September 12, 2021

How & Where to Find the Best Forex Partners?

How and Where to Find the Best Forex Partners?

If you want to make high profits as an affiliate, you need to find the best forex partners. You’ll not only earn higher long-term commissions; it will be easier to promote their brands and drive traffic in the first place. This blog post will look at exactly what makes an outstanding forex partner – and how to find one and sign up with no hassles. The forex market is booming and is set to grow even stronger over the next few years. There’s never been a better time to connect with a top-quality forex partner and start cashing in on the massive global forex market.

A Brief Overview of the Global Forex Markets

If you’re looking for a reliable forex partner, you probably already have a good understanding of the forex industry. But if you’re a newcomer, it’s helpful to get a quick overview of the online forex and forex affiliate business.

Forex (foreign currency) is the world’s biggest financial market, achieving a daily volume of trillions of dollars. It is an immensely profitable – and highly volatile – market where online CFD brokers have claimed their lucrative niche. Private traders worldwide sign up with brokers and use their trading platforms to open CFD (contract for difference) positions on a wide range of currency pairs. They also open CFD trades on other assets, including cryptos stocks, bonds, commodities, indices, ETFs and options.

Online forex brokers compete fiercely for new clients. They are ready to pay generous commissions to any affiliate partner who can bring them high quality, high volume traders. Most affiliates are online affiliates, people with websites and social media profiles who can get traders to a broker via links. Forex partners are also keen to work with Introducing brokers, money managers, trading academies, call centers and other service providers.

What Makes a Top Quality Forex Partner?

When you’re focused on making money as a forex partner, you don’t want to waste time, energy and resources trying to promote a second rate broker. You need to connect straight to a top tier forex partner program and start earning high payments in your first month. Unfortunately, some dubious brokers can’t – or won’t – deliver the goods. Some are outright crooks; others are amateurs operating on a shoestring budget. The good news is that it’s easy to identify and avoid unsuitable forex partners.

Best Forex Partners Checklist

Suppose you apply this simple checklist to any prospective forex partner. In that case, you’ll immediately know whether you’re dealing with a reliable and high paying affiliate program or if you’ve stumbled across a loser.

  • Is the broker regulated in every jurisdiction where it attracts traders?
  • Is the broker well established – ideally with more than ten years experience?
  • Does the broker offer a full selection of modern trading platforms?
  • Are you impressed by the broker’s overall image and brand?
  • Can you negotiate a tailored commission plan with your forex partner?
  • Will your forex partner supply creatives and marketing materials?

The best forex partners promote regulated brokers with high liquidity, good reputations and a strong international presence. The chances are that if you’re impressed by their trading platforms, branding and user experience – your traffic will be too. Powerful brands with a massive asset index, top trading platforms and the latest trading tools convert leads. The more a broker can offer its traders, the more positives you have to promote in your creatives and marketing campaigns.

Top Tip

Scam brokers frequently describe themselves as ‘registered brokers’ or ‘fully registered brokers’. This is a trick to ensnare inexperienced traders. It means that an online brokerage is operated by a registered company (usually a shell company in a remote jurisdiction). It doesn’t mean that a government body or central bank regulates the broker or has any legitimacy. Don’t be taken in!

How do I Find a High Paying Forex Partner?

If you’re serious about earning a high income as an affiliate, one of the best forex partners in the forex industry is AvaPartner. They’re keen to recruit new forex affiliates and don’t mind if you lack experience. What they want to see is your ambition to succeed and become a top tier earner. AvaPartner is one of the world’s highest paying forex partners. They just celebrated reaching $250,000,000 in total commissions and revenues paid out to affiliate partners. Even by the super-profitable standards of the forex industry, this is a serious amount of money!

Why is AvaPartner One of the Best Forex Partners?

AvaPartner promotes AvaTrade, one of the world’s best-known online CFD brokers (it’s arguably one of the top 10 forex brands on the planet). They have almost 15 years of experience in the industry, making them a veteran forex broker and are regulated in seven major jurisdictions. AvaTrade operates under the direct supervision of some of the world’s most demanding financial authorities and is a reliable financial service provider.

Key Selling Points when you Promote AvaTrade

  • Regulated in 7 major jurisdictions
  • Available to traders on every continent
  • Offers nine outstanding trading platforms
  • Provides its own social trading platform
  • Continues to invest in the latest trading technology
  • Provides a super secure site and secure accounts
  • Maintains a diverse asset index across major markets

The Key Benefits of Joining AvaPartner

  • High commissions, full transparency and fast payments
  • A flexible choice of 4 lucrative commission plans
  • Promote AvaPartner with different affiliate business models
  • Get top-quality individual marketing materials
  • Benefit from years of industry knowledge and expertise

AvaPartner understands that every forex affiliate is an individual with an individual business model. They have the flexibility to create a commission plan and a support structure that will maximize your earning potential. AvaPartner also understands the importance of rewarding its partners with high payments. If you consistently deliver quality traffic, high volume traffic, you can expect six-figure revenues every month.

There are currently six main ways to earn money with AvaPartner. You’re not limited to any category and combine or change roles whenever you see new opportunities. AvaPartner is always ready to renegotiate your commission structures.

  1. Online affiliate
  2. Introducing broker
  3. Money manager
  4. Trading academy
  5. Call center
  6. Service provider

Commission plans at AvaPartner include CPA, Hybrid CPA, RevShare and Master Affiliate.


Do Forex Partners Accept Traders from My Country?

AvaTrade is regulated in 7 jurisdictions and accepts traders from most countries worldwide (subject to regulatory and legal limitations). The main advantage for partners is that AvaTrade operates in almost 30 different languages. If, for example, you have a Spanish language website, you can drive traffic from multiple Spanish speaking countries. As you gain experience, you can localize your creatives and marketing materials and target leads with even greater precision. AvaTrade is a genuinely international brokerage, and the partnership potential is enormous.

How Quickly can I Earn Money from a Forex Partner?

If you’re bringing good quality leads that convert, you can earn money immediately: It’s as simple as that. Most forex partner programs pay their affiliates every month. And there are no limits on how much you can earn as a forex affiliate. Plenty of people became millionaires by the end of their first year in the business. Other affiliates are happy to run their networks as a part-time business that pays the mortgage or gives them a vastly improved quality of life. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.

Can I Make Money as a Forex Affiliate?

Suppose you read to the end of this blog post. In that case, you’re interested in finding a reliable forex partner and earning more money. The chances are that you can make money as a forex partner. The proof is that thousands of other people are doing just that right now. There’s nothing fundamentally complicated about promoting a forex partner; you need basic skills and a willingness to learn. You also need an underlying ambition to make money and improve your life – but that’s why you’re already here! Suppose you’re interested in making money as a forex affiliate. In that case, the best advice is to talk to the professionals and go and do it.

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