October 19, 2022

Why Has Apple Dropped MT4 and MT5? Affiliates tips

Last weekend Apple shocked the forex industry and online traders around the world by suddenly removing the MT4 and MT5 apps from its App Store. There’s still a lot of speculation about why Apple should deny users access to two of the world’s most popular trading platforms. We’ll take a closer look at the situation with MT4 and MT5 and what the Apple decision means for online traders and forex affiliates

Apple and MT4/MT5: What Forex Affiliates Need to Know

Apple has removed the MT4 and MT5 apps from the App Store and currently has no plans to reinstate them. If you use Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, you can no longer download the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. If you have already installed the platforms on your Apple device, they will continue functioning, and you can still trade online. The problem is that you may not be able to receive any future upgrades.

MT4/MT5 and Android

The good news is that if you have an Android device, you can still download MT4 and MT5 from Google Play and other Android App Stores. There is currently no suggestion that Google Play will also remove the highly sought-after trading platforms. Many commentators believe they can only benefit from Apple’s decision to drop MT4 and MT5 – and are hoping that disgruntled traders will switch to Android from iOS.

MT4/MT5 and AvaTrade

  • AvaTrade is continuing to offer the superb MT4 and MT5 trading platforms to Android users.

You can download MT4 and MT5 and begin trading online without any problems or additional restrictions.

  • If you already have MT4 or MT5 on your iOS platform, you can continue trading as usual. We’ll update you about whether it’s possible to safely install upgrades and plugins as more information becomes available.
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tools and cutting-edge fintech, we recommend you try out AvaTradeGO. It’s one of the world’s most advanced trading platforms and is packed with exclusive features. AvaTradeGO is available in both the AppStore and Google Play. Affiliates can promote AvaTradeGO as an excellent alternative to MT4 and MT5.

Apple’s decision to pull MT4 and MT5 from the App Store has caused controversy in the forex world. That’s not all bad for forex affiliates, there are plenty of opportunities to publicize the situation, present creative solutions, and drive traffic.

Why has Apple Pulled MT4 and MT5 from the App Store? 

Apple pulled the MT4 and MT5 platforms from the App Store without warning. The company was also very reticent about why it chose to deny the platform to Apple users. Apple’s lack of public communication is generating a lot of rumors and speculation about the reasons for its decision.

MT4 and MT5 are owned by a Cypriot-based company called MetaQuotes. They were also taken by surprise when Apple pulled the platforms. Apparently, the only explanation they received from Apple was that the two platforms were “no longer in compliance with the App Store’s Review Guidelines.” That’s the kind of generic big tech response that roughly translates as “We can do whatever we want and don’t have to justify our actions to anybody”.

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Possible Reasons Why Apple Pulled MT4 and MT5

Online trading forums and forex sites are full of theories about why Apple pulled MT4 and MT5. Theories range from the logical to the outlandish. Apple’s lack of public communication and poor public relations is helping to drive speculation. We’ll consider a few of the most plausible theories that are circulating online.

  1. MT4 and MT5 have previously been targeted by scammers, and the platforms are regarded as unsafe.
  2. MetaQuotes is a Russian-owned company – or at least has ties to Russia – and is being sanctioned by Apple due to the war in Ukraine.
  3. Apple plans to launch its own proprietary trading platform and is killing off the competition.
  4. Apple is unhappy with MetaQuotes’ white labeling policies, particularly regarding compliance and onboarding.

Did Apple Drop MT4 and MT5 Due to Security Concerns?

Apple takes security seriously, and part of its appeal to users is that iOS has a better reputation for security than Android. Apple exerts tight control over its apps and denies them access to smartphone root systems. Apple users are generally willing to compromise flexibility in return for increased safety.

MT4 and MT5 have attracted scammers, but that’s hardly something new or unusual in the world of fintech and online trading – or any other online activity. Most reported scams relate to downloading incentives or dubious activity with plugins. There’s no suggestion that the platforms themselves are in any way flawed or that their owner MetaQuotes is involved in any fraudulent activity. It seems unlikely that Apple has dropped MT4 and MT5 due to any inherent security issues or due to valid concerns that installing the apps on iOS operating systems will compromise users’ security.

