August 9, 2021

10 Things a Successful Forex Marketer Must Do

10 Things a Successful Forex Marketer Must Do

A successful forex marketer can earn six-figure commissions monthly. If you’re working with the right affiliate partner program and have a good commission plan, a single high-value trader can net you over $10k a month. Not only can you potentially earn a high income as a forex affiliate, but you can also enjoy all the benefits that come with working for yourself; a flexible routine, independence, and the overall satisfaction of being your own boss.

Suppose you want to join the top tier of high-earning forex marketers. In that case, you’ll need to optimize your marketing strategies and reach high-value traders with persuasive and compelling creatives and offers. We’ve got 10 Top Tips to help you up your game and increase your earnings exponentially. There’s nothing fundamentally complicated about becoming an elite forex marketer. It’s simply a question of understanding how affiliate marketing works, knowing your target audience, devising the right strategies, and working systematically to implement them.

Earn more as a Forex Marketer

Check out the ten things that a successful forex marketer must do. If you follow these tips (especially the Top 3), you should notice fast improvements in the volume and quality of your traffic and conversion rates. You should quickly begin to increase your commissions within a month!

#1 Work with a regulated broker

This is the single golden rule of forex affiliate marketing. If you want to make high, long-term profits, you need to promote an affiliate program run by a regulated, well-established online broker with a solid international reputation. They are the only brokerages that attract and retain high-value traders. Regulated brokers also understand that every reliable forex marketer is an integral part of their business. If you’re delivering high-value traders, your affiliate program will work hard to keep you happy and help you develop your business. If you’re not representing a regulated broker, you need to switch programs today.

#2 Run your affiliate business as a business

Your goal is to make money as a forex affiliate. That means working steadily and systematically, knowing your market, and taking calculated risks. Set a monthly budget and channel a proportion of your profits back into your marketing campaigns and core assets (websites, podcasts, webinars, YouTube films etc.). An early objective should be to master paid advertising and substantially increase your traffic via Facebook and Google Ads. Successful affiliates understand that they are on a perpetual learning curve; they take the time to keep up with the changing market and learn new skills.

#3 Don’t limit yourself to promoting Forex

You may see yourself primarily as a forex marketer (and forex is a massive and highly lucrative market), but you should never limit yourself to promoting just forex. Top online forex brokers also offer traders CFDs (contracts for difference) on various financial assets. These include cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, bonds, ETFs, indices, as well as options. If you aggressively promote CFD trading and options, you’ve immediately expanded your target audience and your potential marketing strategies in conjunction with forex. Always consider the broader financial markets and aim to profit from them as a Forex affiliate partner or broker affiliate.

#4 Establish yourself as a financial expert

Your goal is to persuade traders to sign up with an online broker. To do this effectively, you need to establish high credibility and an authoritative financial voice. This is a question of establishing a personal brand, either as an individual financial guru or anonymously through your website brand. Define and develop your USP (unique selling point) and make yourself stand out boldly from other forex affiliates. The best starting point is to research your competitors and see what they are doing. Once you understand the online landscape, you’ll be able to build a unique niche that leverages your strengths.

#5 Embrace multi-channel marketing

Top forex affiliates understand the importance of targeting potential leads across every possible channel. Don’t limit yourself to running a website and maybe a blog, but get your creatives out across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn and any other social media channel where you have an opportunity to reach out and influence people. If necessary, hire a social media expert to run your campaigns. Maximize your investment in creatives by publishing them on every relevant channel.

#6 Offer solutions to pain points

One of the current marketing buzzwords is ‘pain points. As a forex marketer, this means any point in the conversion funnel where the potential trader becomes confused, skeptical or discouraged. Identify these pain points and offer constructive solutions. Generally, forex traders are looking for precise information and clear answers, particularly about the honesty of brokers, the process of signing up, and how to trade.

#7 Work with your partner program

One of the best investments you can make as a forex affiliate is in your relationship with your partner program. Check-in regularly and request updates about new financial instruments, trading tools, platforms, trading costs and promotions. If they see that you’re energetic and proactive, they’ll be keen to help with unique marketing materials and advice about targeting new audiences. Build a successful long-term partnership!

#8 Drive conversions with value and incentives

It pays to meet traders’ expectations. If you can build your marketing campaigns and creatives around tangible incentives, you’re more likely to achieve high ROIs. Even if you’re initially operating with a low budget, there are still plenty of incentives. Promoting a broker’s free demo account, free trading tools like signals, or an offer on fixed spreads, is an excellent starting point. A free offer will sway many potential traders.

#9 Be relevant and react fast to market news

Any surprising financial news, e.g. Bitcoin rallying to a new high, will attract a rush of potential traders who want to cash in on the latest market opportunity. You need to read the financial news daily and subscribe to sound quality news alerts. Whenever there is a newsworthy event, you need to get good quality creatives across all your marketing channels. It’s worth building links with content writers and graphic designers who’ll work at short notice.

#10 Aim for professional presentation in all areas

If you want to influence serious people, you need professionally designed marketing materials. You also need to be ambitious about the kind of marketing materials you create. This means exploring the potential of video marketing. A series of short, top-quality videos embedded across all your social channels and websites will put you a significant step ahead of the competition and may increase your conversion rates by up to 50%.


Is AvaPartner a good forex partner program to promote?

Yes – absolutely! It’s one of the best partner programs in the forex industry. AvaPartner has paid its affiliates an astonishing $250,000,000 to date. It also offers white label solutions for Introducing Brokers, Online Affiliates, Call Centers, Trading Academies and Service Providers. AvaTrade itself is a leading regulated broker, active worldwide and regulated in over seven significant jurisdictions. They have a massive range of assets (including CFDs and options) and nine top quality trading platforms.

Is email marketing an effective way to make money as a forex marketer?

Email marketing has great potential as a moneymaker. There are a couple of keys to successful email marketing. The first is to work with the right mailing system – you need a cost-effective tool that you can use easily. The second requirement is to be patient and use systematic testing; getting profitable results is initially very much a process of trial and error. After that, all you need is good leads and persuasive emails with excellent content and powerful CTAs (calls to action). There are definite opportunities to boost your revenues significantly.

How important is SEO for profitable forex affiliate marketing?

Effective SEO is vital if you want to earn a high income as a forex affiliate. The good news is that if you’re prepared to learn the basics (it’s pretty simple) and work to optimize your sites and content for SEO, you can make a real difference to your Google rankings, the quality and the volume of traffic. If the rest of your marketing strategy is well designed and effectively implemented, any time and money spent on SEO will yield a high ROI.

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