manager, this can increase your commissions exponentially.
  2. A top-quality online education center immediately builds trust and engages trader interest. If you promote AvaAcademy effectively, you will increase your conversions.
  3. An education center quickly exposes traders to other asset classes and different types of trading. For example, someone who was ambivalent about forex trading may be persuaded to trade stocks or commodities. A hesitant trader might be keen to test the water with community support and copy trading on the AvaSocial platform.
  4. You can generate pages of high-value SEO content promoting and reviewing education centers. It is also a powerful click incentive when you place links on social media posts.
  5. If you need to brush up on your financial knowledge, get a better understanding of the markets, or want to write more authoritatively about online trading, financial events and assets, your broker education center is a convenient place to start. Switched-on affiliates often begin by spending a few hours browsing AvaAcademy.

How to Promote AvaAcademy in Your Affiliate Content and Campaigns

If you haven’t already visited the Ava Academy, it’s worth going there now! You can also read on for a convenient overview of the academy and the educational content that it offers traders.

The AvaAcademy is designed to allow online traders of all experience levels to learn remotely at their own pace. It uses online videos, articles, tutorials, and quizzes to give users a working knowledge of the financial markets, asset classes, and trading platforms, as well as risk management, technical and fundamental analysis, and trading strategies.

When you promote AvaAcademy, there are some key points that you should always communicate.

  • Free and paid subscription courses to registered users.
  • Professionally designed by a team of financial experts and education professionals.
  • The modular courses are designed to provide a convenient and enjoyable learning process. Users can focus on specific areas of interest or gain a wide foundational knowledge.
  • The AvaAcademy delivers a comprehensive learning experience covering every online trading aspect. It has over 400 videos, 150 separate lessons, 50 quizzes, and almost 2 dozen actual courses.
  • AvaAcademy is light years ahead of most of its competitors in terms of the quality of the educational materials, design, functionality, and ease of access.
  • The academy is not aimed exclusively at new traders and beginners. There are some outstanding resources for experienced traders who want to branch out and trade new asset classes or who want to master advanced trading strategies.

Tailor Your Marketing Message for Your Affiliate Traffic

Many people are initially attracted to the idea of making money with online trading but are intimidated by the process itself. Many are put off by trader jargon and slang and by the (apparent) complexities of processes like rollover, leverage, spreads, and margin calls. They are also put off by fear of financial losses and unscrupulous brokers.

The offer of free and readily accessible financial educational materials – with no obligations or commitments – can be a powerful lure for hesitant traders. The Ava Academy could almost have been designed as the perfect subject for high-converting social media campaigns.

Creatives with themes like “Want to cash in on rising OIL prices but don’t know how?” or “Do you want to trade Bitcoin, but you’re scared of losing?” can generate a high volume of clicks. Most people will respond to the opportunity to get something desirable for nothing. Use the offer of free financial training to draw traffic into your own affiliate conversion funnel.

You can use a similar approach to target more experienced traders – perhaps those who have already signed up with a broker but aren’t satisfied with their financial results or their trading experience. You’re targeting a more sophisticated (or at least a more experienced) demographic. Try focusing on professional trading strategies, advanced analytics, and how to use high-tech trading tools and widgets.

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Use the AvaAcademy for SEO Optimization on Your Affiliate Sites

Getting high rankings on Google is a priority for any successful online affiliate. High-quality content about the AvaAcademy can potentially boost your site rankings, as well as improve the user experience and drive conversions.

Any well-written (and well-structured) review of AvaAcademy will be an SEO gold mine full of useful keywords and the H1s and H2s that Google loves to see. You can multiply your results by writing a series of reviews of other brokers’ education centers. Once you find a formula or template for your reviews, writing becomes a relatively simple task. You can add pages of high-value organic SEO content to your websites and reap the rewards.

AvaAcademy is a top-tier online educational center that has trained over 10,000 online traders. It’s genuinely one of the best in the world and this makes your job as an online affiliate a lot easier. You can write (or commission) blog posts and guest posts about the academy and get your links published on the kind of websites that the Google crawler will respond to positively.

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Become an AvaPartner Affiliate Today

If you’re impressed by the AvaAcademy and see the potential to boost your affiliate commissions by promoting it, it’s time to sign up with AvaPartner. You’ll be working with one of the world’s top affiliate partner programs and can negotiate a tailored commission plan to suit your own affiliate business model. Whatever your financial goals this year, you’ll be on the fast track to high earnings with AvaPartner.

AvaPartner has paid out over $300 million in commissions since the program was founded. We’ll back up your affiliate campaigns with unique, high-converting marketing materials and will update you regularly with useful information about all the new FinTech tools, financial assets, and special promotions at AvaTrade.

As an AvaPartner affiliate, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in affiliate conferences and events and enjoy all the benefits available to our VIP affiliate partners. If you’re ambitious and keen to earn high commissions, we want to hear from you today!

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