June 28, 2021

Profit From Social Trading as an Affiliate

Social Trading

In the last five years, social trading has grown from being a niche trading activity, offered by a small number of online forex brokers, to a popular mainstream trading feature. We’ll take a look in this blog post at how social trading works, why it is a powerful conversion tool for affiliate partners, and how to promote a social trading platform effectively.

First of all, WHAT is social trading?

Social trading in forex is a simple concept. It’s an ‘opt in’ system that allows users to see other traders’ profiles. More sophisticated versions may also allow instant messaging, comments and posts, or even offer online user forums. The social trading platform technology then allows online traders to follow other traders and automatically copy their trading activity. The technology is flexible and traders can define their own parameters for copy trading.

Social traders can apply all the available risk management tools like stop loss and take profit to their copy trades. They can also instruct the social trading platform to open trades at a predetermined proportion of another trader’s investments e.g. Trader A decides to copy Trader B at a ratio of 20%. If Trader B opens a particular trade with a volume of 1 Lot, Trader A’s platform will automatically open an identical trade with a volume of 0.20 Lot.

Social trading may be incentivized for traders who agree to be copied, paying them some kind of commission or other rewards whenever their investments attract copiers. A successful social trader may be able to build an online following at the brokerage and generate extra income. For an ambitious few, regular engagement with followers may be the first step towards becoming an introducing broker or even a fund manager.

The Potential Advantages of Social Trading in Forex

Advantages for copiers  Advantages for copied traders

Learn trading techniques and strategies from more experienced traders.

The opportunity to earn commissions or other financial rewards.
Gain exposure to new asset classes and learn how to trade them.

Additional incentives to focus on your own trading strategies and long term goals as you build a following.

Gain market exposure without spending a lot of time researching and analyzing assets and market conditions.

Possible opportunities to build a wider financial career if you develop teaching and communication skills with less experienced traders.

Potentially reduce the risk of loss by copying successful traders. It is of course still important to apply all the principles of risk management – even when copying expert traders. The markets can perform in unexpected ways, and even skilled investors sometimes make mistakes.

Opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your own account manager and brokerage – if you become a popular, high volume social trader. You may be able to negotiate additional personal benefits like account upgrades or tighter spreads.

Can forex affiliates profit from social trading?

Definitely YES! Social trading can be a powerful conversion tool for forex and broker affiliate partners. If you promote it effectively, you can expect to profit. Social trading is a strong selling point for any brokerage and traders now expect to see well designed social trading platforms and social trading tools. Even complete newcomers to forex are quickly impressed by the idea that they can copy other traders.

The newest generation of young traders were just two or three years old when Facebook went mainstream in 2006. They grew up with social media; sharing and communicating online is as normal to them as eating and breathing.

Why social trading platforms can improve conversions?

  • Social trading implies transparency and openness. It builds brand trust among potential sign ups.
  • Potential leads may be attracted by a sense of community and the opportunity to belong.
  • A social trading platform immediately sounds fun and suggests that online trading may be a satisfying and sociable activity.
  • New traders are attracted by the opportunity to learn and copy more experienced and successful traders.
  • Social trading may be perceived as a convenient shortcut to more effective trading and higher profits.

A well presented social trading platform that gets positive user reviews can give an online brokerage a ‘human face’ that inspires trust and generates enthusiasm. However, many potential leads will expect to see the latest high tech social trading tools and a clear breakdown of the potential benefits of using a particular platform – rather than just a general endorsement of the benefits of social trading in forex.

How can I promote social trading as an affiliate?

There are two key requirements if you want to promote social trading profitably as an affiliate.. The first is to join a top quality CFD partner program run by a regulated broker with a leading social trading platform. The second requirement is to promote social trading as an attractive additional option for traders. Don’t push it as the sole goal of online trading – and never create the mistaken impression that it’s compulsory for traders.

Top tips for promoting social trading

  • Target new traders with the benefits of a reduced learning curve, individual mentoring and peer support when they use social trading.
  • Interest experienced traders with the possibility of earning extra rewards when they are copied.
  • Emphasize that social traders can protect their privacy and opt out at any time – or for any trade.
  • Invest in social media campaigns. People already active on social media are more likely to be interested in social trading.
  • Try to feature real social traders in your creatives. Try to get quotes, and tell their story.

What is the AvaSocial social trading platform?

AvaTrade is one of the world’s leading online brokerages. It’s available to online traders on every inhabited continent and is regulated by recognized  financial authorities in nine different jurisdictions. AvaTrade connects traders to the financial markets via a choice of trading platforms. These include WebTrading, AvaTradeGO, AvaOptions, mobile Trading and the prestigious MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

AvaSocial is AvaTrade’s popular social trading app. It uses proprietary technology developed in conjunction with FCA regulated Pelican trading. The innovative app connects traders from dozens of countries and offers automated copy trading on assets as diverse as cryptos and forex, stocks, bonds and ETFs, commodities, indices and options. Most of these assets are available as simple and convenient CFD (contract for difference) trades.

Newcomers (or experienced traders) can connect to successful traders and set their social trading platform to automatically copy their trades. Traders can engage with expert mentors, join groups for questions, feedback and brainstorming sessions, and publicise their achievements across connected social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (this is also a convenient marketing tie-in for social media savvy affiliates).

Promote the AvaPartner Program

The AvaPartner program is an award winning trading affiliate program that offers a range of lucrative commission plans. These include:

  • Online affiliates
  • Introducing brokers
  • Money managers
  • Call centers
  • Trading academies
  • Service providers

Affiliate partners are encouraged to negotiate hybrid commission plans that match their individual business model and allow for future growth. The full choice of standard plans is CPA, Dynamic CPA, RevShare and Master Affiliate (Learn more about what is RevShare)

AvaPartner supports its affiliate partners with top quality marketing materials – including forex social trading materials. AvaTrade is a regulated broker and operates according to strict standards. This ethical approach extends to affiliate partners who are guaranteed full transparency via their individual dashboards. You can monitor your results and calculate your payments exactly.

AvaPartner is keen to build long term partnerships with good quality affiliate partners. You can speak to us today about how to join the program and promote one of the world’s fastest growing regulated online brokerages.


Is social trading really popular with online forex traders?

Yes – social trading is very popular with online forex traders. But it’s popularity isn’t just limited to forex. Traders who focus on other CFD assets like stocks, bonds, cryptos, ETFs, commodities, options and indices also like to use the social trading platform. They can copy trades and communicate with other traders in exactly the same way. Social trading is now a part of trader expectations and even people who aren’t generally interested in social media can see the benefits.

What’s the best way to promote a social trading platform?

The best way to promote a social trading platform depends entirely on what kind of affiliate partner you are. If you have websites and a strong online presence, it’s worth building social media campaigns that target potential leads who are already active on social media. Make sure that you get the links out there, with good quality marketing materials that show the actual social trading tools available on the platform.

Is social trading safe and secure for traders?

If you’re promoting a regulated online broker like AvaTrade, the social trading platform is completely secure. Traders are in charge of their own privacy settings and can opt in and out of social trading at any time. You can promote the AvaSocial social trading platform with complete confidence. In fact, cyber security, privacy and customer service are strong selling points that you can use to convert leads!

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