September 13, 2021

5 Free Tools to Help IBs (Introducing Brokers) and Forex Affiliates

IBs (Introducing Brokers) and Forex Affiliates aim of growing their business is well aligned with the online brokers’ interest in recruiting new traders. This makes an affiliate partnership programme a win-win for both sides. Because the IB or affiliates are already focusing on bringing new traders to the online brokerage, an effective online broker should be dedicated to helping their partners accomplish just that.

When given the correct tools, IBs and affiliate marketers can significantly increase their commissions and turn their business into an extremely lucrative one. This is why choosing the right online broker to partner with is essential for the IB and affiliates’ success.

Try to partner with an online broker which provides the following:

  • Expertise and offers own personal dedicated account manager
  • The correct tools to help increase quality traffic
  • Helps expand one’s client base
  • Cutting edge technology that can track affiliates performance and commissions


These tools provided by the online brokerage can be further divided into two categories:

1) Tools dedicated to CFD and Forex Affiliates

These include embeds and promotional material that affiliate partners can use in their email campaigns, on their website, and used across different platforms to increase conversions and thus commissions.

2) Tools dedicated to Introducing Brokers

These tools will keep their customers happy with the broker’s trading services provided, and thus the IB’s will be able to increase their commissions.

Here are 5 FREE Tools that AvaTrade offers IBs, and forex affiliates grow:

1. Marketing tools:

  • Banners
  • Mailers
  • Widgets
  • Landing pages
  • Other embeddable promotional material for one’s website

2. Tracking and reporting tools to ensure IBs and affiliates’ success:

A state-of-the-art performance tracking and reporting platform for IBs and affiliates to see their commissions and customer’s trades. This allows partners not only to monitor performance but also to identify areas of improvement for further increasing commission.

AvaPartner’s dashboard, for example, utilises cutting edge technology that offers real-time transparency and reporting; elements that are vital to a partner’s ongoing success.


3. Educational Tools

Video tutorials and trading e-books that help both beginners and advanced traders. These tools will help IBs’ customers improve their trading capabilities and resultantly the commission for IBs.

4. Best Trading Tools

Having access to the right trading tools can make a huge difference when it comes to placing profitable trades. With AvaTrade, you can choose an array of different trading platforms and software. These electronic trading platforms stream live market prices and provide additional trading tools, such as charting.

AvaTradeGO is also a great example of a unique mobile trading application that also provides live feeds and social trends.

5. A Demo Tool

This is an extremely important tool that enables one to set up a demo account and start practising trading the markets and becoming accustomed to the trading platform.

In conclusion

These 5 free tools mentioned here will collectively facilitate IBs and affiliate marketers to efficiently expand their customer base. More customers mean more revenue and as a result, higher profitability and business growth.

Contact AvaPartner to see how we can help your business grow!