February 2, 2022

MT4 MAM: Manage Multiple Accounts


If you are an asset manager, hedge fund manager, introducing broker, or professional trader authorized to manage clients’ funds and deal with a large and diverse group of clients, then we have some great news and the perfect solution for you. The powerful MT4 MAM (Multi-Account Manager) allows the professional authorized trader through a single terminal to manage multiple accounts.

How would you like to be able to:

  • Trade multiple accounts simply, smoothly, and trouble-free
  • Access the history and position of multiple accounts all in one go.
  • Make group trades for multiple accounts

These are just a few of the powerful benefits MAM accounts offer you, in this post, we are going to discuss the power and all the benefits of AvaTrade’s MAM. These coupled with AvaTrade’s unique and customized solutions give your business advantages that you simply will not find with other brokerages: Only AvaTrade offers:

  • Customized Trading Conditions
  • Tailored agreements and solutions
  • Customized deals for a win-win approach

The power of MAM- How the MT4 MAM Works

AvaTrade offers the MAM (Multi-Account Manager) software tool that makes it easy for you to manage multiple accounts from a single interface. The software integrates seamlessly with the MetaTrader (MT4) platform, enabling investment firms and professional traders to perform bulk trades with as many client sub-accounts as they wish using just one MT4 interface. This makes the process of placing orders in bulk – using an unlimited number of accounts – simple, fast, and efficient. Making one’s life so much easier, and managing accounts more convenient.

With just 1 click thousands of accounts can be traded!

The MAM software conveys all allocation settings to AvaTrade’s MT4 server, enabling it to smoothly manage all other parts of the process. Making it possible for Money managers to implement block orders – potentially involving thousands of accounts – with one simple click on the Master Account with almost no delay in the data transfer following the instruction for such a transfer. You can also monitor performance and commissions in real-time, as well as manage clients’ money with a choice of allocation techniques; for example, Proportional by Balance Allocation and Proportional by Equity Allocation.

You focus on the trading! We’ll do the rest!

As a professional trader, you can’t worry about all the other accounts you are executing trades for. You must be able to focus only on trading thus ensuring you make the best investment and trading decisions for your clients. Through the MT4 Master Account, you trade and all the rest is automatically taken care of for you through AvaTrade’s MAM software.

So, no matter how many client orders you need to place, you only need to be concerned with trading through your actual MT4 Master Account. Let’s see an example of how this works below. A Money Manager has 10 investors – Investor 1, Investor 2, Investor 3, Investor 4, Investor 5, Investor 6, Investor 7, Investor 8, Investor 9, and Investor 10. The money manager then opens a separate account to manage these 10 investors’ accounts -requesting it to be assigned under his master account.

Each one of these 10 investors deposits money into their accounts thus the total balance seen on the money manager’s account is $500,000 USD. He then decides to open a trading position that will be divided per equity ratio among the 10 different investors’ accounts.

From the money manager’s Master Account, the money manager begins trading, and immediately all the 10 Investors’ accounts will see the trades show up on their screens. The actual profits made from the closed orders of these trades will be automatically distributed to each investor’s account. As for the losses -these will be distributed among the funds that took part in the trading processes. The MT4 MAM solution makes the whole process for the money manager automatic, and so easy to manage!

MAM Benefits

14 powerful Benefits of MT4 MAM

  • Get synchronized access to multiple MT4 accounts
  • Place orders for as many client accounts as you want
  • Place block orders from your master account
  • Manage all trades in real-time from a single MT4 account
  • Stay compatible with EAs (Expert Advisors) and automated strategies
  • Determine which trading strategy to use based on your group
  • Create multiple trading sub-groups for a variety of trading strategies
  • Handle multiple allocation types, including balance, lot, percentage, and equity
  • Perform trading on the account level with the partial close option
  • Manage client allocations starting at just 0.01 lots
  • Make use of all types of MT4 orders-stops, trailing stops, limits, close all, and more
  • Improved client management – by getting access to all their trading activities including client’s trades and their contact details.
  • Take advantage of allocation flexibility
  • Work with fast and reliable MT4 servers

AvaTrade’s MAM Solution Allows You to:

  • Alter or fine-tune trading specifications whenever you need to
  • Open as many trading accounts as you want – and deposit whatever amount into them
  • Manage multiple accounts even if they have varying strategies
  • Benefit from the client’s Expert Advisor (EA)
  • See a report of each sub-account output directly on your screen

In Addition, also enables you to: 

