September 12, 2021

Should You Promote Cryptos in 2022?

Attention Crypto Affiliates: Should you promote Cryptos in 2021?

The global crypto crash that began on May 10th 2022, has worried a lot of crypto affiliates. Successful affiliates earned incredibly high commissions from crypto traffic over the last few years. The so-called Bitcoin Boom turned digital currencies into mainstream assets and attracted millions of new online traders. Partner Programs paid out vast amounts of money to affiliate partners as traders flocked to the $3 trillion crypto markets.

Affiliates naturally don’t want to see this highly lucrative income stream dry up. They are keen to continue to earn high profits from crypto traffic. The good news is that the crypto market has previously displayed a lot of robustness. Every time it previously crashed, it quickly bounced back. The bottom line with cryptos like Bitcoin is that they are inherently volatile. They are high-risk assets that can generate enormous profits for traders, but the market is seldom stable.

Crypto affiliates who understand the markets aren’t panicking over the May 2022 crypto crash. They are busy adjusting their marketing campaigns to profit from the new market conditions and trader expectations. There is still plenty of crypto traffic, and high converting marketing materials will turn that traffic into active traders.

The Global Crypto Market in 2022

The disastrous COVID-19 pandemic brought the global economy into uncharted territory. The current uncertainty is making cryptos increasingly attractive to investors. The recent crypto crash doesn’t seem to be affecting that underlying sentiment. There’s still huge trader appetite for digital currencies – and the high risk/reward levels involved. Where risk is an issue, you can promote the full range of cryptos on offer at AvaTrade. Not all digital currencies are highly volatile, and traders can hedge with lower risk crypto assets.

  • Despite mass vaccination programs in developed countries, there’s no guarantee that we won’t see more lockdowns. New Coronavirus strains are a credible threat, and politicians are wary about committing to a total return to normal conditions.
  • The USA is the world’s biggest economy and is still experiencing worrying inflationary pressures. 
  • Most economists are shying away from predicting an outright recession in the autumn and winter of 2022, but economic growth is likely to take a hit. Fiscal public aid from central governments is expected to end this year, and global supply chains remain vulnerable. Traditional financial models may not be relevant for 2022.

Crypto Affiliate Programs

What is their assessment?

The initial public demand for cryptos was driven by their high volatility and the chance for investors to make a lot of money in a very short time. We’re also seeing greater demand from a new type of investor, One who is worried about the integrity of the US dollar and other national currencies in an unpredictable world economy. Crypto affiliate programs anticipate a surge in the number of traders. They need high-quality crypto affiliates to drive traffic their way. The best news is that they’re ready to pay extremely high commissions for high volume traders!

How do I Find a Profitable Crypto Affiliate Program?

Hundreds of online brokerages offer traders a range of cryptocurrencies, either as CFDs (contracts for difference) or as assets for direct purchase. The quality and honesty of the brokerages vary considerably, as does the quality of their crypto affiliate programs. The best programs are dynamic businesses, staffed by affiliate marketing professionals and operating with significant budgets. The worst are boiler room scams that treat their affiliate partners (almost) as badly as their traders.

Suppose you’re ready to earn the highest commissions. In that case, you need to find a completely reliable and highly professional program that will help you achieve your goals. It’s worth bearing in mind that top crypto affiliates can earn six-figure monthly payments. With that kind of money available, you don’t want to waste time with a substandard or unreliable affiliate program. You need to sign up with a leading crypto affiliate program and start earning high commissions in your very first month.

The 3 Golden Rules for Promoting Cryptos in 2022

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies and online CFD brokers, there are three Golden Rules to follow when you look for a broker to promote. If you stick with these basics, you’ll avoid the most common mistakes and put yourself on the fast track to high earnings.

  • Only promote fully regulated cryptocurrency brokers.
  • Sign up with a program that lets you negotiate a tailored commission plan
  • Find a cfd affiliate broker that also offers other assets for trading as CFDs

Why should I promote a regulated crypto broker?

Regulated brokers are legitimate financial service providers. They think long-term, care about their reputations and focus on providing excellent service to their traders.

  • Regulated brokers keep their traders for more extended periods. If you have a RevShare deal, you’ll earn a fixed percentage of your referral’s trading volume for as long as he continues to trade.
  • Regulated crypto brokers are more likely to be well-established brands with a robust online presence and a high degree of trust. They are easier to promote and convert traffic.
  • Once you’re promoting a regulated broker, you’ll be able to build a lifetime partnership with the partner program. If you’re an effective affiliate, they will do everything they can to keep you happy.

