October 26, 2022

CFD Marketing 101: Promote App Trading

Promoting App Trading

How CFD Affiliates Make Money Promoting Broker Trading Apps

Many CFD affiliates focus on promoting currency pairs and financial news events in their campaigns. They often overlook the fact that top brokers like AvaTrade have a selection of trading apps that are mini brands in their own right. Apps like AvaTradeGO are ideal for creating high-converting marketing materials. If you want to make more money as a CFD affiliate, read on for a complete guide to promoting broker trading apps.

What Are Broker Trading Apps?

Online forex and CFD brokers connect traders to the global financial markets via online trading platforms. These use sophisticated fintech software to give traders access to a range of financial assets and instruments in real-time and at exact market prices. Traders can open positions on these assets and use charting, news feeds, and other trading tools to perform technical and fundamental analysis.

Two of the most sophisticated and best-known trading platforms are MT4 and MT5, but leading brokers also develop their own trading apps. Some of these proprietary apps are superbly designed and deliver an outstanding trading experience. Savvy CFD affiliates can feature the apps in their content and capitalize on trader interest to drive conversions and make money.

Broker Trading Apps at AvaTrade

AvaTrade is already one of the easiest online forex and CFD brokers to promote. It’s a global brand, regulated in multiple jurisdictions and backed up by full liquidity. AvaTrade has a strong positive reputation among traders and has been in action for over 15 years. It’s a top-tier online brokerage with a great partner program and has some of the world’s best trading platforms and apps.

AvaTrade Trading Platforms

Forex marketers can promote any of the current AvaTrade apps and platforms:

  • Web Trader
  • AvaTradeGO
  • AvaOptions
  • AvaSocial
  • MT4
  • MT5

Web Trader

Web Trader is designed to deliver a simple and straightforward trading experience. One of Web Trader’s main advantages is that you don’t need to download it. The platform works directly from a web browser. Although the interface is simple, the actual trading experience is highly sophisticated, with full functionality.

Web Trader comes with the Trading Central facility for pattern recognition and technical insight. The platform also delivers outstanding risk management tools and all the automated trading functions essential for effective online forex and CFD trading. Affiliates and forex marketers can promote Web Trader to beginner traders and anybody who wants a simple and user-friendly platform that still allows for professional-level trading.


AvaTradeGO is one of AvaTrade’s flagship proprietary trading platforms. It’s a great alternative to MT4 and MT5 and delivers a sophisticated and essentially flawless trading experience. The platform also operates with AvaProtect™ trading technology to provide a high level of risk management and trader protection.

AvaTradeGO was named the world’s best Forex trading app by the Global Forex Awards in 2020. This is a great selling point for forex marketers and can be used to create high-converting marketing materials and site content. AvaTradeGO is an ideal platform to promote if you are targeting experienced traders or people who are interested in trading technology. We particularly recommend using screenshots or film clips of the dashboard and charts.


When you promote AvaTrade, it’s important to remember that they also offer online options trading. This is a rapidly growing niche that offers CFD affiliates some excellent opportunities to boost their commissions. The AvaOptions trading platform is a superb piece of software that delivers a unique trading experience.

We recommend adding detailed reviews and feature articles to your website, as well as promoting AvaOptions across your social media channels. You can easily focus on the 13 top option trading strategies, 40+ currency pairs, custom charts, risk management tools, and charting. AvaOptions is ideal for traders who are looking for a more sophisticated approach to forex trading.

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Forex affiliates tend to wrongly assume that social trading is for beginners. There’s no doubt that social trading can shorten the learning curve for novices and help them to avoid unnecessary losses. The AvaSocial trading platform is also a really useful tool for experienced traders. Effective social trading can gain fast market overviews and reduce the need for detailed analysis.

The AvaSocial trading platform is one of the best – and easiest – platforms for affiliates to promote in their forex marketing campaigns. Social trading instinctively appeals to younger traders, and the concept builds trust among novices. Many experienced traders like the idea of becoming mentors while broadening their own knowledge of diverse asset classes. You can generate amazing content around social trading and aim for high conversion rates.

