April 26, 2023

Why To Promote Stock Trading Affiliate Programs?

Why You Should Promote Stock Trading Affiliate Programs

The stock markets are in the news regularly and are one of the most well-known financial sectors. Most people have some basic understanding, or at least awareness, of the stock market. Stocks were traditionally one of the most accessible assets for ordinary people and are one of the mainstay investments for their pension funds.

It makes a lot of sense to promote stock trading affiliate programs, but a lot of affiliates are missing out on the high commissions that stock trading affiliate programs regularly pay out. This is mainly due to a misreading of the current performance of the major stock exchanges and concerns that the stock market is underperforming due to inflation and a lack of public confidence.

In fact, 2023 has been a better year (so far) than many stock traders expected. It’s nowhere near the record highs of 2021, but it’s doing a lot better than the disappointments of autumn 2022. There are three key things that affiliates need to bear in mind when they promote stock trading affiliate programs.

  1. Don’t consider the stock market as a homogenous bloc. There are always stocks that perform strongly during even the worst bear market. Look for profitable sectors and publicize them.
  2. CFD trading on stocks allows traders to potentially profit when a stock loses value. All the trader has to do is correctly predict the asset’s performance. A bear market is not automatically an obstacle to profitable trading.
  3. The stock market is hundreds of years old. It has (very occasionally) experienced some spectacular crashes and (much more frequent) corrections but has always bounced back and transitioned into a fresh bull market. That’s as true in 2023 as it was in 1923 or 1823.

Whatever happens in the rest of 2023, it is definitely worth signing up with a world-class partner program and promoting CFD stock trading. Once you’re signed up, you’ll also be able to profit from all kinds of traffic, including forex, crypto, and commodity traders.

Getting Started as a Broker Affiliate

The idea of promoting a stock trading affiliate program can seem daunting. However, you don’t have to be a financial whiz to be an affiliate marketer for a broker who specializes in stocks. You have to understand why people find stock trading exciting and rewarding, and how to reach out to these potential leads and encourage them to sign up with your partner broker. 

Don’t be discouraged by the jargon used by stock experts and traders. The fast-paced world of day trading can seem inaccessible to beginners. An affiliate marketer is not expected to be an expert. That is the job of your partner broker, who provides stock trading services to clients. An affiliate marketer’s job is to understand the fascination with stocks, why people benefit from trading, and to communicate that excitement. 

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as just sharing links. Here is one thing you must keep in mind–You can share trading and forex affiliate links on social media, emails, or blogs, but if the links don’t drive traffic, you won’t make any money!

Ultimately, the draw for your potential leads will be the stock trading affiliate program you are promoting! 

When you think of great brands- it isn’t the advertising, the logo, or a catchy slogan. People want a product or service that is unique and dependable. Your soon-to-be leads want to build up their nest egg for college or retirement by trading stocks. They want a stock trading program that will give them generous, steady returns. Also, in a world full of investment frauds, they want a regulated broker they can trust. 

Aren’t stocks for the privileged few? Not at all. About half of the people in the US own stocks or bonds either as separate holdings or as part of a fund. This means your potential market is 50% of the population! 

They are looking for advanced trading platforms tools and apps designed for trading success. Promote a stock trading affiliate program that has all of these advantages and more! If you focus on the quality of the program, your marketing will practically take care of itself. 

As an affiliate marketer, you want to have access to the best promotional materials, a flexible commission agreement and to work with a broker with a solid reputation. The better the program, the more likely you are to attract leads, and that means higher commissions. 

How to find the best stock trading affiliate programs? Here is a useful checklist. 

Promote Additional Assets as a Stock Trading Affiliate Partner

Online Brokers like AvaTrade don’t just offer stocks on their trading platforms. They have a huge range of online assets and offer CFDs (contracts for difference) on forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, bonds, ETFs, and options. You can devise powerful marketing strategies around these additional assets when you promote a stock trading affiliate program. Most online stock traders are quick to see the advantages of a balanced portfolio. They are open and receptive to the idea of trading additional assets.

Many forex and cryptocurrency traders tend to generate much higher trading volumes than ordinary stock traders. These volatile markets are worth trillions of dollars every day and offer potentially huge rewards to successful traders. If you opt for a RevShare deal, you can earn a large passive income from your referrals, perhaps over a period of years. You can also create marketing materials and site content to promote volatile, high-value stocks. An advantage of brokers like AvaTrade is that they are quick to add new stocks to their platforms whenever there is a successful IPO (initial public offering). You can capitalize on these events, particularly through your social media channels, to attract new online stock traders and earn lucrative commissions.

#1 Make Sure the Broker is Regulated

This is very important- only promote stock trading affiliate programs if the broker is regulated. Don’t just look for any license, but dig deeper and check that the license is current and from a top-tier regulator.

regulated broker offers transparency. One of the conditions of a broker’s license is regular inspections from the regulator. This gives the broker an official stamp of approval, which makes your leads feel secure. When they see that the broker is regulated and has a reliable license, they are more likely to sign up for the stock trading affiliate program. 

#2 A Variety of Trading Products

Trading experts discuss the importance of a diversified portfolio. People expect a variety of products from a brokerage. 

