February 2, 2022

FREE Guide To Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

You Complete Guide To Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Litecoin have grown from niche investments to mainstream payment methods. The extraordinary volatility of Bitcoin has generated headlines around the world, creating a ‘Bitcoin boom’. Investors and traders are rushing to try and cash in on the high price of cryptos.

Online brokers have been quick to add dozens of new cryptocurrencies to their trading platforms. But many affiliate partners have been slow to claim their share of the enormous cryptocurrency revenues. There are many reasons for this hesitation, but the potential profits are out there and waiting to be earned!

The main problem for affiliate partners is that you probably don’t know very much about digital currencies unless you’re a trader. There are many mixed messages about cryptos in the media, and they can still receive negative press. There is also much confusion about how to promote crypto offers as an affiliate. Fortunately, it’s straightforward to find the right cryptocurrency affiliate program. We have written this post to help you understand what you need to know about these programs.

What to look for in a crypto affiliate program?

Every experienced affiliate partner knows that if you’re looking for a secure, long-term income stream, you need an excellent brand to work with. Regardless of the market or industry, strong brands generally retain existing customers and attract new ones. They also have the budgets for suitable marketing materials. They are much more likely to pay affiliate partners in full and on time.

The same rules apply when you want to look for a good crypto affiliate program. It would help if you found a regulated broker whose website and platform localized to your region. For example, Suppose 80% of your site traffic is Spanish speaking. In that case, you probably will need a partnership with a broker that has a Spanish language option.

Most importantly is to bear in mind that regulated brokers are bound by strict rules and codes of conduct and abide by the country’s laws where they are registered. They are supervised by regulatory authorities such as London’s Financial Conduct Authority. Regulated brokers don’t rip off their traders and manage to keep them for more extended periods – potentially increasing your revenues from each lead.

You also need to look for a crypto affiliate program that offers a high degree of flexibility. Cryptos are highly volatile and can attract high volume traders. Conversely, unsuccessful traders can have a short life span at a brokerage. You may appreciate the option of tailoring profitable hybrid deals rather than just relying on RevShare or CPA. If you can negotiate your own commission structure, cryptos can become a desirable prospect.

Crypto Affiliate Program Checklist:

To summarise some of the points we mentioned and other crucial factors you should pay attention to, we decided to create this crypto affiliate program checklist:

  • Is the broker regulated – if so, where is it regulated?
    Many brokerages register in obscure locations like the BVI or Belize. They can then claim to be fully regulated. US, UK, EU, and AU regulation is far more specific.
  • Is the broker relevant to my site traffic?
    What languages do they offer- does this extend to customer service?
    What is their minimum deposit requirement?
    Do they exclude traders from certain countries?
  • Does the affiliate program allow me to negotiate a flexible commission structure?
    It would be best if you had the option of hybrid deals—a dashboard to show your numbers and a guarantee of timely payments.
  • What is the quality of the marketing materials that the program offers?
    There is much competition for crypto traffic. You will need top quality creatives, banners, high converting landing pages, and other marketing materials. Will your affiliate manager provide them? Make sure they help you with these to reach your maximum potential as a crypto affiliate. AvaPartner does!

Crypto Affiliate Tip: Get an invite to the next big conference!

The COVID-19 pandemic is almost under control in the UK. As soon as air travel is normalized, we’re getting back into the swing of regular affiliate partner conferences. All the crypto brokers will dust off their booths, and affiliate managers will be on hand to promote their programs and close deals on the spot.

How to promote crypto affiliate programs?

If you want to promote crypto affiliate programs, your first step should be to gain a broad overview of the assets and market. If you’re already familiar with promoting forex affiliate programs, you can make the transition to cryptos easily. The market performance of cryptos and conventional forex currency pairs is essentially very similar. Online brokers pair cryptos like Bitcoin with currencies like the US Dollar, e.g. BTC/USD.

The media hype around cryptos attracted a lot of new traders with no experience of forex. They signed up with online brokers in the hope of making fast profits from Bitcoin and Ethereum. The traders who stuck around have a similar mentality and expectations as forex traders. They respond to the same marketing materials and campaigns, meaning that you won’t have to adjust your message significantly.

If you don’t have a background as a forex or CFD affiliate partner, don’t worry! Any good affiliate partnership will give you all the advice, help and high-quality marketing materials that you need. They want to see that you have the initial potential to promote their brand. It’s worth signing up for a broker’s demo account and trading virtual cryptos for free. You can’t lose (or gain) any money, but you’ll get helpful insight into the business.

Generally, crypto traders are looking for certain key things. If you can focus on these, you should be able to generate good leads that will convert:

  • High tech trading platforms with advanced features and trading tools
  • Low trading costs and transparent terms and conditions
  • Regulated brokers that play by UK, US or EU rules
  • The latest financial news, data and analysis
  • The chance to make high profits in a short time frame

There is also an opportunity to generate leads from first-timers who are new to cryptocurrencies. These are generally ambitious people who want to earn extra money. They’ve read about the meteoric rise of Bitcoin – and want their share of the profits.

A lot of these newbies are hesitant. They want to earn money but are put off by the complex crypto jargon. Technical concepts like blockchains, nodes, ledgers, timestamps and mining are intimidating to many beginners. You can emphasize that most of the complicated terminology isn’t relevant to online traders. Add simple explanations, guides and example trades to your website, and you will stand a good chance of driving helpful traffic to your partners.

A lot of fintech commentators, economists and even hedge fund managers were skeptical about cryptos. They were seen as a geekish niche, a temporary fad, or even a dangerous financial bubble. Now it seems like cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Giants like eBay are integrating Bitcoin, the ECB is planning its digital currency, and governments are talking about regulating cryptos. They arguably represent the future of money.

Suppose you’re not already in partnership with a crypto affiliate program. In that case, it’s time to think seriously about getting involved and claiming your share of the digital currency boom! 

Crypto Affiliate Tip 2: Find the best crypto affiliate programs in 2021!

Don’t divide your energies between too many crypto brokerages. Some affiliate partners like to present site visitors with a wide selection of brokers. It’s better to invest in a long term partnership with a proven affiliate program. Aim to profit the easy way by promoting a leading brand such as AvaPartner.


What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital money that can be used to pay for goods and services, or traded on currency exchanges. They are used as alternatives to the traditional currencies that are issued and underwritten by national banks. Well known cryptos include Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. Cryptos are highly volatile assets and have gained huge media attention over the last few years. The crypto boom has attracted millions of traders to online brokerages and created exciting opportunities for affiliate partners.

How do I find a reliable crypto affiliate program?

Promoting a crypto affiliate program is essentially the same as promoting any other business. You need to ensure that the underlying business – in this case the online brokerage – has a strong brand that will attract clients. The broker should also be regulated and well established and should ideally have a positive reputation. Any crypto broker that meets these basic criteria will usually offer a good affiliate program. Check that the program offers flexible commission plans, plenty of good quality individual marketing materials and a personal dashboard to track online activity and payments.

Are cryptos just a financial fad?

Cryptos are a new type of asset, but all the evidence suggests that they are here to stay. They are not a fad, but are quickly becoming part of the financial mainstream. It’s likely that cryptos will continue to evolve and may face greater government regulation. But this is not necessarily a bad thing and may even secure their future as attractive assets. There is solid trader interest in cryptos and the number of people investing in them is expected to grow. Now is a good time to begin promoting these volatile assets as a crypto affiliate program partner.

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