April 17, 2023

Choosing The Best Forex Trading Affiliate Program in 2023

The Financial Markets and Online Trading in 2024

2024 is turning into a year that has both a lot of opportunities and some challenges for Forex affiliates. The global financial markets appear to be precarious, with key issues like inflation, the housing markets, a possible banking crisis, and the war in Ukraine worrying some financial analysts.

On the other hand, the Forex markets are as busy as ever, and broker partner programs are still paying high commissions for traders. Despite the warnings from some economists, there’s no guarantee that we are heading for a major banking crisis or a global recession. The US added 236,000 new jobs in March 2023, and there are some signs that inflation may have peaked. The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and two of its peers, plus the emergency rescue of Credit Suisse, alarmed the financial sector, but there is no sign of panic.

Whether we’re in a bear market or a bull market, there are some constants for Forex affiliate partners. The first rule is that you always need to work with a top-quality affiliate program. The second rule is that you need to keep up to date with everything that can influence the mindset of online traders and use it in your marketing campaigns. If you can put a positive spin on potentially negative events, you’ll drive traffic where other affiliates fall behind.

If we do see major market disruptions in the second half of 2023, it will be vital to work with a professional Forex trading affiliate program. Major online brokers like AvaTrade are the best equipped to weather any financial storm. They have the global presence, liquidity, experience, and diverse asset indexes to keep on trading – and to sign up new traders who are looking for recession-proof income streams.

How to Find the Best Forex Affiliate Program in 2024

Our expert team has created a complete checklist for Forex, CFD, and trading affiliates to follow when choosing the best Forex trading affiliate program. We have placed 5 key points on our checklist that will guarantee you are on the right path to a successful affiliate business!

#1 – Make sure a reputable and regulated broker stands behind the Forex trading affiliate program

The trading affiliate program that you decide to partner with must represent a brokerage that is:

  1. Reputable-a reputation built over years
  2. Regulated-highly regulated, at least 4 regulations

We are going to discuss why these 2 points are in essence the foundation of your entire affiliate business and will determine your success.

If you join a trading affiliate program that represents a trading brokerage that is both reputable and highly regulated you are already setting the ground for a lucrative and successful affiliate business,

Firstly, the online brokerage you partner with must be reputable, which means they have to have a  good reputation. However, the current reputation isn’t good enough when it comes to a trading brokerage. It’s the reputation built over the years that matters. If the brokerage hasn’t been around for at least 5 years it could be a red flag, better to partner with brokerages that have been around for a while and have proven themselves as stable brokerages where people’s money is safe and not some fly-by-night brokerage.

The second important component here for success is partnering with a regulated broker. What is a regulated broker?  It is always good to make sure the broker you are trading with is properly regulated by a reputable authority like the FSCA -Financial Sector Conduct Authority in the UK.  This way in the worst case scenario, if a terrible event transpires the clients you refer or your referrals funds will be protected. So, in fact, promoting a brokerage that is accredited and regulated by recognized authorities will not only reflect your reputation and strengthen trust, but will allow your trading or Forex affiliate business to grow over time because the proper regulated authorities are backing the brokerage thus allowing the brokerage to be a solid, strong company, and continue for years to come. .

Here are the reasons why you need to partner with a highly regulated and reputable brokerage:

  1. Will reflect on your own reputation and trust- partnering from the beginning with a highly regulated and reputable brokerage will give you instant trust and a solid reputation.
  2. Will keep your clients or referees to stay with the brokerage for the long haul-in turn you can depend on commissions for years to come, as traders will keep trading with the same brokerage.
  3. This will increase your client base if you are an introducing broker or hedge fund manager this point is critical for you. Since due to the satisfaction of your clients, you will be able to attract more clients due to your golden reputation.
  4. Easier to get referees to sign up from the very start, referees will not have to be speculative and debate whether or not it’s safe to sign up with the brokerage if it’s highly regulated and has a good reputation.
  5. Honest and transparent with commissions want to be able to trust who you are partnering with. Remember – affiliation is a type of partnership. Would you ever enter into business with a partner you couldn’t trust or would disappear overnight? Probably not. It’s important to choose your trading affiliate program – ”business partner” very carefully. By ensuring the brokerage is reputable and highly regulated, you will be able to trust the affiliate program.

#2 – Offers Real-time transparency and fast payouts

After you have made sure the trading affiliate program is backed by a reputable and regulated broker you have to make sure they also offer you real-time transparency, fast payouts, and give you an easy way for you to track your performance. The benefits of real-time transparency will help you to easily understand and track your commissions on a daily basis. AvaPartner, for example, provides you with an advanced, yet user-friendly dashboard to achieve this. Through state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology, partners can have full transparency and complete tracking ability, enabling them to be on top of their commissions all the time and to improve their marketing efforts every step of the way.

Therefore, before joining a Forex trading affiliate program, it’s important to check if they will provide you with a complete dashboard to track your performance and commissions. Note: Make sure that the dashboard is user-friendly, otherwise you may not find it worthwhile using it, because it takes too much of your time just to figure it out. Also, make sure that it is an advanced platform that gives a complete view in Real Time. Fast and accurate payouts are also equally as important, make sure the trading affiliate program can guarantee you this.

