April 13, 2023

The Insider’s Guide to Forex Affiliate Marketing

Should I Become a Forex Affiliate in 2024?

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably already thinking about becoming a Forex affiliate, or you’re looking for ways to earn extra money – or even to achieve complete financial independence. The good news is that 2024 is already off to a profitable start for Forex affiliates, and the rest of the year has huge potential.

Since the crypto crash of May 2022, we’ve seen a lot of crypto traders switch to online Forex trading. There’s plenty of high-value traffic for anybody with a strong social media presence or their own websites. There’s also more than enough happening in the world of finance and economics to keep the global currency markets in the public eye.

2024 is a great time to sign up with a top-quality partner program and start making money promoting Forex. The most successful Forex affiliates routinely earn six-figure incomes. Much of this is passive income, leaving them free to focus on new business ventures or just to enjoy life. To give you an idea of the sums involved, AvaPartner just announced that it has paid out a total of $300,000,000 to its affiliate partners since the program began.

The Forex Affiliate’s Success Depends on the Following:

  1. Partnering with the right Forex affiliate program from the start!
  2. Promoting other financial assets & instruments that are in high demand aside from Forex such as CFDs and Options
  3. implementing the best Forex affiliate marketing strategies and best practices throughout all your marketing campaigns.
  4. Placing your Forex affiliate in the right places for maximum conversion!

1. Partnering with the right Forex affiliate program

This is the first and most important critical point on which your entire Forex affiliate success will depend.

If you do not partner with a reputable or regulated online brokerage, all your hard affiliate marketing time, energy, and investment will go to waste!

This is mainly due to the fact that your referrals will be skeptical and will find it difficult to entrust their hard-earned money with some sketchy brokerage that is not regulated or has not built up a reputation over the years. AvaPartner, for example, is an affiliate program by

AvaTrade, a broker not only regulated across 6 continents but has also been an established brokerage for over 14 Years!

Think about it, It is difficult to trust a brokerage that is new and could possibly scam your referrals money and in addition, will probably not offer you the best trading possibilities, which is a crucial element for one’s trading success.

In addition, if the brokerage doesn’t have a good reputation, your referees, in the long run, will not keep trading with the online brokerage you referred them to-so you would be basically losing out on potential commissions for years to come.

Then there is also the problem with a partner program that might not be honest with what they owe you in commissions. So, in order to avoid headaches and losing out on what you deserve for all your hard affiliate marketing work better start on the right foot from the start and only partner with a trusted broker.

2. Promoting other financial assets & instruments

Now, in this world of Forex affiliate programs, you will find certain brokerages that offer more than just Forex trading. They offer the amazing opportunity to trade CFDs (contracts for difference). This is where the real money is made in the world of Forex affiliate programs. The reason (and many affiliate marketers and Forex affiliate marketers are unaware of this) is that through CFDs, you can trade almost every financial market. Yes, you can trade commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, ADRs, bonds, stocks, and Vanilla Options in addition to Forex.

Why is this point so important for a Forex affiliate marketer? The opportunities are endless as far as marketing is concerned. There are so many different types of traders and investors you can target aside from just a narrow group of Forex traders.

AvaPartner, for example, is an affiliate program by AvaTrade, a leading CFD online brokerage, and also offers traders Vanilla Options which opens up a whole other world for Forex affiliate marketers. So do not only promote Forex when you can promote other leading financial instruments that are in high demand in the trading world.

3. Implementing the best Forex affiliate marketing strategies and best practices to reach your financial goals

Whether you decide to use social media to promote your Forex affiliate links, invest in a PPC campaign, decide to blog/guest post, or use email marketing the underlying and overall marketing strategy that should be used throughout all your marketing efforts should be the same! The end goal is the same – to achieve the highest Forex affiliate commissions. This is done by referring the most traffic, in other words trying to get quality leads to click on your Forex affiliate links with the hope of gaining the maximum conversions possible!

Now comes the HOW!

How can we get those conversions?

Here is our insider guide to Forex affiliate marketing. Follow these exact steps that will help you increase your conversions, and help you grow your Forex affiliate marketing business!

These steps and formulas must be in place as these will be the key to all your Forex affiliate marketing success. Therefore, do not skip one of these steps, and make sure to do each step to the best you can to ensure your success and watch your profits soar.

STEP #1: Keyword Research

First and foremost do your keyword research, this will serve you as a base across all your Forex affiliate marketing campaigns- whether it’s for your content writing ideas, social media posts, blog posts, guest posts, or to create the best ads for your PPC campaign you are planning.

We have mentioned some great FREE tools for SEO and keyword research on our blog. Uber suggests one great FREE tool for keyword research, also has a paid option which is excellent, and we highly recommend SEMRUSH Although this tool is paid it is well worth the investment if you plan on doing comprehensive SEO and keyword research.

STEP #2: Create buyer persona templates.

You must know your Buyer persona- know who you want to target.

What are their main challenges and key pain points?

Once you know who these people are, then you’ll be able to craft your content to target them. By knowing the key challenges your buyer personas are facing and understanding their pain points, you’ll be able to create content that will help them identify their challenges, and point out their main obstacles, and then offer them solutions.

Your solution must always be your trading affiliate program links or Forex affiliate links you are trying to promote. So by taking your buyer persona through the buyer journey down the funnel in a strategic way, touching their pain points, and then explaining to them why they will need your solution (your affiliate link), you’ll be able to convert quality leads!

STEP #3: Offer Value

Offer Value in your social media posts!

Offering value and information that would help Forex or CFD traders will get eyeballs on your profile and posts and will get others to share your posts. By providing great resources, and the latest trading news or trading ideas, you’ll be able to engage with your audience and get people to want to follow you.

This is a very important step because once people want to follow you and listen to what you have to say, they will be more willing to follow your advice and thus more likely to click on your Forex affiliate links.

Use this marketing Formula in order to provide true value, and implement this idea across all your Forex affiliate marketing campaigns:

I am Helping X Achieve Y

X represents your buyer persona/target audience/ potential referrals

Y-To overcome their main challenges, to get to where they want to be!

STEP #4: Craft the perfect CTA (Call to Action)

What is a CTA?

It’s a way to prompt your reader or potential referral to click on an action which is usually a button to join or an affiliate link, you are basically bringing the lead to take action.

If your CTA is carefully placed in a way that you have caused your buyer persona to really want this solution, then they, in most cases, will be happy and even excited to click on your CTA, and that CTA will hopefully convert your traffic.

The key to a powerful CTA, or rather call to action is to provide your reader, potential referral, or buyer persona with compelling reasons to CLICK promptly rather than delay their decisions for later. A CTA can be a simple non-demanding request as well like “watch this video” and then in the video you can place your Forex affiliate links.

NOTE: Your CTA will only have a high clickthrough rate if you make sure to follow step 3 and make sure your marketing formula is in place!

Now that we touched on the key steps that you must use throughout your Forex affiliate marketing campaigns. The question is now where can we most effectively promote our Forex affiliate links?

Stay tuned until next week with part two of our Insider Guide to Forex Affiliate Marketing where we will discuss and share with you in detail where to promote your Forex Affiliate Links.

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