April 26, 2021

Find the Most Lucrative Broker Affiliate Program

How to Find the Most Lucrative Broker Affiliate Program

2021 was a highly profitable year for Broker Affiliates and for Broker Affiliate Programs. 2022 is potentially going to be an even better year. If you want to earn high commissions and make serious money as an affiliate partner, you need to find the most lucrative broker affiliate program.

It’s important to remember that the most lucrative broker affiliate program isn’t necessarily the one that tempts you with the highest initial commission offer. The most lucrative broker affiliate program is the one that pays consistently high commissions on a long-term basis. It’s also the program that encourages you to grow as an affiliate partner, and allows you to renegotiate your commission plans!

Earn high affiliate commissions in 2022

2022 is set to be an exciting and challenging year on the financial markets. The stock market and cryptocurrencies were dominating the headlines during the last quarter of 2021. There was massive trader interest as people reconsider their personal financial management following the global COVID-19 epidemics. If you’re planning to make a lot of money as a broker affiliate in 2022, it’s vital that you sign up with a reliable and completely professional broker affiliate program.

Your goal as a broker affiliate partner is to get your affiliate links out to high quality traders who are interested in cryptos like Bitcoin and the massive forex markets. When you’re directing them to a broker like AvaTrade, you’re already at an immediate advantage over the competition. You can focus on following the markets and finding great opportunities to launch marketing campaigns.

It’s impossible to predict what global events will move the financial markets in 2022. Although Cryptos and Stocks were bullish in Q4 2021, you can also promote Commodities, Bonds, ETFs and Options to drive quality traffic during all market conditions. If you’re a skilled affiliate, and you’re working with the most lucrative broker affiliate program, you can make money from every new trend.

#1 Find a Regulated Broker with a Great Reputation

A broker may have a fancy website and claim to have a hi-tech trading platform for trading Forex in real-time, but unless the brokerage is licensed, stay away.

Steering referrals to a broker that isn’t regulated always causes more problems than it’s worth. The broker may be a temporary operation that may go belly up in a short time, or worse, an outright scam that may steal money from clients you refer.

The last thing you need is to sign on an affiliate program with a broker that is going to let your clients down or is going to be dishonest. That is why checking the broker’s credentials is an important first step. Make sure that the broker:

  • s licensed to trade investment products advertised and take clients in specific regions
  • Has a license from a reliable regulator
  • The more regulations across different contents, the better, and it tells you a lot about the brokerage!

After you have checked the broker’s license and researched them on review sites you will be able to get a sense of who is the broker. Although not all reviews are genuine, and competitors may be trying to smear the broker, in most cases, it is not difficult to see past this and get an idea of how people generally feel about the brokerage.

#2 What does the brokerage offer traders-Forex, CFDs, Options?

Here it’s important to point out that there are way too many Forex affiliate marketers out there so in order to make great commissions try to choose a brokerage that stands out not only in innovative platforms and apps but first and foremost with the ability to offer traders and investors to trade more than just Forex pairs! 

AvaPartner, for example, is unique in that it not only offers traders to trade almost any market through CFDs but also offers options trading, which traders and investors love due to its amazing hedging potential and the leverage it gives you. With options trading you can’t lose more than the amount you spent on the option, but the potential to profit is enormous! There is no doubt about it if you as an affiliate marketer can market something that everybody wants, and yet not everyone is offering it, you have the potential to make high commissions in this business.

Don’t wait, sign up with AvaPartner, now-the most lucrative broker affiliate program!

#3 Select the Right Commission Plan

The goal of your broker affiliate program is to make a lot of money on commissions. This depends in addition to our first 2 points mentioned above on having the right kind of commission plan, and finding a partner that also offers you flexible commissions plans.

In general, commission payment falls into two different categories:

As the names suggest, CPA pays the affiliate a commission when the referral signs up with a broker and makes its first deposit. This is a good option if you are interested in creating a large number of referrals and do not want to have your pay levered to portfolio performance after the referral has signed up.

RevShare means that you get a percentage of transactions long after you bring the referral to the broker. This plan may be a better choice if you are confident that your clients will stick with your broker for the long haul, there is constant trading activity, and that their investments will generate strong returns.

The secret to a lucrative broker affiliate program is to find a partner that offers a commission plan that will make you the most money. Think about your goals as an affiliate marketer, what kind of leads and referrals you have, and the broker you are partnered with.

If making money quickly on a large number of referrals appeals to you, choose CPA. If you have confidence your broker will help your referrals garner a significant return on their investment, try a RevShare plan.

The best bet is to join an affiliate program like AvaPartner, which provides either RevShare or CPA options, so you can choose the commission structure that is right for you. AvaPartner offers the most flexible commission plans so that you can try both or create even a customized plan that will suit your business model the best!

