July 6, 2023

What Affiliate Partners Need to Know about DupliTrade

The Best Auto Trading Platform for CFDs and Forex

There are some superb opportunities to make money as an affiliate partner in 2023. If you want to earn the highest commissions, you need to be creative and proactive with your marketing and connect with traffic on every level. A little extra ingenuity in your affiliate marketing campaigns can translate into much higher profits every month.

Too many Forex and CFD affiliates focus exclusively on current market events like inflation and interest rates or the performance of key assets like OIL and GOLD. They completely overlook the amazing high-tech trading platforms that are the pride of any top online brokerage.

This blog post will give you a useful overview of the DupliTrade auto trading platform, as well as explain how to promote the platform and turn it into a powerful conversion tool. Auto trading platforms like DupliTrade and AvaSocial are also great subjects for website and blog content. We’ll provide some top tips on how to generate optimized SEO content that improves both your websites and your Google rankings.

What is the DupliTrade Auto Trading Platform?

Before we get down to the basics of promoting DupliTrade, it’s worth taking an extra minute to talk about the platform itself. DupliTrade is an automated trading platform that allows users to copy the actions of selected expert traders at AvaTrade. The traders who can be copied are chosen for their history of successful trading.

When you select another trader, your account will automatically duplicate their trading and investment decisions. You can use risk management tools to replicate their trading activity within your own risk boundaries and trading budget. For example, it would be pointless to follow an expert trader if he was opening positions that were higher than the balance in your trading account.

DupliTrade is designed to be a simple and user-friendly form of social trading that gives traders full transparency and a high degree of control via automated trading. The beauty of DupliTrade is that you can instruct the platform and then leave it to run unsupervised. There is no need to monitor your social trading constantly or to micromanage your portfolio.

  • DupliTrade can be a superb tool for novice traders who want to learn trading strategies from proven experts.
  • DupliTrade is equally useful for experienced traders who don’t have time for detailed technical and fundamental analysis and are happy to earn passively via social trading.
  • DupliTrade also meets the expectations of younger traders for whom online interaction and sharing are second nature and who value collaboration. An auto trading platform like DupliTrade can be a really useful marketing tool when you connect with people in their twenties and early thirties on social media.

How to Promote the DupliTrade Auto Trading Platform

When you’re promoting an online broker, one of your best USPs (unique selling point or unique selling proposition) is the trading platforms, auto trading platforms, and fintech trading tools that are available to traders.

There’s always been a lot of rivalry between the leading online brokerages. The top brands are in constant competition to offer traders the most prestigious trading platforms and the latest innovations, be it heat maps, trading signals, or new social trading features. Good brokers invest in their tech and continually improve and update their platforms. It’s worth checking in regularly to see what’s new.

Traders love to know that they are getting the very best technology to help them make money and often pay a lot of attention to the technical details of individual trading platforms. Serious traders will take the time to read platform reviews and learn from trading tutorials. They are excellent traffic incentives and can be profitable places to embed your unique affiliate links.

  1. Gain a working knowledge of DupliTrade. Contact AvaPartner if you need any help understanding how the platform operates.
  2. Check out a variety of social trading platforms so that you can compare when you write feature articles and reviews (obviously, you will focus primarily on the advantages and unique benefits of DupliTrade).
  3. Don’t forget to add as much visual imagery as possible to your content. Auto trading platforms feature attractive designs and advanced features that are ideal for screenshots and short videos.

Build Trust with Balanced DupliTrade Reviews

One point to remember when you promote DupliTrade is never to make any unrealistic claims about the platform’s performance. At the end of the day, it is a form of social trading whose success depends on the financial decisions made by expert traders. The financial markets can surprise even the most talented and experienced investors, and nobody gets it right all the time.

It’s fine to focus on the top quality technology, great user experience, intuitive design, and clear potential for profit when you feature DupliTrade. You also need to emphasize that it’s the personal responsibility of platform users to select the right traders to duplicate and apply effective risk management to their automated trading. A balanced review will build user trust and enhance the credibility of your own affiliate site.

Create Optimized SEO Content around an Auto Trading Platform

Even when you’re not aggressively presenting trading platforms as USPs in your marketing materials, they are a great source of high-value content for your websites and guest posting.

Any good quality trading platform can be used to generate exactly the kind of SEO-optimized content that the Google algorithm rewards with high rankings. AvaTrade currently has 8 platforms, including auto trading platforms.

Suggestions for SEO-optimized trading platform content include:

  • Platform reviews and comparisons
  • User tutorials
  • FAQ sections
  • Short films for YouTube and TikTok

A lot of Forex and CFD affiliates struggle to write original content that will add SEO value to their websites and convert traffic when it arrives. Writing about trading platforms, trading signals, and all the latest fintech innovations can be a shortcut to SEO success and to higher conversion rates. Smart Forex affiliates understand that auto trading platforms function as mini brands in their own right and promote them as enthusiastically as possible.

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Promote Auto Trading Platforms as Part of Trader Education

We already mentioned that auto trading platforms like DupliTrade and AvaSocial are perfect materials for trading tutorials and films. It’s worth expanding on this point and considering the importance of trader education for broker affiliate partners. Depending on your online presence and marketing campaigns, a significant proportion of your traffic will either be first-time traders or people who tried trading in the past and failed to make a profit but are ready for a second go.

An effective trader education center can be a vital component of any affiliate website. If you want to develop your own online education center – and perhaps eventually a trading academy – a DupliTrade tutorial could be the perfect starting point. As soon as you’ve published the content, you’ll be able to create a network of social media posts with backlinks to the page.

Alternatively, you could invite people to sign up for a newsletter in exchange for a free DupliTrade tutorial. If you create one tutorial page for each of AvaTrade’s platforms, you can add a mass of high-value content to your education center. Once you have a formula and a method, you’ll find that you can increasingly generate original content quickly.

An ‘education center’ or ‘trading academy’ (choose the name that best suits your personal affiliate brand and audience) will add immense value to your business, and it’s worth remembering that AvaPartner can always help you by providing free, high-converting marketing materials.

DupliTrade Take-Away Points

  1. DupliTrade is an auto trading platform that allows traders to copy expert traders.
  2. DupliTrade is available at AvaTrade and requires a minimum deposit of just $2,000 to get started.
  3. DupliTrade is a potentially useful tool for traders of all experience levels, preferred exposure to risk, and available trading budgets.

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