Is Apple Sanctioning MetaQuotes for Russian Ties? 

MetaQuotes Software is a Cyprus-based company with a corporate presence in China, Singapore, Japan, and a number of other countries. MetaQuotes is reported to have either Russian owners or strong ties to Russia. Due to sensitivities about the Ukraine war, the company is clearly not keen to advertise any ties to the Russian Federation.

Apple’s decision to drop MT4 and MT5 has clearly hurt MetaQuotes financially. It is, however, unlikely that the decision was prompted by any desire to sanction the company in retaliation for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. MetaQuotes and its key personnel are not subject to any official sanctions, and the company is officially Cypriot. It doesn’t maintain any offices or infrastructure in Russia.

Is Apple Launching a Proprietary Trading Platform? 

Forex sites and online trading forums were buzzing with rumors and speculation after the surprise decision to pull MT4 and MT5 from the App Store. Online traders were quick to discuss the theory that Apple has plans to launch its own proprietary online trading platform. Apple certainly has the technical capacity and the resources to design and launch an iOS trading platform, but there is no evidence that it plans to do so.

From a purely business perspective, it would make sense to try and kill off rivals by denying them access to the App Store, but there have been no hints or rumors that Apple is working on its own trading platform. The fintech world is a small community in a lot of ways, and it would be very difficult for a company like Apple to achieve strategic surprise with a major new product. Put simply, if Apple was developing a trading platform, we’d probably already know about it.

Is there a Problem with MetaQuotes’ White Labeling?

In the absence of a detailed official explanation from either Apple or MetaQuotes, the most likely reason for Apple’s decision to drop MT4 and MT5 is that they are unhappy about platform white labeling. This is a simple and logical explanation that neatly cuts through the wilder theories that are circulating online.

What is White Labeling?

White labeling is a simple process that occurs across almost all industries. It simply means that a retailer or service provider sells a third-party brand or product under its own name. The retailer pays the product owner or manufacturer for the right to attach his own logo, branding packaging, etc., to the items in question.

In the world of online trading, many brokers lease trading platform software from their owners and either rebrand it to fit their brokerage or offer it to traders in its original form. Online brokers benefit enormously from the ability to provide traders with top-quality online trading platforms like MT4 and MT5. Their clients receive an optimal online trading experience, and the broker can build trust and credibility through brand association.

It seems likely that Apple is unhappy with how MetaQuotes handles its white labeling. The company was already tightening compliance for online brokers and restricting access to unsuitable clients. Possibly the measures weren’t adequate for Apple, prompting the removal of MT4 and MT5.

Will Apple Return MT4 and MT5 to the App Store?

MetaQuotes claims to be in communication with Apple over its arbitrary decision to drop the hugely popular and highly respected trading platforms. It’s possible that Apple was simply flexing its big tech muscles by dropping the apps and intends to negotiate with MetaQuotes from a position of strength. It’s also possible that Apple just made a bad decision (they certainly have a track record for implementing ill-conceived policies). 

MetaQuotes is hurting financially due to Apple’s decision to ban MT4 and MT5 from the App Store. There’s also a knock-on effect across the entire world of online trading, with an angry trader backlash forming against Apple. Online forex and CFD traders are deeply resentful that Apple has impacted their legitimate trading activities in this way. It’s possible that we’ll see MT4 and MT5 reinstated in the App Store later this year, although if it does happen, it will be entirely on Apple’s terms.

Can Traders Circumvent the AppStore MT4 and MT5 Decision?

If you want to trade online with MT4 or MT5, one simple solution is simply to ditch your iPhone or iPad and switch to an Android device. Alternatively, you can acquire a cheap – or even second-hand – Android device specifically for online trading. This may be more convenient for mobile traders.

Another option is to try and install MT4 or MT5 on your iOS device via a third party. This may invalidate your Apple warranty and could create security vulnerabilities. It requires a certain amount of technical know-how, but there are plenty of online resources.

The third option is simply to switch platforms and install AvaTradeGo. The overall trading experience is comparable to the MT4 and MT5 platforms, and you will have full access to the respected AvaTrade asset index, as well as competitive trading terms and the latest fintech innovations.

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