May 12, 2022

Trading Platforms 101 for the Forex Marketer

Trading Platforms 101 for Forex Marketers

You have a massive advantage as a forex marketer when you promote a top-quality regulated broker with some of the financial industry’s best trading platforms. AvaTrade is a world leader with its unique proprietary platforms, trading apps, and award-winning platforms like Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. We’ll look at how to feature trading platforms in your marketing content. It pays to build high converting creatives and campaigns around the latest fintech!

Why are Trading Platforms Important for Forex Marketers?

When your goal is to make money as a forex affiliate , an online broker is a brand you need to promote. The more robust and more attractive the brand to consumers – forex traders – the easier it is to convert traffic. You’re already halfway to success when you promote a high converting brand, but if you want a 6 figure income, you need to do the work and leverage every possible advantage. A broker affiliate’s job is to know your brokerage, understand its best features, and package them attractively for your site and social media traffic.

Trading platforms and apps, trading tools, and other fintech (financial technology) resources are a big deal to forex traders – and with good reason, and even a bigger deal as far as leveraging their benefits as a trading affiliate. Traders don’t just like new technology and gadgets; they are trying to make high profits in the financial markets. It is vital to anything that gives them an edge in actual online trading, technical and fundamental analysis, and even account management.

Online forex brokers understand traders’ needs and their obsession with high tech trading platforms. Good brokers invest heavily in developing top-quality platforms and updating and improving existing ones. There’s an element of prestige involved, but the bottom line is that every forex broker is competing for top tier traders. If they want the best traders, they must deliver the best technology.

Serious forex and crypto traders (actually all online traders) can get seriously excited when a broker launches unique trading technologies that its rivals don’t have. Even updates and improved trading tools or bots are newsworthy. You don’t have to be an online trader to be a successful forex marketer, but every ambitious forex affiliate needs to be 100% up to date with trading platforms and technology.

What is a Forex Trading Platform?

It might seem unnecessary to ask: What is a forex trading platform? There are plenty of forex affiliates who only have a basic grasp of a trading platform and how it works. If you have an expert financial content writer, they definitely can’t go into detail about individual platforms and compare their features and capabilities. If you’re creating your own content, it’s a problem. You can potentially earn a lot more money as a forex marketer if you promote trading platforms effectively!

A trading platform is an online interface that connects traders to the global financial markets and allows them to make real-time trades at current market prices. A trader opens an account with an online broker and deposits funds; he can then log in to the platform via a computer or a mobile device and trade online. A well-designed platform is entirely secure, easy to use, and contains sophisticated tools for analysis and automated trading.

What are the Best Forex Trading Platforms?

There is no single best trading platform. There are Too many different trading styles and asset types (very few forex traders focus exclusively on forex). Traders have their preferences and often have a few favorite trading platforms. They will switch between platforms according to their own goals. Some platforms stand out, either as good all-rounders or as leaders in a particular field like options trading, mobile trading or social trading.


One reason why AvaTrade has the edge over other online brokers is that it offers options trading. AvaOptions is a unique proprietary platform for online options trading. AvaOptions is one of the few platforms of its type that bridges the gap between novice traders and professional money managers. You can build a single private portfolio or manage multiple accounts. Traders can buy options to hedge, take a view, or sell for immediate liquidity. A new integrated strategy guide helps users structure their trades, and there are several unique risk management tools and displays.


AvaTrade is a superb mobile app that won the Global Forex Awards prize for the best forex trading app. It contains all the best features of the legendary MT4 trading platform and comes with the powerful AvaProtect™ technology. AvaTradeGO is an easy mobile app for forex affiliates to promote and has excellent conversion potential when you feature it in your creatives. We recommend promoting AvaTradeGO on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. Many users will be using social media on their phones and will be receptive to your ads or page content. Talk to AvaPartner about unique marketing materials. 


Too many forex marketers neglect social trading. They tend to overlook that social trading can be an excellent gateway for new traders. An app like AvaSocial allows beginners to connect to more experienced traders and learn from them. If your site traffic contains first time traders, or you are targeting people who hadn’t previously considered online trading, e.g. through guest posts on tech blogs or posts on smartphone pages, try featuring AvaSocial. You can focus on its capacity for automated trading, value as a learning tool and partnership with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated Pelican Trading.

Mac Trading

There is a unique online trading niche for Mac users. Many affiliates aren’t aware of the Mac demographic or realize its financial potential. Some high volume traders prefer Mac operating systems because they are more stable and glitch-free than PCs. If you’re running multiple high-value trades and have massive market exposure, the very last thing you need is a computer glitch or even a crash. Even average Mac users still want to trade online and need Mac-compatible platforms. If you devote a proportion of your content and campaigns to Mac users, you could earn some unexpected extra commissions. Promote AvaTrade’s Mac Trading Platforms via partner program AvaPartner!

The final advantage of promoting trading platforms is their visual appearance. They are sophisticated high tech dashboard displays with charts, heatmaps, statistics and analytical tools. Trades are shown in real-time. Even basic screenshots will look amazing as part of your content. Use the trading platform images as creatively as possible, and start thinking about short film clips as a priority.


Which trading platforms should I promote as a forex marketer?

It depends entirely on your site’s traffic and your targets. If you’re promoting a broker like AvaTrade, you have several platforms to choose from and can experiment with campaigns and creatives. MT4 and MT5 are always easy for forex marketers to promote. They are well-respected platforms – market leaders – and are hugely popular with traders. You may also get good results if you identify niches. Try promoting Mac Trading, AvaTradeGO and AvaOptions. You may find a landscape with fewer competitors if you create skilful campaigns or great site content (think reviews, features and comparisons).

What are mobile trading apps for forex?

A mobile trading app like AvaTradeGO is simply a forex trading platform designed for smartphones, tablets, iPad or other mobile devices. Traders can install the iOS or Android version of the mobile app and trade forex on their phones. The global markets run 24, and traders can use alerts and signals to identify possible opportunities. AvaTradeGO gives mobile traders all the features of the MT4 platform, with some additional innovations. Mobile trading is massively vital to forex traders, and you need to promote it as energetically as you can. There are great opportunities to target phone enthusiasts with mobile trading and mobile app-based creatives. Paid mobile advertising can boost your campaigns even further.

How do forex marketers promote trading platforms?

Any forex marketer who wants to promote trading platforms needs to understand them from an online trader’s perspective. You can start by signing up for a free demo account and practicing trading with virtual money. You can quickly master the platforms and gain a detailed knowledge of all the features and trading tools. After that, it’s simply a question of reading reviews, signing up for newsletters, and working closely with your partner program. You can create incentive-based marketing materials that feature trading platform tutorials and push the latest fintech on social media sites that attract tech fans and potential traders. It’s vital to write authoritatively and show some interest and enthusiasm for the subject – you will convert traffic!

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