#4 The Brokerage Offers its traders Advanced Tools

Referrals will sign up with a broker that provides more than just educational and charting tools but will make state-of-the-art and innovative trading apps and platforms available to them. Whether it is a trading platform or mobile apps, making trading easy to understand and convenient is essential for attracting referrals.

AvaPartner has a series of mobile apps that are ideal for any trading style: 

  • Trade on the go (AvaTradeGO)
  • Protection against losing money on trades (AvaProtect™)
  • The world’s most powerful trading platform (MetaTrader 4)
  • Auto-trading and advanced technology (MetaTrader 5)
  • Get strong returns when trading Vanilla Options (AvaOptions)

Making an affiliate program highly profitable means standing out from the crowd. If you start with a broker that has more advanced tools and platforms than the competition, this will mean attracting more referrals and making more money in commissions.

Make Your Affiliate Program Work for You

As we mentioned above, the first step to finding a lucrative broker affiliate program is to select a well-regulated broker with a stellar reputation as well as one that offers advanced and innovative trading tools that will encourage your referrals to sign up as clients.

Now for the next step! The next step to ensuring this affiliate plan is successful and highly profitable is to put it to work with marketing strategies that will drive traffic. This means using a multi-faceted, hi-tech and personalized approach to finding and zeroing in on potential referrals.

#1 Cast A Wide Net

The secret to successful marketing is to cast a wide net. This means establishing a strong presence on a variety of platforms, including: 

  • Social media
  • Trading Websites
  • Email lists
  • Review sites

The average person sees 3,000 advertisements a day. One name out of thousands will be a blip across the screen. But if you keep seeing a potentially interesting brand or service on your Facebook feed, on a review, and mentioned in a blog, you may be more likely to pay attention.

A successful marketing strategy should have all of these elements mentioned above, at minimum. Establish a social media page and start creating inspiring posts and engaging with visitors. Set up a chatbot on your affiliate website that will answer questions and interact with visitors.

Consider guest blogging as a way of sharing your broker’s expertise and affiliate links. Finally, provide a sales funnel, or a free item to give away, such as an informative eBook about trading, in exchange for a lead’s email. Once you encourage them to subscribe to an email list, you can focus on them and their needs and advertise the broker’s services as a solution.

#2 Use Marketing Materials and Tools

Find out what marketing tools are available with your affiliate partner program. AvaPartner provides marketing materials such as banners and widgets to its affiliates. Use data analytics tools to discover who your affiliate website visitors are and what interests them. Compare marketing strategies across platforms with advanced tools that measure visits, clicks and conversions, all supplied by AvaPartner for FREE!

#3 Get Personal

Personalize your affiliate marketing strategy by taking opportunities to connect with potential referrals. Interact with people who respond to social media posts on your affiliate page. Respond to reviews and comments on blogs and customize your email strategy by segmenting emails into different customer personas.

When people feel you are talking to them, it can be like a recommendation from a friend. People are much more likely to sign up for a service or buy a product if they feel they know and trust the person recommending it. Getting to know visitors will persuade them to become leads and finally referrals who are likely to sign up with the brokerage you have partnered with.

Find Your Ideal Affiliate Program and Start Making Money!

The quality of a partnership can make the difference between a blah side job and an exciting and profitable new career. Find a regulated broker that has good reviews and satisfied clients. Look for a commission plan that will help you make more money. Use advanced marketing techniques to turn visitors into referrals.

Talk to AvaPartner 

today about its affiliate program with flexible commissions and attentive support, and start earning money today! 


How can I make money with a broker affiliate program?

There are three basic rules for making money with a broker affiliate program: find a successful regulated broker with a good partner program, understand your target audience, and invest in your own affiliate sites. If you’re ready to follow these basic rules and put in some time and effort, you should be able to earn high commissions promoting an affiliate partner program. It’s also important to think ahead and consider whether you can establish yourself as a master affiliate or an introducing broker. There are several potential revenue streams with a good broker affiliate program.

How do I reach my target audience as an affiliate partner?

You are competing for good traffic and need to cast a wide online net. Invest in the quality of your websites and interlink with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other sites that may intersect with potential leads. If you have a budget available, think about reaching out to a larger target audience with a PPC campaign. It might also be worth working with a content writer to create guest posts. The quality of all your marketing materials will make all the difference when you try to convert traffic.

How do I choose a profitable affiliate partner program?

Most partner programs that promote regulated brokers offer profitable commission plans. The key is to obtain a negotiated plan that matches your affiliate business – and your potential for future growth. Another important factor is how much support you can expect from the partner program. Practical help with good quality marketing materials, promotional offers, and sign up deals can make a big difference to whether a partner program is genuinely profitable. The best programs will ensure that you have all the tools to promote their brand effectively and drive conversions.

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