February 15, 2023

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin affiliate programs

Promoting Bitcoin in 2023

2022 was something of a rollercoaster year for Bitcoin and for cryptocurrencies in general. We saw major financial scandals, with rapid negative market consequences, and unrelated drops in BTC value. The Bankman-Fried trial is likely to further disrupt the crypto markets this year. The announcement on the 23rd of February 2023 that Sam Bankman Fried will face 12 additional charges, and is accused of over 300 illegal political donations guarantees that the trial will be one of the year’s top legal stories.

Bitcoin peaked at $61,837 in October 2021, leading to wild speculation that it might smash the $100,000 barrier. By December 2022, the runaway digital currency slumped to $16,441 wiping out millions of crypto-filled portfolios. Since then, BTC has shown several months of relative stability, trading in the $20-25k range. The markets are watching and waiting in hopes that Bitcoin will repeat its historical rallies.

Although events like the collapse of the  FTX crypto exchange, and the prosecution of a New York couple accused of a $3.6 billion BTC theft, may damage the reputation of the crypto industry, the stories also generate massive publicity. Cryptos will be front-page news in 2023, and the benefits for Bitcoin affiliates are potentially huge.


Bitcoin (BTC) is arguably the world’s most talked-about financial instrument. The dynamic and highly volatile cryptocurrency generates headlines almost daily and is disrupting the global financial system. Bitcoin surged in value in 2021, crossing the crucial $50,000 threshold on February 16th of that year. It peaked at $67,643 on November 9th, 2021, and remains highly volatile. 

The crash back to $41,967 during the first week of December 2021 quickly created exciting new trading opportunities!

The rapid changes in value and potential for amazingly high gains continue to attract online traders hoping for life-changing profits. Bitcoin affiliate programs are keen to sign up new affiliate partners and pay extremely high commissions for new Bitcoin traders.

2023 is expected to be a pivotal year for Bitcoin. 

The alternative digital currency is rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance. Public interest from national banks and major financial institutions is generating a new level of trust. 

Bitcoin has already moved from the financial fringes and is attracting serious interest from more conservative and cautious investors, as well as less-experienced traders. 

Any financial market and trading trends are hard to predict, but analysts can check previous data and plan according to the balance of probabilities. If Bitcoin trading follows last years’ patterns, we may see a surge of interest from new traders and a rush to sign up with online brokers.

Anybody with a Bitcoin affiliate website will be able to claim their share of the enormous daily cash volume that global Bitcoin trading will generate. The Bitcoin affiliate system is an intelligent way to earn high profits without the risks or commitments of actual trading.

What is Bitcoin volatility?

If you’re keen to earn high commissions and are already checking out Bitcoin affiliate programs, it’s essential to understand the basics of Bitcoin itself. Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) are technically complex. Fortunately, they respond to conventional market forces and perform like traditional forex assets. 

You need to understand the key points to run a profitable Bitcoin affiliate website are reasonably straightforward. The first concept is volatility. 

All financial assets rise and fall in value according to supply and demand. If you can sell them at a higher price than you originally paid for them, you will make a profit.

Assets like government bonds or stable large-cap stocks like Apple or Berkshire Hathaway rarely change dramatically in value. They are considered low-risk, low-return investments. 

Bitcoin is different; a single digital coin can gain or lose thousands of dollars in value in a matter of days. If you have a portfolio with thousands of coins, potential profits can run into millions of dollars within a short period. 

What are the market forces that make Bitcoin profitable?

Bitcoin is volatile primarily because it is a new asset that experiences periods of intense demand.

There are several other reasons why cryptocurrency is so unpredictable within that basic context.

  • Bitcoin is currently unregulated. Bitcoin is anonymous, and its blockchains are widely distributed. Digital currency is not controlled or regulated by any government or central bank. It’s uniquely sensitive to supply and demand. 
  • Bitcoin is a digital currency. It’s intangible and has no intrinsic value. Bitcoin attracts speculators so that commodities like Oil and Gold (which can be more accurately measured against actual global demand) don’t. BTC isn’t underpinned by a central government, and its value depends far more on the faith of investors who assess the risks.
  • The supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million digital coins. It’s not a fiat currency like the US dollar printed on demand. Nor is it a commodity like Crude Oil where production can be adjusted to manipulate prices. Investors are competing for a finite resource. Prices rise exponentially in response to demand. 
  • Bitcoin, or more precisely Bitcoin traders, are highly responsive to rumors. Bitcoin is hot news and is perfect for dramatic clickbait headlines and speculative articles. The asset attracts commentary from influential public figures, and Bitcoin news goes viral. Any trending stories or predictions will instantly affect the price of Bitcoin – far more than other popular assets. 
  • While there isn’t a typical Bitcoin trader profile, they trade differently from mainstream professional retail investors. Bitcoin traders tend to be more impulsive and are quicker to buy or sell in response to perceived market sentiment. This gives additional momentum to developing trends and increases volatility. Bitcoin trader sentiment could be described as viral. 