What’s the Best Commission Plan for Crypto Affiliates?

There is no single best commission plan. It depends on what type of affiliate you are and what kind of traffic you bring to the brokerage. What’s important is that you sign up with a partner program that lets you negotiate a tailored commission plan to suit your business. You should also be free to renegotiate as your affiliate business grows and develops.

  • CPA guarantees you a fixed payment for every client you refer to your broker.
  • Dynamic CPA gives you an agreed percentage of a trader’s FTD or first-time deposit. The larger the deposit, the bigger your commission.
  • RevShare is ideal if you are bringing long-term, high volume traders to a broker. You’ll be paid a share of their trading volume for as long as they remain an active trader.
  • Master Affiliates introduce other affiliates or clients. They get a fixed percentage commission on their sub-affiliates performance or their client’s traffic.

What Other Assets can I Promote?

Many of the biggest and best-known cryptocurrency brokers were already forex brokers years before cryptos were invented. The bulk of their business was forex, and they also offered stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs and bonds as CFDs. Apart from hardcore forex traders, most clients preferred to balance their portfolios with a range of assets drawn from different markets.

  • Experienced forex traders are usually interested in cryptos – and vice versa. They have a similar mentality and respond to the same kind of marketing materials. They also tend to be aggressive, high volume traders, potentially increasing your revenues.
  • Stocks are one of the most appealing assets for inexperienced traders. The public is familiar with the concept of stock trading, if not the practical details. Suppose you’re attracting this kind of site traffic. In that case, you can easily steer them to a crypto broker with the offer of stocks, commodities and other ‘softer’ assets.
  • The more asset classes your broker offers, the more opportunities you will have to get your links out into different marketing channels. Assets generate news headlines, which in turn provide creative opportunities. You’ll also be able to sign up for more forums, Facebook groups and offer guest posts on different blogs.

AvaPartner: Your 1st Choice of Crypto Affiliate Program

AvaPartner is the affiliate partner program that promotes the world-renowned AvaTrade brokerage. AvaPartner has paid out an astonishing $250,000,000 in commissions to date. The program is making its successful crypto affiliates rich.

There are several reasons why AvaPartner is so successful. You can sign up today and start getting paid top revenues for your referrals. Check out the specific advantages of being an AvaPartner affiliate:

  • AvaTrade is a trustworthy international brand that is fully regulated across seven different jurisdictions. The brokerage has active clients on every inhabited continent.
  • AvaTrade provides one of the best opportunities to promote cryptos in 2021. It also has a more comprehensive asset index that includes forex, stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs, bonds – and options.
  • AvaTrade is a highly reliable brand. The award-winning brokerage has massive liquidity and was established 15 years ago. Its future is secure, and it’s worth focusing exclusively on AvaTrade and building a lifelong partnership with AvaPartner.
  • When you sign up with AvaPartner you’re working with professionals. The program will provide you with top marketing materials, invite you to conferences, and generally ensure that you have every opportunity to earn the highest possible revenues.

Talk to us today about signing up with AvaPartner and promoting one of the world’s leading online CFD brokers!


Are there other ways to promote cryptos as an affiliate?

Yes, AvaPartner welcomes introducing brokers, money managers, call centers, trading academies and other service providers. You can also start with AvaPartner as an online affiliate (with a basic website) and branch out into any other fields as you gain experience. We’re happy to see you earn more! If you have another idea that you think will bring us quality traffic, contact us and make a proposition.

What Trading Platforms does AvaTrade Offer Crypto Traders?

AvaTrade clients usually don’t just trade cryptos, and they can choose from 9 high-tech platforms. These are MT4 and MT5, AvaSocial, AvaTradeGo, AvaOptions, Automated Trading, Mac Trading and Mobile Trading. All the platforms come with the latest trading tools and are great selling points when promoting the brand.

Are Cryptos a Viable Long-Term Asset that’s Worth Promoting?

All the evidence suggests that cryptos are going mainstream and are here to stay. Suppose you begin to promote cryptos in 2021. In that case, you’ll be well placed to profit when national banks issue their digital currencies. Crypto trading may eventually rival forex trading.

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