January 11, 2022

Crypto Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs

Suppose one looks at a 1-year chart of Ethereum. In that case, you’ll see a beautiful uptrend, and if cryptocurrencies continue to climb throughout 2022, as many do predict, this coin might have the potential to hit and even rise above the $5,000 mark possibly!

So how can this chart and future predictions assist you as a crypto affiliate? We have created this exciting post to help you promote cryptocurrencies and learn the basics of crypto affiliate marketing.

Crypto affiliate marketing could easily be the single most profitable affiliate marketing system of 2022. Trader interest is enormous, and affiliate programs are ready to pay high commissions. You can learn the basics of crypto affiliate marketing right here and sign up with one of the world’s top crypto affiliate programs

To understand why crypto could have such outstanding potential in 2022, it’s worth reviewing its performance in 2021. We’ll focus on Bitcoin and evaluate coins like Ethereum, XRP (Ripple), Litecoin, and other digital currencies.

Key Data for Crypto Affiliates:

Crypto CoinPeak PriceEnd of Year Price 2021
Bitcoin – BTC$67,344$46,882
Ethereum – ETH$4,182$3,701
Ripple – XRP$1.96$0.83

The three coins illustrate the diversity and volatility of the crypto market and its broad appeal to all traders. Competent affiliates with a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies – and the trading opportunities that volatility creates – can cast a wide marketing net. You can easily tailor your campaigns to convert all kinds of high-value traffic.

Increased Volatility with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC) was the headline grabber in 2021, displaying rollercoaster volatility. It peaked at over $67,000 a coin, creating massive profits for skilled traders. The week before Christmas of 2021, its market cap increased by an astonishing $77.89 billion. Investors hope to see BTC rampage again in 2022 and smash through the $100,000 line.

Ethereum (ETH) is volatile middle-ranking crypto that many see as having huge potential. If market conditions are favorable in 2022, we may see a vast $1 trillion market cap. This kind of trading volume could send Ethereum rocketing. One prediction that keeps cropping up is $10,000 a coin. ETH isn’t a rival to Bitcoin but is an excellent asset for crypto affiliates to promote.

Ripple (XRP) is attracting a lot of media attention, partly due to an SEC lawsuit. The low-value cryptocurrency could be set for a breakout in 2022. Credible commentators wonder if XRP can hit the $5 line This might sound like peanuts compared to Bitcoin, but it is the kind of surge that crypto traders dream about. Even top crypto affiliate programs are keen to pull in XRP traders.

How do Crypto Affiliates Promote Crypto Trading?

If you want to earn high commissions as a crypto affiliate in 2022, you need to promote crypto trading effectively. The key to promoting cryptocurrencies is understanding their inherent volatility. The sudden (and sometimes dramatic) rises and falls in coin value create trading opportunities.

Any sudden changes in the value of popular crypto like Bitcoin generate immediate news reports and viral activity on social media. The old cliche that all publicity is good publicity has never been more relevant. Your goal as a crypto affiliate is to turn price fluctuations into marketing opportunities.

You need to hammer home the message that traders who sign up with an online broker like AvaTrade can potentially profit from all market conditions. A sudden bear market can create as many trading opportunities as a bull market running wild.

Use Charts to Promote Crypto Trading

Accurate technical analysis is essential for any crypto or forex trading strategy. The online charts that display a coin’s past performance are a fantastic tool for crypto affiliates. You can convert traffic into commissions if you can integrate them into your website and social media creatives.

When promoting cryptos, consider each coin individually and from a 360° perspective. Understand the goals and budgets of different traders, and present each coin’s short-term and long-term possibilities and movements as potential advantages.

XRP (Ripple) did not show a strong uptrend in 2021 and didn’t capture trader interest like BTC did. For crypto affiliates who can think outside the box. You can use the XRP one-year chart to illustrate longer-term trends and determine where the short-term opportunities were going short or long.

Short-term charts showing one day, week, or month historical data can be compelling with volatile assets. Cryptos like Bitcoin attract aggressive and ambitious traders who want to make high profits in a short time frame. Compared to retail investors, BTC traders can be impulsive and are easily swayed by market sentiment.

The chance to day trade or even scalp a volatile crypto will attract plenty of traders. You can display daily and even hourly charts to promote a cryptocurrency. As long as the information in the charts is factually correct and you don’t offer financial advice, you can create attractive marketing materials that can convert!

The Most Profitable Cryptos to Promote in 2022

Most crypto affiliates will focus on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and possibly Litecoin in 2022. This is a direct route to high commissions and fast profits. It’s also lazy affiliate marketing that misses out on potentially lucrative opportunities.

AvaTrade currently offers 11 cryptos, plus a Crypto 10 Index, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Cash. Each of these assets is a powerful brand in its own right. It’s worth taking a little time to research each crypto and feature them on your website. There’s enormous potential for informative SEO-optimized content and engaging social media posts.

You could have a real competitive advantage if you can feature the following crypto assets on your affiliate website and link back to them via social media channels

BitcoinBitcoin GoldBitcoin Cash
UniswapCrypto 10 IndexAvaTrade Cryptos


Is it Legal to Promote Cryptos in 2022?

Yes – It’s 100% legal to promote cryptos in 2022! There is some minor confusion about their legal status quickly cleared up. Cryptos are alternative digital currencies that central banks or governments do not regulate. Cryptos are rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance by governments and major financial institutions for the most part. Some central banks are planning to launch their digital currencies. Private individuals are free to own and trade cryptos. You can quickly and legally cash in on the massive international trade as a crypto affiliate. You’re free to promote cryptos in 2022 and earn high commissions in the process. Top crypto affiliate partner programs are keen to sign up ambitious crypto affiliates and pay high commissions for traffic. What’s the Best Commission Plan for Crypto Affiliates? The best commission plan for crypto affiliates is the one that matches your traffic. If you’re bringing short-term traders who want to cash in on the crypto boom, a high-paying CPA deal could be your best option. If you’re attracting aggressive, high-value, high-volume traders, RevShare deals can yield seriously high profits. Ideally, you should understand your traffic and be flexible in your thinking. You also need to be signed up with a top crypto affiliate program that offers tailored deals and is always happy to renegotiate. Explore the profit potential of CPA, Dynamic CPA, RevShare, and Master Affiliate deals. Avoid any crypto affiliate program that tries to impose a one-size-fits-all deal. If you’re working with pros, they’ll think long-term and help you grow your business and succeed financially.

Which are the World’s Top Crypto Affiliate Programs?

The world’s top crypto affiliate programs are always the ones that promote regulated online brokers. They are the only affiliate marketing systems that consistently pay exceptionally high commissions on a long-term basis. It’s easy to start earning as a crypto affiliate, but you need to avoid some outwardly tempting shortcuts. Unregulated brokers might offer high CPA deals but seldom attract or retain high-value traders. You need to promote an established online broker with global reach, full regulation, and significant liquidity. Check that your broker has at least ten cryptocurrencies available 24/7/365 and the latest trading platforms and technology. A top crypto affiliate program will offer a flexible framework where you can potentially earn millions.

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