#3 – Offers customized solutions for your business needs

This next point on our checklist has to do with commission plans. Whether it’s CPA, RevShare, Hybrid, or dollar lot. Check out our blog post where we discuss how to choose the right one for your business. But the point here is to choose a trading affiliate program that is willing to offer you a customized commission plan to suit your growing business. Finding a trading affiliate program that is willing to work side by side with you every step of the way and customizing a commission plan that would best suit your business needs is essential for you to flourish!

Unfortunately, most affiliate programs do not offer customized solutions because they do not care to work with you in the long run- they only consider their short-term quick returns. However, if you want to grow a steady solid affiliate business in the Forex/ trading affiliate niche it is necessary to choose a program that offers you customized solutions.

AvaPartner offers highly flexible commission structures – competitive CPA, revenue share (trade rebates), hybrid deals, and even white-label solutions. All these customized solutions will help your business grow, and your profits soar whether you are an IB (Introducing broker), hedge fund, money manager, or online affiliate marketer. So only partner with a program that offers flexibility and is invested in seeing your business grow!

#4 – Offers full support helps your business grow, and invests in your success every step of the way!

Only partner with a broker affiliate program that offers you a personal dedicated account manager with support in your language. If they are not there to give you full support and aren’t dedicated to seeing you succeed, don’t even consider partnering with them!

Do they offer free promotional and marketing material that will help your marketing efforts? If the affiliate program is not on top of its game by producing high-converting promotional material that will help its affiliates, then it’s not worthwhile partnering with them.

AvaPartner, named Best Affiliate Program 2020 has a team of affiliate marketing experts that includes a whole team of graphic designers creating top-notch high-converting marketing materials for their affiliates to help them succeed.

AvaPartner offers full marketing support  and high-converting promotional material such as

  • Landing pages
  • Mailers
  • Widgets
  • Powerpoint presentations

These are essential to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and help you succeed. Therefore, only partner with a trading affiliate program that gives FREE marketing tools and promotional materials that will ensure your marketing success.

Personalized support

When you partner with a trusted online broker through its Forex trading affiliate program, you often get your own personal dedicated account manager the minute you sign up. Choose a broker that offers full support in your language and has 100% dedication to seeing you succeed.

#5 – Innovation Comes first and Offers Expanded Brokerage Services

Innovation First

By partnering with a brokerage that offers its traders innovative trading platforms and apps, you will be increasing your commissions! Happy traders keep trading with a broker that offers full support and innovative apps and trading platforms that make trading convenient and offer features that can limit their risk.

AvaTrade App and AvaProtect are just a few examples of these types of innovation.

CFD vs Forex: The Key to Success

By promoting other financial instruments that one can trade aside from Forex trading you can expand your reach but most importantly promote other unique financial assets and instruments that other brokerages do not offer their traders. This point can differentiate you from all other Forex affiliates and give you a competitive edge!

In the world of trading affiliate programs, you will find certain brokerages that offer more than just Forex trading. They offer an amazing opportunity for traders to also trade CFDs (contracts for difference). This is a great tool for affiliate marketers as it provides their traders with a greater chance to capitalize on the trading opportunities. The reason is that through CFDs, you can trade almost every financial market- commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, bonds, stocks, and options in addition to Forex pairs.

There are so many different types of investors and traders that focus on different markets which opens up a lot of opportunities aside from just a narrow group of Forex traders. AvaTrade, a leading CFD online brokerage, with a wide range of financial assets also offers a trading affiliate program. Traders can also trade Vanilla Options for example, which attracts today’s traders.  So do not only promote Forex but also other leading financial instruments that are in high demand in the trading world.

Hope you enjoyed our complete checklist, and you will consider AvaPartner since we certainly do live up to the highest standards and pass the checklist with flying colors!


Are Cryptos More Profitable than Forex for Affiliates in 2024?

Cryptos and Forex are expected to be highly profitable for affiliates in 2024. Almost all successful Forex affiliates actively promote cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple and vice versa. The asset types are similar and attract similar online traders. Regulated brokers like AvaTrade offer a wide range of major Forex currency pairs and all of the most popular cryptos. It’s profitable to promote both Forex and cryptos, and you should adjust your affiliate marketing campaigns to focus on any crypto or Forex asset currently generating media headlines.

Are there Other Ways to Make High Profits as a Forex Affiliate?

There are several practical ways to make high profits as a Forex affiliate; these include becoming an introducing broker (IB), opening a trading academy, a call center, becoming a money manager, a fintech service provider, running a monetized YouTube channel, writing financial articles, etc. There is a massive demand for additional online trading services in the Forex industry. If you have ambition and initiative, you can find many ways to make high profits as a Forex affiliate. Earning CPA and RevShare commissions as an online affiliate is just the starting point. AvaPartner is always keen to help Forex affiliates expand their business and earn from multiple revenue streams.

How do I Tell if a Forex Broker and Partner Program are Honest?

It’s easy to tell if an online Forex broker and partner program are honest; do some basic online research. Check if the broker is regulated and by which authorities. If you’re satisfied that the broker is regulated by several official bodies like ASIC, CySEC, Bank of Ireland, etc., check how long the Forex brokerage has been established and whether it has good liquidity. You can also do some basic research on the partner program. See how long it has been in operation and how much money it has paid to affiliate partners. Is the program offering unbelievable clickbait CPA deals, or does it have a choice of flexible commission plans that offer high long-term profits?

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