  • Instant trade execution, broker control, and server updates
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual client reports through the MetaTrader Manager
  • Market watch window within MAM
  • Live order management monitoring within MAM including P&L
  • “Group Order” execution from the Main control screen
  • STP on master account for bulk order execution, with instant allocation to sub-accounts
  • Full SL, TP & Pending order functionality

A Great MAM Advantage…Flexible Trade Allocations. For example, you can:

  • Manually designate a volume for each account
  • Assign what percentage of a master account’s total trade volume each sub-account is responsible for
  • Automatically estimate each sub-account percentage in the master account to equally distribute the master account volume to all sub-accounts
  • Automatically tally each sub-account equity in the master account to equally distribute the master account volume to all sub-accounts
  • Stipulate or establish how much equity (in percentage) can be used for each trade

AvaTrade’s Bonus Benefits for Money Managers

  • Add new funds, or decide to remove while not disturbing your trading
  • You and your clients can view all reporting analytics
  • Find solutions for issues affecting EA and other managers

3 Simple Steps to Open an MT4 MAM Account

  1. Step # 1 –Register
    Simply deposit a minimum of $1,000 to fund your new account
  2. Step #2 –Enter Your Trading Accounts
    Add individual trading accounts to your Master Account. You’ll require at least two investors who can provide at least $5,000 in total investment.
  3. Step # 3 –Complete the Process
    Place bulk orders from as many client accounts as you want via your Master Account.

Why Choose AvaTrade for Your MAM Account?

AvaTrade’s Multi Account Manager software is a trusted and perfect solution that has been used by money managers since 2007. Here are 5 more reasons to choose AvaTrade for your MAM account:

  1. The most reputable and regulated online brokerage
    AvaTrade -with regulations across 5 continents. The security of knowing you’re partnering with a licensed broker regulated in the EU, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and the British Virgin Islands, you know you’re in good hands and can trade with confidence and utter peace of mind.
  2. “Innovation” describes us best
    Since our establishment, we have carved a reputation as a leader of the revolution in online trading by providing a reliable, user-oriented trading environment built on and utilizing the most advanced and innovative trading platforms: and trading apps such as AvaOptions, AvaTradeGO, and AvaProtect.
  3. Real-time transparency with AvaPartner’s state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology
    Benefit from real-time transparency and easily understand and track your commissions on a daily basis. AvaPartner provides you with an advanced, yet user-friendly dashboard to achieve this. Through AvaPartner’s state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology, partners can have full transparency and complete tracking ability, enabling them to be on top of their commissions all the time and to improve their marketing efforts.
  4. You get customized-to-your-business solutions
    Only AvaPartner offers the most flexible commission structures – competitive CPA, RevShare (trade rebates), hybrid deals, and even white-label solutions – that can be tailored to your business needs. We work with our customers to create tailored agreements, customized deals, and special customized trading conditions to grow your business!
  5. Dedicated and personalized support
    When you partner with AvaPartner you will receive your own personal dedicated account manager We offer our partners full support in your language and 100% dedication to seeing you succeed.

The results speak for themselves

AvaTrade currently has 400,000 registered traders around the globe, who place more than 2 million trades every month. As an AvaTrade customer, you can rest assured you get the best support and security you need.


What’s the difference between MT4 and MAM?

MetaTrader (MT4) is a trading platform that allows you to trade financial assets online. MAM (Multi-Account Manager) is a software tool that integrates with MT4, allowing you to easily manage multiple trading accounts from a single interface. The MAM software is popular with fund managers who need to manage hundreds, or even thousands of client accounts simultaneously. MAM allows fund managers to buy lots or place orders on behalf of multiple accounts with a single click. Profits and losses on each trade are automatically allocated to individual accounts according to their exposure.

What are the main benefits of MT4 MAM?

MAM software brings several benefits to fund managers. Apart from the overall convenience of managing multiple accounts simultaneously, you can create multiple sub-groups to reflect different trading strategies. This flexibility allows for sophisticated fund management via a single interface. You can also opt for micro allocations of just 0.01 lots per client or place bloc orders from your master account. MAM integrates seamlessly with MT4 and the technology is tried and tested. All users have 24/7 technical support and backup, making the MAM-MT4 combination highly reliable.

What reporting does MAM provide?

MAM is designed to put you firmly in control of your trading. It also allows you to report back to clients and give them detailed breakdowns of how their portfolios are performing. The MetaTrader manager delivers monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, giving you a broad overview. You can access sub-reports for each account on your dashboard at any time. You can also access trading history and analyze your investment performance with a range of sophisticated tools.

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