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Is it Still Worth Promoting MT4 and MT5?

It is absolutely worth promoting the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) and MT5 (MetaTrader 5) trading platforms. The recent news that Apple dropped the platforms from the AppStore shocked the online forex trading community, but it’s not necessarily bad news for forex affiliates. Successful forex marketers understand that all news is actually good news – at least most of the time.

The controversy about Apple and MetaTrader creates great opportunities to generate high-value content. Traders urgently want to know what’s going on and whether they’ll be able to continue trading online with their iPhones and iPads. The Apple Store story will keep on running, and smart affiliates are pushing it on social media and in their blogs, guest posts, and forum posts.

MT4 and MT5 are still freely available for download for Android. There is a lot of mileage left in the world’s most popular trading platforms (and the associated MAM software). If the MetaTrader owner MetaQuotes Software reaches an agreement with Apple, the platforms could be back in the AppStore. It can definitely pay to promote MT4 and MT5 energetically and keep the debate alive on your social media channels and site comments section!

How to Promote Apps Trading as a Forex Affiliate

The selection of proprietary apps and trading platforms available at AvaTrade gives you a lot of flexibility when you create forex marketing campaigns. You can target the entire spectrum of trading traffic, from people who’ve never heard of online trading to relative novices and also experienced traders.

As a CFD affiliate, you definitely aren’t limited to promoting forex trading. There’s a massive range of CFDs from all asset classes – including ETFs, bonds, and options. Most trading apps support cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities. If you promote them energetically and effectively, you can definitely earn higher monthly commissions!

Use Visual Images to Promote Trading Apps

Trading apps are highly visually appealing, especially to tech fans and people who are attracted to the idea of sophisticated trading. Even basic screenshots of trading platform dashboards are powerful marketing tools. You can display live charts, heat maps, and automated orders in your creatives. They’re particularly suited for social media posts with short text and an affiliate link.

You can also feature images of the actual devices that traders use for online trading. iPhones, iPads, tablets, Mac devices, and Android smartphones have enormous appeal. If you identify sites, forums, and social media pages for tech fans, you can easily create a connection between tech devices and online trading.

Create SEO Optimized Reviews and Feature Articles

It’s easy to update your websites and improve your blog with detailed reviews and comparisons of Trading platforms and apps. These dual-purpose articles function as high-converting user content and will also drive up your Google ranking over time. Well-designed and properly written app content adds enormous credibility and value to your Forex affiliate sites.

It’s worth creating a content plan and working systematically to upgrade your content. If necessary, hire a professional content writer. You can also approach AvaPartner for unique marketing materials and more info about proprietary trading apps and trading tools. Fintech is a fascinating subject – at least for techies and traders – and generates endless possibilities for SEO-optimized content and high-converting marketing materials.

Create Trading Tutorials and User Guides for Apps

New traders love to get free trading tutorials that teach them how to master trading apps and platforms. You can really boost your YouTube or TikTok channel by adding a series of trading tutorials for a range of apps. Once you create a working template for a user guide, you can add tutorials to your websites and social channels fairly quickly.

When you create trading tutorials for apps, it pays to be a little bit wise about how you offer these valuable resources. You may get the best results if you use them to incentivize your unique affiliate links. Offer your traffic a preview or a taster, but make them enter your conversion funnel to actually get the full benefits of your trading tutorials and user guides.

Promoting App Trading: Take Away Points

  • Trading platforms and apps are essentially min-brands inside an online brokerage. They are superb marketing tools that many CFD affiliates fail to exploit.
  • If you promote trading apps effectively, you can easily increase your monthly commissions from your partner program.
  • MT4 and MT5 are still popular and relevant. Keep on promoting them, and use the problems between MetaQuotes and Apple to your advantage.

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