Look for a broker that offers forex, options, and CFDs. Forex trading deals with currencies, which can be a high-risk, high-reward type of trading given its volatility. CFDs or certificates of deposit let your potential leads to trade the differences in the value of the asset without having to own the underlying asset. CFDs give traders exposure to stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and other assets without having to work directly with an exchange. This provides flexibility and freedom for the trader. 

Regarding options, pay attention to what kind of options the broker provides. Also, take note of the leverage, a good level is 1:100, with a limited downside which will reduce the risk of losing money. Also, with options, the trader will only lose the money they paid for it, which greatly appeals to prospective leads looking for safety. 

#3 Latest Trading Platforms and Innovative Apps

When consumers shop online, they often compare the features of various items before deciding to buy. Your prospective leads will do the same before choosing an online brokerage. Traders want to succeed and get a return on their investment, so they want the most advanced, state-of-the-art tools. 

For example, AvaTrade has a selection of apps that let clients trade on the go, to protect against losses and automate trading. The following are popular AvaTrade apps: 

  1. Execute trades on your mobile phone (AvaTrade App)
  2. Get money back on losing trades (AvaProtect)
  3. If you want to rev up their trading (MetaTrader 4)
  4. For automated trading (MetaTrader 5)
  5. Trade options with (AvaOptions)

Choosing to partner with a trading brokerage that has the most to offer your leads will lead to more conversions and more clients for your partner broker. 

#4 Best Customer Service

Many of your leads may be first-time traders. They will need information and support every step of the way. Choosing to promote a brokerage that has stellar customer service is good for you and for your prospective leads. Ask yourself if you, as an affiliate marketer, are satisfied with the level of support. Also, research reviews to see what the broker’s clients say about customer service. Look for the following:

  • Service in multiple languages
  • Quick, prompt responses
  • Various ways of contacting support

Keep in mind that if client questions are not answered, they are likely to abandon the service, so test customer service to ensure it is attentive and prompt. 

#5 Offers Tools for Affiliate Marketing Success

Not only should you promote a stock trading affiliate program that offers apps and tools for its clients, but you should also provide marketing support that will prepare you for success. For instance, AvaTrade offers its affiliate marketers: 

  • Landing pages
  • Emailers
  • Banners
  • Widgets

An intelligent broker who understands investing should also invest in their affiliate marketers by giving them strategies to bring in new clients. 

#6 Offers Customized and Excellent Commission Plans

Your goal as an affiliate marketer is to make money with commissions. Having a choice of commission plans will help you find the right fit for you. AvaPartner offers: 

  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • RevShare (Revenue Sharing)

The CPA commissions program will give you a set amount per lead that signs up to be a client, whereas RevShare provides a rate of commission per transaction. The type of commission plan you choose depends on the types of leads you are bringing to the stock trading affiliate program. 

For instance, if you are focusing on a large number of people who may not necessarily sign up with the broker long-term, a CPA option is the best choice. However, if you are focusing on fewer leads who are serious about trading and are likely to make frequent trades, RevShare may be the way to go. 

#7 Look for a Broker with a Solid Reputation

If the broker you are promoting has a solid reputation, much of the marketing work is done for you. You shouldn’t just sign up for a stock trading affiliate program without researching the broker first. Choose a broker with good reviews and a long track record of success and delivering good returns for their clients. 

In Conclusion: Your Success Depends on the Right Stock Trading Affiliate Program

Choosing the right stock trading affiliate program is the key to your affiliate’s success. A high-quality product or service, or in this case, a brokerage that offers a variety of tools and services, makes marketing easier. If your broker is regulated, has a stellar reputation, and offers advanced tools and trading solutions, all you need to do is highlight these advantages to attract leads. AvaPartner offers all of these benefits and can translate your affiliate marketing efforts into success and high commissions. 


Why should I promote a stock trading affiliate program?

Stocks are one of the best-known and most trusted forms of investment. The public is familiar with the concept of stock trading and is definitely aware of the big-name corporations that trade on the major stock exchanges. When ordinary people decide to invest, they’ll usually consider stock trading and will go online to learn more. If you promote a stock trading affiliate program you can potentially cash in on this lucrative traffic. Potential stock traders have usually already made up their minds to invest and are just looking for a secure broker. If you have good marketing materials, you should be able to earn high commissions from your affiliate program.

How do I find a good stock trading affiliate program?

The easiest way to find a good stock trading affiliate program is to find a reliable, regulated broker with a good reputation. Regulated brokers are subject to legal oversight and provide traders with a secure online trading environment. A regulated broker will also operate an honest and well-run affiliate program. You’ll get all the support you need in terms of advice, practical help, and marketing materials. The other advantage of promoting an affiliate program operated by a regulated broker is that you’ll make more money over a longer time period.

How do I get paid by a stock trading affiliate program?

You should expect to get paid monthly via your agreed payment method e.g. PayPal or wire transfer. It’s important to negotiate the right commission plan before you begin to promote a stock trading affiliate program. Because many stock traders are looking for long-term investment portfolios, it definitely pays to work with some kind of RevShare plan. You should aim to earn revenues from each trader’s lifetime activity with the broker. A tailored commission plan that also includes CPA is usually even better. If you’re confident of your ability to deliver high-quality traffic, don’t be afraid to hold out for a good deal. A professional stock trading affiliate program will be flexible in its approach.

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