December 6, 2023

Build a Profitable Forex Partnership

Forex Partnership

How to find a partner program that can pay high commissions on a long-term basis.

A Forex partnership is a great way to make extra money or to develop a major business. Hundreds of online brokers and partner programs compete for affiliates, and they all promise to pay high commissions. If you’re serious about making money as an affiliate partner, you need to filter out the chaff and connect with one of the Forex industry’s top programs.

This blog post will look at AvaTrade, one of the world’s leading online brokers, and show you why its partner program, AvaPartner, has paid over $400 million in commissions to its affiliate partners. If your goal is to make extra money in 2024 or achieve financial independence and become your own boss, read on!

What is a Forex Partnership?

You’ll probably know the basics if you’re already a Forex affiliate. If you’re new to affiliate marketing or you’re new to online trading, you’ll need a quick overview before you continue. Forex marketing puts Many potential affiliates off because they think it’s a complicated specialist niche. Suppose you want to become a successful trader; a definite learning curve is involved.  Fortunately, there’s nothing complicated about the basic Forex affiliate business model.

Suppose you have a website or social media presence. In that case, if you’re a money manager or have a call centre or a related business, you’re one step away from earning a lucrative additional income stream. Put: you’ll be well paid whenever you bring customers to brokers. The best part is that you can negotiate a commission structure that suits your needs.

Forex Basics for Affiliates

  • Forex (FX) is foreign exchange. The relative values of currency pairs like USD/GBP and EUR/JPY change constantly. Traders buy and sell Forex to profit from the market volatility.
  • The online Forex markets are huge. Daily trading volumes amount to trillions of dollars.
  • Regulated brokers like AvaTrade provide financial services to people worldwide who want to trade Forex independently.
  • Although we often focus on Forex, AvaTrade offers over 1,000 assets or financial instruments. These include cryptos like Bitcoin, stocks, commodities, ETFs, bonds, and other asset classes. You can make money promoting these, too.
  • Partner programs like AvaPartner pay high commissions to affiliates who can bring new traders to their broker. Connecting with potential traders via social media, Google, and guest posts on 3rd party sites is easy.

Promoting AvaTrade – 3 Unique Selling Points

If you’re attracted to the idea of making money as a broker affiliate and want to build a profitable Forex partnership, you’ll need to promote a top online broker. There are a number of very popular and well-established brokers that have worldwide reach. They each have their own selling points and can offer traders specific niche services or advantages. Arguably, the best all-rounder is AvaTrade.

  1. AvaTrade is regulated in several major jurisdictions
  2. The brokerage has its own proprietary trading platforms and technologies
  3. Traders can choose from over 1,000 assets, including ETF options and bonds.

Broker Regulation: Build Trust from the Word Go!

When you’re making money as a Forex affiliate, trust is everything. You will only have a short window of opportunity to connect with potential traders, and you need to win their confidence from the moment they visit your site or check out your social media creatives. It’s vital to communicate that AvaTrade is not just another Forex broker – it’s a fully regulated financial services provider.

Anybody who trades online is basically doing three things: Trusting a broker with their deposited trading funds, trusting the broker to provide real-time asset pricing and fair trading conditions, and trusting the broker to pay them their trading profits. That’s a lot of trust for the average person to place in an online business. One of your first priorities is to explain how broker regulation works and that AvaTrade is comparable to an online bank for honesty and reliability.

AvaTrade is regulated by eight separate regulatory bodies around the world. This includes the EU, Australia, Japan, South Africa, the Middle East, and international regulation via the BVI. To meet the various compliance standards, AvaTrade has to demonstrate that it handles client assets with complete transparency and protects client funds. It also has to submit complete financial reporting in accordance with regulatory requirements.

That may sound impressive, but it probably won’t mean much to the average trader. When you talk about regulation, it’s better to explain the actual benefits of regulation for traders.

  • Each trader has a segregated account, and their funds are protected.
  • The broker guarantees that all asset prices are quoted at exact market prices.
  • All trading terms and conditions, including fees and commissions, are published, and traders are updated about changes.
  • The broker has full liquidity and enough cash reserves to pay traders their profits or return their account balances.
  • Traders can lodge complaints or appeal to the regulator if there is an unresolved dispute with the broker.

Traders Love AvaTrade Technology

When traders look for a broker, they are strongly influenced by the trading platforms and trading tools on offer. AvaTrade is well ahead of most of its peers regarding platforms and fintech, which is a significant advantage when promoting the brand as a Forex partner. As well as the prestigious MT4 and MT5 platforms, AvaTrade provides the proprietary AvaOptions platform that allows traders to buy and sell options on over 40 currencies and commodity gold.

You can also promote AvaTrade’s own social trading platform, AvaSocial, along with DupliTrade, which are strong incentives for new traders. AvaTrade App and WebTrader are equally impressive platforms that are basically a gift for your marketing campaigns. If you’re serious about creating a long-term Forex partnership, it’s worth opening free demo accounts to learn about the different platforms.

AvaTrade regularly upgrades and improves its technology and adds new high-tech trading tools. These are superb promotional materials for your creatives and website content, as well as guest posts and feature articles. If you make the effort to stay current (your affiliate manager can help here), you’ll have some great future campaign material to work with, as well as SEO-rich content.

Promote Assets and Benefit from Breaking News

Smart affiliates quickly learn how to capitalise on breaking news and turn it to their advantage. The basic rule is that any news event will influence the market price of at least one asset. For example, a crisis in the Middle East will push up oil prices and possibly gold, and financial scandals like the collapse of FTX or a bank will affect currency or crypto prices. Even the weather can work for affiliates by affecting fuel prices or the availability of commodities like corn, cocoa, and wheat.

AvaTrade has over 1,000 major assets (also called financial instruments). They are another rich source of material for social media creatives and site content. Many new traders came to the markets after reading news reports about the Bitcoin boom, high gold prices – or even the price of coffee. People hate to feel like they’re missing out on a chance to make money and are quick to follow trends and crazes.

Watch the market news, stay up to date with current affairs, and try to gauge what’s trending. You will get more traffic if your creatives chime with public interest (or you tap into a niche interest). AvaTrade assets can be divided into three main groups regarding marketing and promotions, although there is some crossover.

  1. Forex and cryptos
  2. Stocks, commodities, and indices
  3. Bonds & Treasuries, ETFs, and vanilla options

Forex and cryptos tend to attract aggressive traders with a high-risk threshold. Stocks, commodities, and indices tend to be mainstream, with some risk variation, while others are niche trading disciplines. All are worth promoting, and you’ll quickly learn how your target traffic responds to them.

AvaTrade is also quick to add new assets whenever there is a notable stock IPO (initial public offering) or a new crypto coin launch. These great marketing tools can be hyped in advance through countdowns to launch or associated promo offers. Again, it’s a good idea to check in with your AvaPartner account manager and stay updated about the broker’s new assets and asset classes.

Forex Partnership Takeaway Points

  • When you build creatives or site content to promote AvaTrade, focus on 3 unique selling points: regulation, technology, and assets.
  • Stay updated with financial news and events and develop a knack for launching quick marketing campaigns to capitalise on breaking news.
  • Talk to your account manager regularly and make sure you know everything new that’s scheduled at the brokerage over the coming months. Be the first affiliate partner to talk about new fintech and new assets.

A Forex partnership with AvaPartner can deliver long-term profits through various commission structures. As your experience grows, you can add extra income streams as a money manager, master affiliate, or introducing broker.

Sign up now and start earning your first commissions!

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