Bitcoin affiliate programs have quickly understood both the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin’s inherent volatility. The key to making high, sustained profits from your Bitcoin affiliate website is realizing that volatility’s ‘disadvantages’ also offer excellent marketing opportunities

Bitcoin hit a relatively low point of $41,231 at the end of September 2021; at that point, it began a broad upward trajectory, peaking at $65,976 on October 21st. It then fell back before climbing again. 

When you devise marketing campaigns and write content to promote Bitcoin trading, you can adjust your message to benefit from the digital currency’s volatility and sudden changes in value. 

Here are 3 tips to promote Bitcoin trading:

  1. The underlying message should always be that any market conditions can create exciting and profitable trading opportunities for traders who use effective strategies. CFD traders can potentially profit from any market conditions by opening either Long or Short positions.
  2. Imaginative and energetic marketing campaigns can focus on market lows as an ideal time to buy into a competitive asset. A brief analysis of Bitcoin technical charts will give you all the examples you need for your creatives.
  3. Bullish trends create positive headlines and attract new trader interest. That’s the time to aggressively promote your online crypto broker partner. Focus on the broker’s trading technology, assets, spreads, leverage, customer service, and regulation.

How to Profit from Bitcoin Volatility in 2022?

Your goal is to understand the Bitcoin affiliate system and earn the highest possible commissions (a six-figure monthly income is attainable with AvaPartner). You need to present Bitcoin’s volatility within its framework of rapid overall growth. The message to traders is that the technical analysis charts speak for themselves. 

After years of low volatility, Bitcoin crossed the psychologically crucial $1,000 line on Valentine’s Day 2017. Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster asset. The trajectory is upward but with steep dives along the way. The sudden falls and subsequent rallies earn enormous profits for traders. 

Bitcoin is an asset that generates plenty of wild predictions about its future performance. Many of these can be discounted, but some serious commentators wonder if BTC can hit the $100,000 point in 2022. 

The thrust of the argument is that Bitcoin may be a hedge against inflation. If it also achieves acceptance at a national and institutional level (as seems likely), Bitcoin will soar in value. $100,000 is a significant number, but it’s not such a big jump from $67,643 based on BTC’s 2021 performance. 

Investors who think that Bitcoin will push towards the $100,000 line will follow the example of the mystery ‘whale’ or Bitcoin hoarder who snapped up another $150 million worth during the first week of December 2021. The anonymous investor clearly thinks that Bitcoin is set to rise next year and intends to reap the financial rewards. 


Are there special Bitcoin trading strategies?

Some traders use a strategy known as ‘buying the dip.’ It aims to profit from BTC’s tendency to make double-digit moves every week. Dollar-cost averaging is a longer-term strategy that works on the assumption that Bitcoin is in a period of sustained growth, and it makes financial sense to absorb temporary declines in value. Day trading is a popular approach, but many investors view it as naive short-termism. Some of the big winners simply bought Bitcoins cheaply and left them to gain value. The advantage of trading BTC online as CFDs is that online brokers make the process affordable at entry level with 20:1 leverage. As you build your Bitcoin affiliate site, you can offer trading strategies as powerful digital incentives.

Will Bitcoin be volatile throughout 2022?

The market consensus is that Bitcoin will be volatile in 2022. The Bitcoin affiliate system will continue to cash in on the boom as traders rush to sign up with online crypto brokers. Competent affiliates will be checking out the crypto communities on YouTube and other social media channels. This week’s excellent news is that Facebook is canceling its 2018 ban on crypto advertising. This is a massive boost for everyone with a Bitcoin affiliate site. There is an exciting new potential to reach millions of potential crypto traders worldwide on Facebook. If BTC begins to push toward the $100 Kline, there will be massive hype and social media speculation. Every moment of volatility will draw massive attention.

What are the best Bitcoin affiliate programs?

The best Bitcoin affiliate programs are the ones that promote regulated brokers like AvaTrade. Regulated brokers are the only online brokers that can deliver reliable long-term profits when you promote them via a Bitcoin affiliate site. It’s also vital to choose a well-established online broker with a decade of proven experience in the forex market. They have the technical knowledge and resources to provide clients with a secure and top-quality cryptocurrency trading experience. In addition to Bitcoin, their asset index will also offer a full range of other cryptos like Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. That level of professionalism allows you to place absolute trust in the best Bitcoin affiliate programs like AvaPartner.

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