September 20, 2023

How to Promote AvaProtect

The Broker Affiliate Guide to AvaTrade’s Unique Risk Management Tools


One of the secrets of success that sets top-earning broker affiliates apart from their competitors is that they take initiative and spot marketing opportunities that most other affiliates overlook. The highest-earning affiliates create original content about a range of online trading subjects. They go well beyond generic articles about the state of the financial markets, the performance of popular assets, or how to use complicated trading strategies.


A great example of thinking outside the box is promoting a unique fintech innovation like AvaTrade’s risk management tool AvaProtect. We’ll look at AvaProtect in this blog post and explain why it is such a valuable USP or unique selling point for broker affiliates. We’ll also offer some useful tips on how to promote AvaProtect to drive high-value traffic. If you want to boost your commissions and make more money as a broker affiliate, read on for a guide to promoting AvaProtect and the wider concept of risk management.


Risk Management 101 for Forex Affiliates


Trading Forex and crypto online can deliver high profits for traders. Bitcoin reached a high of $68,789 in November 2021, and its headline-grabbing bull run made many investors rich. The downside to online trading is that the world’s financial markets can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Investors must take risks to earn profits, and the risks don’t always pay off.


Online traders are continually looking for ways to reduce the risk factor while increasing their profit margin. There are no guaranteed ways to eliminate risk when you trade online, but there are several proven ways to reduce risk and minimise any potential losses. Effective risk management begins with technical and fundamental analysis.


Traders try to familiarise themselves with all the different factors that can change the value of a particular asset. This includes how economic, seasonal, and geopolitical factors affect basic supply and demand. They also use charting to analyse the past performance of an asset and to study its current progress and emerging trends. The goal is to make informed investment decisions based on a balance of probabilities.


Risk Management Tools


Leading online brokers like AvaTrade want to see their clients make money and build successful careers. They offer a selection of risk management tools to help traders automatically control their open positions to maximise profits and minimise losses – even when they are away from their screens.


One-click orders like Stop/Loss and Take/Profit allow traders to determine the parameters of each trade. The trading platform will automatically close failing trades at a certain level and close profitable open positions when the asset reaches a predetermined value. You should actively promote these tools and the concept of risk management in your affiliate marketing campaigns and educational content for traders.


AvaTrade has taken the concept of risk management to an entirely new level with a proprietary (in-house) risk management tool called AvaProtect. The tool allows online traders to hedge individual trades before they open a position. This means that traders pay a modest upfront fee to insure the trade. If the trade fails, AvaTrade will instantly reimburse 100% of the invested money, up to $1 million.


AvaProtect is fully automated, and it takes just seconds to protect a specific trade. All you have to do is click on the AvaProtect icon. Then choose how long you want your trade to be protected for. AvaProtect automatically calculates the hedging fee based on the asset’s expected market volatility during the time period that you require hedging. You’ll have full protection as soon as you click to complete the trade.


How to Promote AvaProtect in Your Affiliate Marketing Content


Whichever way you look at it, AvaProtect is an amazing fintech innovation. It’s also a superb risk management tool that allows traders to expand their trading or explore new assets and strategies with a substantially reduced risk of financial loss. If you’re targeting beginner traders with your affiliate marketing campaigns, you must highlight AvaProtect!


5 Points to Emphasise in Your Affiliate Content


  1. AvaProtect guarantees protection up to $1 million per trade.
  2. It takes just seconds to apply hedging with AvaProtect.
  3. AvaProtect is available with the AvaTradeGO and Web Trader platforms.
  4. The small hedging fee is calculated automatically and deducted from your account balance.
  5. AvaProtect offers 1-day and 2-day protection and shorter 1 – 12-hour durations for key Forex pairs.


AvaProtect is great for new traders who want to make money with online trading but lack experience and confidence. It can be promoted as a natural progression from the free demo-account for newcomers. If you attempt a trade and the markets turn against you, you’ll lose the initial hedging fee. The funds you invested in your open position will automatically return to your trading account balance.


One of the qualities that makes a successful online trader is a willingness to keep learning. Nobody knows everything about the global financial markets or even the performance of niche assets. Top traders are constantly studying and improving their knowledge. Veteran traders can also use AvaProtect to gain valuable new experience and practice effective risk management.


AvaProtect can make it financially viable to branch out into new assets and absorb the inevitable losses that come with the learning curve. Just seeing the size of the automatically calculated hedging fee can give useful insights into a particular trade’s EV (expected volatility).


Promote AvaProtect On Social Media


AvaProtect is an easy fintech tool to promote on social media. The core message (trade with up to $1 million protection) is short, powerful, and eye-catching. There’s also plenty of potential to use eye-catching images of the mobile app on your creatives. Even without a professional graphic designer or financial copywriter, you should be able to launch a range of high-converting creatives.


A great incentive to encourage clicks could be a free risk management tutorial that shows users how to hedge their trades with AvaProtect or a more general guide to risk management. Exactly how you structure your social media campaigns will depend on your own conversion funnel and how you are developing your social media profiles. However, your general goal should be to pull potential traders onto your website.



Promote AvaProtect with Educational Content


Educational content for traders can be a highly effective way to build trust with site visitors and get clicks on your unique affiliate links. Educational content usually caters to three broad categories of people.


  • New traders who have no previous experience with online trading.
  • Inexperienced traders who lost money with one broker but are still keen to make a profit and want to try again elsewhere.
  • Relatively experienced traders who want to up their game or diversify and seek a new trading direction.


The beauty of AvaProtect is that it’s ideal for traders of all experience levels and budgets. The tool provides hedging for initial investments of up to $1 million, which will satisfy all but a tiny minority of very high-volume traders. If you communicate the benefits and the user-friendly design of AvaProtect clearly, you should have no problems marketing it to a wide variety of site traffic. There’s an element of genius to AvaProtect, and it’s one of the very few fintech tools that sells itself on its own merits!


You can improve your site’s overall quality and SEO and UX value by adding good content (reviews, tutorials, and site pages) about Ava Protect. A section of your site devoted to risk management will boost your credibility among potential traders. If they stay on the site for a substantial time period and visit different pages, it will boost your site ratings and increase the chance of traffic conversion.


Earn Your First Broker Affiliate Commissions Now


A major advantage of AvaTrade is that in addition to flagship fintech tools like AvaProtect, the broker has some of the world’s top trading platforms. These include the iconic MT4 and MT5 and the hugely popular Web Trader, AvaSocial, and AvaOptions. The brokerage is also regulated in several major jurisdictions and has full liquidity and a sterling reputation as a financial services provider. AvaTrade is one of the easiest – and potentially most profitable – financial brands to promote as a broker affiliate.


Partner program AvaPartner has paid out over $300 million in commissions to date and is keen to welcome new affiliate partners. If you have a website social media profile or are an introducing broker, you can sign up today with a tailored commission plan. There are also great money-making opportunities for call centre and trading academy owners who want to develop additional income streams as broker affiliate partners.


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